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Aristotle De anima Plato The Laws Gandhi Autobiography Foucault s Order of things, archaeology of knowledge. History of sexuality Ajay Gudavarthy Gopal Guru Marxs The 14th Brumaire of Napolean Bonaparte Stuff on Upanishad Puranas Horkheimer and Adorno critical

Two Principles : jus soli: on the soil of the country. Jus sanguine: descendent. Citizenship dominates over nationality. Political Unity dominates the State. What constitutes nationhood? Is political unity. Radhika Sangha and Sudhir Chandra, prison, age of consent, Chandras Death. We cant read the history of colonial legislation without reading each other. Colonial topography of Law, subverting lawyers, raja nand kumar trial, warren hastings, figure of the lawyer who is defending this rule,