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August 8, 2005 Graduate Secretary Registrar's Office Royal Roads University 2005 Sooke Road Victoria, !

V" 5#2 $ear Graduate Secretary % a& 'leased to (rite to you to reco&&end Genevieve )nnis (*o is a''lying to your 'rogra& in A''lied !o&&unications, (it* a s'eciali+ation in %ntercultural and %nternational !o&&unication, % *ave *ad t*e 'leasure of teac*ing Genevieve t*roug*out t*ree of our courses in U !-s !ertificate in %ntercultural Studies, % taug*t *er during t*e face.to.face co&'onents of CIS 501 Foundations of Intercultural Studies and CIS 606 Exchanging Knowledge Across Cultures, and facilitated *er online learning in CIS 502 Skills in Intercultural Co unication! % (as 'leased to (ork (it* Gen /ecause *er curiosity and ca'acity for self.reflection generated lively res'onses fro& ot*ers, to t*e e0tent t*at t*e colla/orative as'ect of t*e online learning e0'erience (as su''orted and en*anced, % cannot recall *aving *ad to 'ro&'t *er for assign&ents or res'onses, as is so often t*e case for /usy learners in t*is &ediu&, %n fact, Gen-s 'resence in t*e online grou' % (orked (it* *el'ed to generate ideas fro& t*e ot*ers, so t*at &y o(n role (as often to stand /ack and a''reciate rat*er t*an to 'us* or 'rovide e0tra content, % *o'e you (ill look favoura/ly on Genevieve-s a''lication to your e0citing 'rogra&, #ours very truly !)12R) 3OR %12)R!U42URA4 !O55U1%!A2%O1

Sally 6 5c4ean, 5A !ourse $esign and $elivery !ertificate in %ntercultural Studies