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Unit 1 Careers
Vocabulary A Match each job with its desc i!tio"# 1 A" acco$"ta"t b% &ee!s a"d chec&s the 'i"a"cia( eco ds o' a co)!a"*# + The CE, - A co)!$te ! o. a))e / A s*ste)s a"a(*st 0 A PR o''ice 6 A PA 1!e so"a( assista"t% a% s$!!(ies i"'o )atio" abo$t a co)!a"* to the !$b(ic# b% &ee!s a"d chec&s the 'i"a"cia( eco ds o' a co)!a"*# c% st$dies b$si"ess o!e atio"s a"d $ses a co)!$te to !(a" cha".es# d% w ites i"st $ctio"s 'o co)!$te s to do ce tai" tas&s# e% he(!s a )a"a.e b* doi". so)e o' thei wo & 'o the)# '% is the )ost se"io )a"a.e i" a co)!a"*# B Co)!(ete the se"te"ces with a s$itab(e 'o ) o' o"e o' the ite)s ' o) the bo2# to i"3o(3e to be i" cha .e to dea( to )a&e s$ e to be es!o"sib(e 1 Miche( Laco$ wo &s 'o Resea ch a"d De3e(o!)e"t# 4is job i"3o(3es de3e(o!i". "ew ! od$cts a"d "ew ideas# + Ne3e"&a 5abic is o$ 6$a(it* Co"t o( I"s!ecto # She 7777777777 'o )o"ito i". o$ ! od$cts a"d t *i". to i)! o3e thei 8$a(it*# - Kate 4$.hes wo &s 'o Pe so""e(# She 777777777 with sta'' ! ob(e)s9 as we(( as with ec $it)e"t a"d t ai"i".# / :o(ta" ;i((* is o$ Sec$ it* ,''ice # 4e 777777777 that o$ sta'' a"d ! e)ises a e ! otected a.ai"st c i)e# 0 Se .io Ca bo"i is o$ "ew Mai"te"a"ce E".i"ee # 4e chec&s a(( o$ e8$i!)e"t e.$(a (* a"d 7777777777777777 o' a(( e!ai s# C Loo& at e2e cise 5 a.ai"9 a"d w ite dow" the wo ds which 'o((ow these ite)s# 1 to be i" cha .e 7777777 + to be es!o"sib(e 77777777 - to dea( 77777777 / to )a&e s$ e 77777777 Language review Ability A Match the !e so"a( 8$a(ities with abi(ities# The" )a&e se"te"ces $si". can# 1 o$t.oi". a% s!ea& two (a".$a.es '($e"t(* + i"de!e"de"t b% wo & 'o a (o". ti)e witho$t a b ea& - bi(i".$a( c% e2! ess *o$ tho$.hts a"d 'ee(i".s c(ea (* / c eati3e d% easi(* )i2 with !eo!(e socia((* 0 a tic$(ate e% wo & we(( witho$t the he(! o' ad3ice o' othe !eo!(e 6 e"e .etic '% 'i"d "ew so($tio"s to ! ob(e)s 1d < I' *o$ a e o$t.oi".9 *o$ ca" easi(* )i2 with !eo!(e socia((*# +7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 -7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 /77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 1

practice file 077777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 677777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 Requests B Co)!(ete the 8$estio"s with the wo ds ' o) the bo2# co"tact (et )o3i". se"d sha i". sta t wo &i".

1 =o$(d *o$ )i"d 777777777777 at wee&e"ds> + Co$(d *o$ 77777777777 $s ha3e *o$ ! e3io$s e)!(o*e ?s detai(s> - =o$(d *o$ )i"d 777777777777 o$ a!!oi"t)e"t to Mo"da*> / Co$(d *o$ 77777777777 i" two wee&s? ti)e> 0 Co$(d *o$ 77777777777 $s as soo" as !ossib(e> 6 =o$(d *o$ )i"d 777777777777 a" o''ice with th ee othe !eo!(e> @ Co$(d *o$ 77777777777 $s a co!* o' *o$ ce ti'icates> C Match the es!o"ses to the 8$estio"s i" e2e cise 5# a% Not at a((9 as (o". as it?s i" the )o "i".# 6$estio" b% Ce tai"(*9 I?) ' ee to sta t as soo" as *o$ (i&e# c% Aes9 I?(( (et *o$ &"ow )* decisio" b* F ida*9 i' that?s a( i.ht# d% S$ e# I?(( !$t co!ies i" the !ost st ai.htawa*# e% ThatBs 'i"e9 as (o". as it?s a "o"-s)o&i". a ea# '% 4ow o'te" wo$(d that be> .% =e((9 i" 'act the*? e a(( i"c($ded i" )* CC# Past abilities D Co)!(ete the co"3e satio"s with could o was able to# Fo e2a)!(eD 1 AD Ca" *o$ $se a PC> 5D Aes9 I ca"# I" 'act9 I co$(d $se a PC whe" I was 1+E (general ability) + AD So9 we e *o$ (ate 'o the i"te 3iew> 5D No# S$e .a3e )e a (i't9 so I was ab(e to .et the e i" ti)e# (one occasion) 1 AD =hat 'o ei." (a".$a.es do *o$ s!ea&> 5D I 77777777777 s!ea& Ita(ia" 8$ite '($e"t(* whe" I was a chi(d9 b$t I?3e 'o .otte" a (ot# + AD =hat was *o$ . eatest achie3e)e"t i" *o$ ! e3io$s job> 5D =e((9 I 777777777777 eo .a"ise the Sa(es De!a t)e"t i" (ess tha" a )o"th# - AD =hat did *o$ (i&e best abo$t *o$ ! e3io$s job> 5D =e((9 )* boss ea((* t $sted )e9 so I 777777777777 $se )* ow" i"itiati3e at a(( ti)es# / AD So *o$ wo &ed i" T$ &e* th ee *ea s a.o# Co$(d *o$ .i3e $s so)e detai(s> 5D Ce tai"(*# As a )atte o' 'act9 I 777777777777 wi" a 3e * i)!o ta"t co"t act# 0 CD So how did the i"te 3iew .o> 5D Fi"e9 I thi"&# I 777777777777 a"swe a(( the 8$estio"sE

practice file

Unit 2 Selling online

Vocabulary A Read the de'i"itio"s# The" co)!(ete the wo d# 1 so)ethi". *o$ b$* chea!(* o 'o (ess tha" the $s$a( ! ice < a b7 .7 7" + a (a .e b$i(di". $sed 'o sto i". .oods < a w7 7h7 7s7 - to se"d .oods to a !(ace < to d7s!7tch / a 'o )a( wo d )ea"i". to buy < to !7 ch7s7 0 to .i3e so)eo"e thei )o"e* bac& 1e#.#9 beca$se the* a e "ot satis'ied with what the* ha3e bo$.ht% < to 7'7"d B Match each wo d to its de'i"itio"# 1 a s$!!(ie c% a !e so" o co)!a"* that se((s a !a tic$(a t*!e o' ! od$ct to a c$sto)e + a etai(e - a who(esa(e / a" i"3oice 0 a" o de 6 t$ "o3e a% a e8$est b* a c$sto)e 'o .oods o se 3ices b% a doc$)e"t se"t b* a se((e to a c$sto)e that (ists the .oods so(d a"d sa*s how )$ch the* cost c% a !e so" o co)!a"* that se((s a !a tic$(a t*!e o' ! od$ct to a c$sto)e d% the 3a($e o' the .oods o se 3ices so(d d$ i". a ce tai" !e iod o' ti)e e% a !e so" o a co)!a"* that se((s .oods i" (a .e 8$a"tities to b$si"esses '% a co)!a"* o a !e so" that se((s .oods to the )e)be s o' the !$b(ic C Co)!(ete the se"te"ces with a wo d ' o) e2e cise A o 5# 1 The )achi"es we e 'a$(t*9 so we et$ "ed the) to o$ s$!!(ie # + A(!haTe2 wi(( !(ace a" 77777777777 o" co"ditio" that we .i3e the) a" e2t a disco$"t 'o cash# - The* .$a a"tee that the* wi(( 77777777777 o$ )o"e* i' we a e "ot '$((* satis'ied# / ,$ sho! has a 77777777777 o' -9FFF e$ os a wee&# 0 The* ! o)ised to 7777777777777 the .oods withi" two da*s o' o$ o de 9 b$t the* ha3e"?t a i3ed *et# D Co)!(ete the te2t with the best wo ds a%9 b% o c%# Se((i". o"(i"e s$ccess'$((* To be a s$ccess'$( o"(i"e b$si"ess9 'i st o' a(( *o$ "eed to ha3e a .ood website# A .ood website (oo&s ! o'essio"a( a"d is 8$ic& a"d eas* to $se# Fo i"sta"ce9 )a"* !eo!(e do "ot (i&e to ha3e to e.iste to 3isit a site# It is a(so i)!o ta"t 'o the co)!a"* to ha3e its 77C77 11% o" each !a.e# This 77777 1+% the site a"d ca" be $sed b* the 3isito as a (i"& to the 77777 1-%# ,' co$ se9 *o$ ! od$cts "eed to be at (east as .ood as *o$ site# The site )a* be what 77777 1/% c$sto)e s i" the 'i st !(ace9 b$t it is ce tai"(* the 8$a(it* o' the ! od$cts a"d o' the se 3ice that &ee!s the)# 7777710% *o$ ! ices dow"9 a"d )a&e a !oi"t o' o''e i". e2ce((e"t c$sto)e se 3ice# I"'o ) *o$ 3isito s that *o$ o''e 77777 16% o"(i"e o de i".# Fi"a((*9 whe" *o$ ecei3e a" o de 9 e-)ai( the c$sto)e to 77777 1@% ecei!t a"d to i"'o ) the) whe" the .oods wi(( be 77777 1G%# 1 + / 0 6 @ G a% '(a. a% b a"ds a% ho)e!a.e a% att acts a% Ta&e a% sa'e a% tha"& a% e2cha".ed b% s*)bo( b% )a &s b% )ode) b% a!!ea(s b% Hi3e b% ! oo' b% ac&"ow(ed.e b% shi!!ed c% (o.o c% i)! esses c% sea ch e".i"e c% shows c% 5 i". c% sec$ e c% des!atch c% !$ chased -

practice file Language review: o!als A Match each se"te"ce 1-/ to the )ea"i". 1a-d% o' the )oda( i" bo(d# 1 ,"(i"e etai(e s s"oul! o''e sec$ e o"(i"e o de i".# + Ao$ "ave to wo & 3e * ha d to att act 3isito s to *o$ site# - I' *o$ "eed a !asswo d9 *o$ #ustn$t (et a"*o"e e(se $se it# / Peo!(e (i&e it whe" the* !on$t "ave to e.iste to 3isit a site# B Match the se"te"ces 1-6 with the a!! o! iate e"di". a% to '%# 1 =e we e a(( i" a. ee)e"tJ c% so we did"?t "eed to disc$ss the dea( a"* '$ the # + Ao$?(( "eed *o$ Use ID a"d !asswo d each ti)eJ - =e did"?t ha3e a"* )o e !a!e i" stoc&J / =e o de ed o"(i"eJ 0 I' the* ha3e a" o"(i"e cata(o.$eJ 6 The* sa* so)e o' the .oods a e da)a.edJ a% so we had to o de so)e )o e# b% so we?(( ha3e to e2cha".e the)# c% so we did"?t "eed to disc$ss the dea( a"* '$ the # d% which )ea"s we did"?t ha3e to 8$e$eE e% so *o$ )$st"?t 'o .et the)E '% we wo"?t ha3e to as& the) to se"d $s o"e# C Loo& at the se"te"ces i" e2e cise C a"d co)!(ete the tab(eD Past JJJJJJJ## JJJJJJJ## Present ha3e to do"?t ha3e to %uture JJJJJJJJ## JJJJJJJJ## a% No ob(i.atio"INo "ecessit* b% Ad3ice c% ,b(i.atio"INecessit* d% P ohibitio"

Unit & Co#'anies

Vocabulary A Choose a "o$" ' o) the bo2 'o each . o$!# a ! o'it

i"te est

2 make earn forecast 3 . pay earn charge .

make earn invest

B Co)!(ete the se"te"ces with a !h ase 13e bK"o$"% ' o) e2e cise A# 1 P$t *o$ )o"e* i" a sa3i".s acco$"t9 so it wi(( 777777777 777777777# + A" asset is so)ethi". be(o".i". to a b$si"ess that has 3a($e o the !owe to 77777777 7777777# - The co)!a"* did "ot 77777777 7777777# It j$st b o&e e3e"# / U"'o t$"ate(* the co)!a"* a" o$t o' )o"e* to 77777777 77777777 o" its bo"ds# 0 A('ite( 7777777 7777777 o' /FF9FFF e$ os 'o "e2t *ea #

practice file C A"swe the 8$estio"s# 1 =hat do *o$ ca(( the de!a t)e"t i" a co)!a"* that &ee!s a eco d o' the )o"e* co)i". i" a"d .oi". o$t> Acco$"ts + =hat do *o$ ca(( the de!a t)e"t i" a co)!a"* co"ce "ed with st$d*i". "ew ideas a"d !(a""i". "ew ! od$cts> 7 7 s 7 7 7 7 h a"d 7 7 3 7 ( 7 ! 7 7 7 7 - =hat do *o$ ca(( the de!a t)e"t i" a co)!a"* i"3o(3ed with )a"a.i". a"d o .a"isi". its wo &> 7d)777st 77777 / =hat do *o$ ca(( the de!a t)e"t i" a co)!a"* that dea(s with se((i". a"d ! o)oti". its ! od$cts> S 7 7 7 s a"d ) 7 & 7 7 7 7 7 0 =hat do *o$ ca(( the de!a t)e"t i" a co)!a"* that dea(s with e)!(o*ees9 &ee!s thei eco ds a"d he(!s with a"* ! ob(e)s the* )i.ht ha3e> 4777" 7777777s D Co)!(ete the te2t with the best wo d a%9 b% o c%# ALFITEL Annual Re'ort A('ite( is co))itted to c eati". a"d de(i3e i". 3a($e < 3a($e to its c$sto)e s9 3a($e to its e)!(o*ees9 a"d 3a($e to the e.io"# ,$ s$ccess i" )o3i". towa ds this .oa( is )ost e3ide"t i" the 'i"a"cia( 77A77 11% 'o this *ea # ,$ 77777 1+% at the c(ose o' the *ea was 1/F )i((io" e$ os9 that is9 a" i"c ease o' 1+L o3e the ! e3io$s *ea # This st o". 77777 1-% i" a athe di''ic$(t *ea 'o the eco"o)* shows the 3a($e o' the se 3ice the co)!a"* ! o3ides to its 77777 1/%# It a(so shows the co))it)e"t o' its sta'' to this .oa(# The ! e-ta2 ! o'it was 10#6 )i((io" e$ os9 whi(e the ! o'it a'te ta2 was G#G )i((io"9 which is 11L abo3e that 'o the ! e3io$s *ea # The Di ecto s ha3e !(eas$ e i" 77777 10% a" o di"a * 77777 16% o' 1F#+L a"d a M#0L ! e'e e"ce sha e di3ide"d# 1 + / 0 6 a% es$(ts a% e3e"$e a% t e"d a% c$sto)e s a% dec(a i". a% sha e ! ice b% co"c($sio"s b% cash '(ow b% be"e'it b% b$*e s b% eco))e"di". b% di3ide"d c% statistics c% sha e c% . owth c% e)!(o*ees c% i"t od$ci". c% asset

Language review: Present tenses A Match each se"te"ce with the )ea"i". o' the 3e b# 1 T a"sChe) e)!(o*s +906F !eo!(e# e% 'act$a( i"'o )atio" + Ms D$bois is e!(aci". Phi( as Sa(es Ma"a.e ti(( ,ctobe # - =e a e i)! o3i". o$ se 3ices to )eet the "eeds o' a )$ch wide a".e o' c$sto)e s# / =e a e o!e"i". o$ si2th s$bsidia * "e2t )o"th# 0 =e "eed a di''e e"t set o' s&i((s to add ess o$ co)!a"*?s cha((e".es# 6 =e obse 3e o$ c$sto)e s? eactio"s ca e'$((*# a% te)!o a * sit$atio" b% '$t$ e a a".e)e"t c% o".oi". sit$atio" d% o$ti"e acti3it* e% 'act$a( i"'o )atio" '% 3e b $s$a((* $sed o"(* i" the ! ese"t si)!(e

practice file B The e a e - i.ht a"d - w o". se"te"ces < co ect the - w o". 'o )s o' the 3e b# 1 ,$ co)!a"* (oo&s 'o a "ew Ma &eti". Ma"a.e # + =e a e(* aise o$ ! ices b* )o e tha" -L# - =e a e b i".i". )a &eti". a"d sa(es eso$ ces c(ose to c$sto)e s# / ,$ (a .est s$bsidia *9 based i" ,ttawa9 is .oi". th o$.h a di''ic$(t !e iod# 0 This *ea 9 a(( o$ sa(es sta'' (ea " F e"ch# 6 At the )o)e"t9 we a e "ot &"owi". the ! o'it 'i.$ es# C Co)!(ete the te2t with 3e bs ' o) the bo2 < $se eithe ! ese"t si)!(e o ! ese"t co"ti"$o$s# co-o di"ate atte"d .o ha3e &"ow ! e!a e s!ea& thi"& t a3e(

So'ia H a))ato!o$(os is Ma &eti". Ma"a.e at Ka*a3is Food a"d =i"e S#A#9 a" e2!a"di". )edi$)-siNed b$si"ess i" Thessa(o"i&i# She co-o di"ates 11% the wo & o' a tea) o' th ee !eo!(e# Ka*a3is 7777777777777777 1+% dist ib$to s i" e(e3e" co$"t ies i" E$ o!e a"d A)e ica9 so So'ia o'te" 7777777777777777 1-% ab oad# Ne2t wee&9 she 7777777777777777 1/% to Ca"ada to 3isit thei "ew etai( o$t(et# She 7777777777777777 10% H ee&9 E".(ish9 a"d Da"ish# At the )o)e"t she 777777777777777 16% a" i"te"si3e He )a" co$ se beca$se the ow"e o' Ka*a3is 777777777777777777 1@% o' o!e"i". a sho! a"d a (a .e esta$ a"t i" M$"ich# So'ia 777777777777777777 1G% that she wi(( ha3e to wo & i" He )a"* 'o si2 )o"ths9 so she 777777777777777777 1M% he se(' 'o he "ew assi.")e"t as best as she ca"# D = ite 8$estio"s 'o these a"swe s# A(( the i"'o )atio" is i" the te2t i" e2e cise C# 1 7777=hat does So'ia do>77777777777777 + 77777777777777777777777777777777777 - 77777777777777777777777777777777777 / 77777777777777777777777777777777777 0 77777777777777777777777777777777777 6 77777777777777777777777777777777777 @ 77777777777777777777777777777777777 She co-o di"ates the wo & o' a tea) o' th ee !eo!(e# E(e3e"# Ne2t wee&# To 3isit thei "ew etai( o$t(et# H ee&9 E".(ish a"d Da"ish# 5eca$se she wi(( ha3e to wo & i" He )a"*# I" M$"ich#

Unit ( )reat i!eas

Vocabulary A Match the 3e bs a"d the "o$"s#
Verbs 1 to achieve 2 to build up 3 to apply for 4 to miss ! to receive " to s amp Nouns a) a breakthrough b) a patent c) a range d) an a ard e) an opportunity f) the market

B Use the 3e b-"o$" co)bi"atio"s ' o) A to co)!(ete these se"te"ces# 1 =o (d (eade s ho!e to achie3e a )ajo b ea&th o$.h at the co"'e e"ce o" e"3i o")e"ta( iss$es# + ,$ co)!a"* wi(( 77777777777 a . eat 777777777777 i' we do "ot .o to the I"te "atio"a( I"3e"to s? Fai # - A2ate( i))ediate(* 77777777777 the 7777777777777 with the chea! )obi(e !ho"es the* had de3e(o!ed# / I' we do "ot wa"t a"*bod* to stea( o$ idea9 we sho$(d 7777777777777 a 7777777777777 st ai.htawa*# 0 I" o de to be )o e co)!etiti3e9 Es!assabi has 777777777777 thei 7777777777777 o' the s$))e d esses# 6 =i(( ,(.a Ra&o3s&* 77777777777 a" 77777777777 'o the a"ti3i $s so'twa e she has de3e(o!ed> 6

practice file C Match these se"te"ce ha(3es# 1 A Chi"ese co)!a"* de3e(o!edJ + A(e2a"de H aha) 5e((9 a Scots)a"9 i"3e"tedJ - Cha"e(9 the F e"ch 'ashio" desi."e 9 c eatedJ / Nobod* &"ows who d ea)t $!J 0 Pe ie has tho$.ht $!J a% so)e ea((* Na"* ad3e tisi". ca)!ai."s# b% the ?(itt(e b(ac& d ess?# c% the te(e!ho"e# d% this a)aNi". so'twa e# e% this $se(ess .ad.et# D Co)!(ete the te2t with a%9 b%9 o c% 'o each .a!# =hat is a !ate"t> A !ate"t 'o a" i"3e"tio" is a (e.a( doc$)e"t iss$ed b* a .o3e ")e"t9 which .i3es the i"3e"to the i.ht to sto! !eo!(e ' o) )a&i".9 $si".9 o se((i". the i"3e"tio" witho$t the 7A7 11% o' the i"3e"to # =he" a !ate"t is 7777 1+%9 the i"3e"tio" beco)es the ! o!e t* o' the i"3e"to # Li&e a"* othe 'o ) o' ! o!e t* o b$si"ess 7777 1-%9 the !ate"t ca" the" be bo$.ht9 so(d9 e"ted o hi ed# Pate"ts a e te ito ia( i.hts9 which )ea"s9 'o e2a)!(e9 that a UK !ate"t wi(( o"(* .i3e the 7777 1/% i.hts withi" the UK a"d i.hts to sto! othe s ' o) i)!o ti". the !ate"ted ! od$cts i"to the UK# The e a e th ee esse"tia( co"ditio"s that a" i"3e"tio" )$st 7777 10% i" o de to be !ate"tab(e# Fi st9 it )$st be co)!(ete(* "ew# 7777 16%9 the e )$st be ?a" i"3e"ti3e ste!? < )ost !ate"ts a e i" 'act 'o 7777 1@% i" tech"o(o.* which a( ead* e2ists# Thi d9 it )$st be !ossib(e to )a&e the i"3e"tio"9 o to $se it i" i"d$st *# 1 a% !e )issio" b% a((owa"ce c% co"se"s$s + a% . a"ted b% a!!(ied c% e"8$i ed - a% acco$"t b% asset c% ba(a"ce / a% &ee!e b% ho(de c% i)!o te 0 a% estab(ish b% ! o3e c% '$('i( 6 a% Seco"d b% Two c% A(so @ a% a(te atio"s b% i"c eases c% i)! o3e)e"ts Language review: 'ast tenses A Match these se"te"ce ha(3es# 1 The* we e sti(( wo &i". o" thei "ew desi."sJ c% whe" the* saw a" o!e"i". i" the )a &et# + As the* had a" e2citi". idea to ! o)ote9 - 4i.h ! o'i(e e"t e! e"e$ s we e i"3ited o" TCJ / I" 1MG09 Nicho(as A(be * 'o$"dedJ 0 A(be * (ea "ed "ot o"(* how to ! od$ce "ew ideasJ 6 She was e2hibiti". at the I"3e"to s? Fai J a% whe" a Ko ea" e"t e! e"e$ e2! essed i"te est i" he "ew ! od$ct# b% b$t a(so tested the) i" his dai(* (i'e# c% whe" the* saw a" o!e"i". i" the )a &et# d% the* decided to e2hibit at the I"3e"to s? Fai # e% a"d as&ed to ta(& abo$t i""o3atio" a"d cha".e# '% the I"stit$te 'o Socia( I"3e"tio"s# B P$t the 3e bs i" b ac&ets i" the co ect !ast te"se# A"ita Roddic&D A 5$si"esswo)a" with a Cisio" A"ita Roddic&9 'o$"de o' the 5od* Sho!9 was bo " i" E".(a"d i" 1M/+# I" the 1M6Fs9 she @ d% this a)aNi". so'twa e#

practice file 11%777777777777 1t ai"% as a teache i" E".(a"d a"d 1+%777777777777777 1wo &% 'o the U"ited Natio"s i" He"e3a# She the" 1-%7777777777777 1decide% to ado!t a ?hi!!ie? (i'est*(e a"d 1/%777777777777 1be.i"% to t a3e( e2te"si3e(*# =hi(e she 10%777777777777777 1t a3e(% a o$"d the wo (d9 she 16%777777777777 1(ea "% )a"* di''e e"t c$sto)s a"d it$a(s ' o) )a"* di''e e"t co$"t ies a"d 1@%7777777777777 1beco)e% i"te ested i" a"th o!o(o.*# I" 1M@19 she )a ied Ho do" Roddic&# The* a" a s)a(( hote( a"d esta$ a"t i" 5 i.hto"9 b$t a'te th ee *ea s the* decided the* 1G%77777777777777 1wa"t% a di''e e"t wa* o' (i'e 'o the)se(3es a"d thei two chi(d e"# =hi(e he h$sba"d 1M%7777777777777 1t a3e(% i" the USA i" 1M@69 A"ita 11F%777777777777 1o!e"% the 'i st 5od* Sho!9 se((i". "at$ a(9 e"3i o")e"t-co"scio$s cos)etics !ac&a.ed i" ec*c(ab(e bott(es# The sho! beca)e 3e * !o!$(a 9 a"d soo" )a"* c$sto)e s 111%77777777777777 1e"8$i e% how the* co$(d sta t thei ow" b a"ch o' the 5od* Sho!# A"ita a"d Ho do" the" 11+%7777777777777 1de3e(o!% a "ew b$si"ess !hi(oso!h*D ! o'its with ! i"ci!(es# It was c(ea the 5od* Sho! was a cos)etics co)!a"* with a di''e e"ceD the* 11-%777777777777 1wa"t% to see socia( a"d e"3i o")e"ta( cha".es# The* 11/%777777777777 1(a$"ch% $"$s$a( ad3e tisi". ca)!ai."s9 a"d 110%777777777777 1s$!!o t% a "$)be o' e"3i o")e"ta( a"d h$)a" i.hts o .a"isatio"s# A"ita was "a)ed 5$si"ess =o)a" o' the Aea i" Lo"do" i" 1MG0 a"d was awa ded a" , de o' the 5 itish E)!i e i" 1MGG# The 5od* Sho! toda* has )o e tha" 19FFF sto es a(( o3e the wo (d#

Unit * Stress
Vocabulary A Match the 'o((owi". ?)o"e* wo ds? to thei de'i"itio"s# 1 a" acco$"t + a" o3e d a't - a (oa" / i"te est 0 sa3i".s 6 a che8$e @ a c edit ca d a% a !(astic ca d that *o$ $se to b$* .oods b% a ! i"ted 'o ) that *o$ $se to !a* 'o so)ethi". i"stead o' $si". )o"e* c% a s$) o' )o"e* that *o$ bo ow d% a" a a".e)e"t betwee" a ba"& a"d a c$sto)e 'o the c$sto)e to !a* i" a"d ta&e o$t )o"e* e% a" a a".e)e"t betwee" a ba"& a"d a c$sto)e 'o the c$sto)e to ta&e o$t )o e )o"e* tha" the* ha3e !aid i" '% e2t a )o"e* that *o$ .et i' *o$ ha3e i"3ested )o"e*9 o that *o$ !a* i' *o$ ha3e bo owed )o"e* .% )o"e* that *o$ &ee! i" a ba"& to $se (ate B Co)!(ete the se"te"ces with a wo d ' o) A# 1 =e ha3e ta&e" o$t a (oa" to b$i(d $! o$ b$si"ess# Let?s ho!e we ca" !a* it bac&E + I' *o$ (ose *o$ 7777777777779 do"?t !a"ic& < j$st te(( *o$ ba"& i))ediate(*# - I ha3e j$st o!e"ed a de!osit 7777777777777 with Ko))e Nba"&# Do *o$ thi"& the* a e ,K> / ?,h "oE The ba"&s a e c(osed "ow9 so I ca"?t cash this 7777777777777 toda*E? 0 Do"?t &ee! *o$ 77777777777 $"de *o$ !i((ow9 the*?(( be sa'e i" a ba"&9 a"d it?s (ess st ess 'o *o$# 6 So)ethi". e(se to wo * abo$t < )* ba"& )a"a.e wa"ts )e to e!a* )* 777777777777 at o"ceE @ A de!osit acco$"t is bette tha" a c$ e"t acco$"t beca$se *o$ )o"e* ea "s 7777777777777# G d% a" a a".e)e"t betwee" a ba"& a"d a c$sto)e 'o the c$sto)e to !a* i" a"d ta&e o$t )o"e*

practice file C Match these se"te"ce ha(3es# 1 A'te si2 )o"ths she?d sa3ed e"o$.h )o"e*J + I?) s$ e *o$?(( ea " e"o$.h )o"e*J - I' *o$?3e "e3e i"3ested )o"e* be'o eJ / The* )a&e a (ot o' )o"e*J 0 =e a e .oi". to o .a"ise a co"ce tJ 6 =e?3e s!e"t a (ot o' )o"e* o" ad3e tisi".J a% so the* "e3e ha3e a"*thi". to wo * abo$t# b% so we ca"?t a''o d "ew e8$i!)e"t this *ea # c% to b$* *o$ ow" '(at# d% to ha3e he sho! edeco ated# e% to aise )o"e* 'o the ho)e(ess# '% wh* do"?t *o$ as& *o$ ba"& )a"a.e 'o ad3ice> D = ite dow" the 3e bs ' o) e2e cise C which o'te" .o with the wo d money#
to . to save to . MONEY to . to . to .

d% to ha3e he sho! edeco ated#

+ Co)!(ete the te2t with a%9 b% o c% 'o each .a!# St ess St ess is a !a t o' (i'e# The ! ob(e) is that a hi.h (e3e( o' st ess )a* (ead to !oo hea(th9 bad e(atio"shi!s at wo &9 (ow )o a(e9 a"d a 7A7 11% o' ! od$cti3it*# It is i)!o ta"t to be ab(e to eco."ise the 7777 1+% o' st ess9 s$ch as di''ic$(t* i" co))$"icati". with co((ea.$es9 o3e eati".9 (oss o' a!!etite o s(ee!i". bad(*# Peo!(e i" b$si"ess )a* s$''e 7777 1-% st ess 'o )a"* di''e e"t easo"sD i' the* a e o3e wo &ed9 i' the* ha3e to wo & 7777 1/% ti.ht dead(i"es9 i' the* a(wa*s 'ee( 7777 10% ! ess$ e9 i' the* ca""ot .et thei e!o ts o i' the* ca""ot )eet thei ta .ets# 1 a% (oss b% 'a(( c% dow" + a% shows b% s*)!to)s c% si."a(s - a% o" b% ' o) c% $"de / a% 'o b% with c% to 0 a% o" b% be(ow c% $"de Language review: using t"e 'resent 'er,ect tense A Th ee b$si"ess!eo!(e we e as&ed abo$t st ess'$( e2!e ie"ces# Loo& at the tab(eO the" a"swe the 8$estio"s9 as i" the e2a)!(es#
%ergio &arie 'ucy #ave you ever asked your boss for a pay rise$ no yes yes #ave you ever made a formal presentation$ yes no no #ave you ever negotiated an important contract$ no yes no

1 4as Se .io e3e )ade a 'o )a( ! ese"tatio"> Aes9 he has# + 4as Se .io e3e as&ed his boss 'o a !a* ise> No9 he has"?t# - 4as Ma ie e3e "e.otiated a" i)!o ta"t co"t act> 7777777777777 / 4as Ma ie e3e )ade a 'o )a( ! ese"tatio"> 7777777777777 0 4a3e L$c* a"d Se .io e3e "e.otiated a" i)!o ta"t co"t act> 7777777777777 6 4a3e L$c* a"d Ma ie e3e as&ed thei boss 'o a !a* ise> 77777777777777 @ 4as a"*bod* e3e )ade a 'o )a( ! ese"tatio"> 777777777777777 M

practice file B Now ead abo$t othe !eo!(e?s st ess'$( e2!e ie"ces9 a"d )a&e 8$estio"s 'o the a"swe s#
suffered from (et)lag *im +aola &ark no no no dealt ith an aggressive customer no yes yes been late for an important meeting yes no yes

1 4as Pao(a e3e bee" (ate 'o a" i)!o ta"t )eeti".> + 4a3e Ti) a"d Ma & e3e bee" (ate 'o a" i)!o ta"t )eeti".> - 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 / 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 0 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 6 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

No9 she has"?t Aes9 the* ha3e# Aes9 she has# No9 he has"?t# No9 the* ha3e"?t# No9 she has"?t#

Unit - +ntertaining
Vocabulary A Co)!(ete each se"te"ce with the best wo d# 1 Ma"* !eo!(e ha3e o"(* two 7777 a da*D b ea&'ast a"d di""e # a% )ea(s b% dishes c% co$ ses + ;a"e i"3ited )e o$"d 'o di""e (ast "i.ht# 4e h$sba"d is a wo"de '$( 7777 E a% coo&e b% dish c% coo& - Ho$(ash is a "atio"a( 4$".a ia" 77777# a% dish b% c$isi"e c% )ea( / To) wo &ed i" 5a".&o& 'o a *ea 9 so he is 3e * &ee" o" Thai 7777# a% &itche" b% coo&i". c% 'ood 0 The* a e 3e.eta ia"s9 so we sho$(d "ot b$* a"* 7777# a% )ea( b% )eat c% 'ood 6 This choco(ate )o$sse is de(icio$s# Co$(d I ha3e the 7777> a% eci!e b% coo&boo& c% ecei!t Language review:#ulti.wor! verbs A Match these se"te"ce ha(3es# 1 Last wee&9 I had to (oo& c% a'te 'i3e c(ie"ts ' o) Po t$.a(# + Fi st9 I showed the) a o$"d - I ce tai"(* (oo& 'o wa d / I ho!e I ca" ta&e 0 ,"e o' the) did "ot t$ " 6 The 'ood was de(icio$s9 a"d we a(( .ot @ The"9 I too& the) o$t G The* said I sho$(d a% co)e o3e a"d see the) i" Coi)b a# b% the ,(d Tow"# c% a'te 'i3e c(ie"ts ' o) Po t$.a(# d% o" ea((* we((# e% to a 3e * .ood esta$ a"t# '% to seei". the) a(( a.ai"# .% $! thei i"3itatio" "e2t s$))e # h% $!9 $"'o t$"ate(*# 1F

practice file B P$t the se"te"ces ' o) e2e cise A i" the i.ht o de to )a&e a sto *# a% 717 b% 707 c% 777 d% 777 e% 777 '% 777 .% 777 h% 777 C C oss o$t the se"te"ces which a e "ot co ect# 1 The* ca((ed o'' the )eeti". + The* ca((ed the )eeti". o''# - The* ca((ed it o''# / Pa$( t$ "ed dow" the )a"a.e # 0 Pa$( t$ "ed dow" hi)# 6 Pa$( t$ "ed hi) dow"# 1F I (oo& 'o wa d to the se)i"a # 11 I (oo& it 'o wa d to# 1+ I (oo& 'o wa d to it#

@ Let?s !$t o'' the co"'e e"ce ti(( "e2t )o"th# G Let?s !$t the co"'e e"ce o'' ti(( "e2t )o"th# M Let?s !$t it o'' ti(( "e2t )o"th#

D =hich + !a tic(es ca" co)!(ete a(( the se"te"ces i" 5o2 A a"d 5o2 5>
,o- . 1 /e aited for over an hour0 but the bus never turned 111111. 2 %he e-plained to her guests hy she took 11111 tai chi as a hobby. 3 5f you ant to catch the morning flight0 you3ll have to get 11111 at 4. 4 +lease stand 11111 . *he ambassador is entering the hall. ! %peak 111110 please. 5 can3t hear you very ell. ,o- , " *his is the second time they have invited you. 2ou can3t turn them 11111 again. 4 +ut 11111 the receiver and then take your phone card out. 6 %it 11111 and make yourself at home. 7 ,uy it ne-t eek. /e e-pect the price to go 11111. 18 'et me (ust rite 11111 your number so 5 don3t forget it.

REQEN;A < PRACTICE FILE 1 Careers Vocabulary A 1b +' -d /c 0a 6e B 1 i"3o(3es + is es!o"sib(e - dea(s / )a&es s$ e 0 is i" cha .e C 1 o' + 'o - with / that Language review A 1d < I' *o$ a e o$t.oi".9 *o$ ca" easi(* )i2 with !eo!(e socia((*# +e < I' *o$ a e i"de!e"de"t9 *o$ ca" wo & we(( witho$t the he(! o ad3ice o' othe !eo!(e# -a < I' *o$ a e bi(i".$a(9 *o$ ca" s!ea& two (a".$a.es '($e"t(*# /' < I' *o$ a e c eati3e9 *o$ ca" 'i"d so($tio"s to ! ob(e)s# 0c < I' *o$ a e a tic$(ate9 *o$ ca" e2! ess *o$ tho$.hts a"d 'ee(i".s c(ea (*# 6b < I' *o$ a e e"e .etic9 *o$ ca" wo & 'o a (o". ti)e witho$t a b ea&# B 1 wo &i". + (et - )o3i". / sta t 0 co"tact 6 sha i". @ se"d C a- b/ c0 d@ e6 '1 .+ D 1 co$(d + was ab(e to - co$(d / was ab(e to 0 was ab(e to 2 Selling online Vocabulary A 1 a ba .ai" + a wa eho$se - to des!atch / to !$ chase 0 to e'$"d B 1c +' -e /b 0a 6d C 1 s$!!(ie + o de - e'$"d / t$ "o3e 0 des!atch D 1c +a -a /a 0c 6c @b Gb Language review A 1b +c -d /a B 1c +e -a /d 0' 6b C PastD had toO did"?t ha3e to P ese"tD ha3e toO do"?t ha3e to


practice file
F$t$ eD wi(( ha3e toO wo"?t ha3e to & Co#'anies Vocabulary A 1 )o"e* + a ! o'it - i"te est B 1 ea "I!a* i"te est + ea "I)a&e )o"e* - )a&eIea " a ! o'it / !a* i"te est 0 'o ecasts a ! o'it C 1 Acco$"ts + Resea ch a"d de3e(o!)e"t - Ad)i"ist atio" / Sa(es a"d )a &eti". 0 4$)a" eso$ ces D 1a +a -c /a 0b 6b Language review A 1e +a -c /b 0' 6d B 1 ,$ co)!a"* is looking 'o a "ew Ma &eti". Ma"a.e # 0 A(( o$ sa(es sta'' are learning F e"ch# 6 At the )o)e"t9 we don't know the ! o'it 'i.$ es# C 1 co-o di"ates + has - t a3e(sI.oes / is .oi".Iis t a3e((i". 0 s!ea&s 6 is atte"di". @ is thi"&i". G &"ows M is ! e!a i". D 1 =hat does So'ia do> + 4ow )a"* co$"t ies does Ka*a3is ha3e dist ib$to s i"> - =he" is So'ia .oi". to Ca"ada> / =h* is she .oi". to Ca"ada> 0 =hat (a".$a.es does So'ia s!ea&> 6 =h* is So'ia (ea "i". He )a"> @ =he e is the ow"e o' Ka*a3is thi"&i". o' o!e"i". a sho! a"d a (a .e esta$ a"t> ( )reat i!eas Vocabulary A 1a +c -b /e 0d 6' B 1 achie3e a )ajo b ea&th o$.h + )iss a . eat o!!o t$"it* - swa)!ed the )a &et / a!!(* 'o a !ate"t 0 b$i(t $! thei a".e 6 ecei3e a" awa d C 1d +c -b /e 0a D 1a +a -b /b 0c 6a @c Language review A 1c +d -e /' 0b 6a B 1 t ai"ed + wo &ed - decided / be.a" 0 was t a3e((i". 6 (ea "ed @ beca)e G wa"ted M was t a3e((i". 1F o!e"ed 11 we e e"8$i i". 1o e"8$i ed% 1+ de3e(o!ed 1- wa"ted 1/ (a$"ched 10 s$!!o ted * Stress Vocabulary A 1d +e -c /' 0. 6b @a B 1 (oa" + c edit ca d - acco$"t / che8$e 0 sa3i".s 6 o3e d a't @ i"te est C 1d +c -' /a 0e 6b D to ea " )o"e*9 to i"3est )o"e*9 to )a&e )o"e*9 to aise )o"e*9 to s!e"d )o"e* + 1a +b -b /c 0c Language review A 1Aes9 he has# + No9 he has"?t# - Aes9 she has# / No9 she has"?t# 0 No9 the* ha3e"?t# 6 Aes9 the* ha3e# @ Aes9 Se .io has# B 1 4as Pao(a e3e bee" (ate 'o a" i)!o ta"t )eeti".> + 4a3e Ti) a"d Ma & e3e bee" (ate 'o a" i)!o ta"t )eeti".> - 4as Pao(a e3e dea(t with a" a.. essi3e c$sto)e > / 4as Ti) e3e dea(t with a" a.. essi3e c$sto)e > 0 4a3e Ti) a"d Ma & e3e s$''e ed ' o) jet-(a.> 6 4as Pao(a e3e s$''e ed ' o) jet-(a.> - +ntertaining Vocabulary A 1a +c -a /c 0b 6a Language review A 1c +b -' /. 0h 6d @e Ga B The o de isD a1 b0 c+ d@ e6 'G ./ hC se"te"ces that a e "ot co ectD 0 11 D 5o2 AD $! 5o2 5D dow" PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP