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responsibility of the teacher. Being proactive is the most effective style of discipline. It is the job of the classroom teacher to create a classroom conducive to learning and to develop a management plan that includes a system of progressive discipline. The key to successful management lies in the things the teacher does ahead of time to create a good learning environment and a low potential for trouble. Teacher managed behaviors Academic Dishonesty Class Disruption/Off-Task Defiance/Disrespect/Non-Compliance Electronic Technology (cell, Ipod, MP3) Inappropriate Language (Verbal/Nonverbal) Unprepared for Class/Missing Homework Public Display of Affection Sleeping in Class Before submitting a referral to the Deans Officefor teacher-managed behaviors, please take the following actions: Individual conference with student to problem-solve Contact parent/guardian *All interventions should be documented in IC under student comments when submitting referral to the dean. Other Possible Teacher Interventions/Actions Remove the student from the situation Submit referral to counselor or case manager Meet with counselor or case manager Issue teacher detention

Create classroom/behavior contract Consult with the divisional Speak with the coach/activity sponsor

Reflect upon your current student population and identify any potential student or student interactions that could escalate into a high-intensity situation. For example, think in terms of students who have a history of rude behavior towards others that could potentially escalate to a full-blown bullying situation. In our current student population we have a very diverse population of students. Our gang problem has been broken up and dispersed especially in relation to the Hispanic culture but lately we have been having a few problems with African American gangs and students who are living in the projects. Our district ranges from very high earning parents to very low income parents with fifty percent of our school living in poverty. Most of our in-school high intensity issues occur between African American girls who are reacting to situations that have occurred outside of school. When they get started or if a comment is made between these girls fights break out immediately. When the girls feel that they are being disrespected by anyone regardless of their age they become very confrontational, emotional and reactive! I have some of these students in my classes but none of them share a classroom. I know that they have talked to me about what they might do if they were bullied on Facebook or if the other student threatens them or confronts them. They do not back down from a fight and will defend themselves and their honor. I know that a situation broke out this year in the grade nine AVID room which resulted in hair being pulled out and students with black eyes. I think that the steps involved would depend on the teacher in the room and the situation with the students but as a general rule we need to try to reduce the intensity of the situation by actively listening to the students and repeating back to them that we hear their concerns and understand their frustration. Through active listening a teacher can calm the situation down. We should separate ourselves from the student by stepping back and putting distance between the teacher and the student. If possible separate the students who are engaged with each other so that the situation becomes less confrontational. Push the call button and call for help as soon as emotions flair up so that administrators and school officials who are trained in these situations can come quickly to help. Get the other students out of the classroom so that they do not get involved in the situation and to keep them out of harms way and in a safe place. Do not show fear and keep a neutral reaction to the situation. Any emotion will only fuel the situation and will cause students to react in a manner that will intensify the problem. Write a detailed clear behavioral referral to the deans office and if necessary file a police report to document the situation and let the administration follow-up on any consequences that are required.