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Running head: PHILOSOPHY

Philosophy of Education Dillon Kelley Davis and Elkins College

PHILOSOPHY My philosophy of education coincides with behaviorism because I believe students learn from the consequences of their actions. I have faith that if good behavior is rewarded, then its more likely to be repeated. Students will also learn to not repeat bad conduct if it is met with no reward and discipline from the instructor. Behaviorism benefits the pupil in the long and short run. Every student needs to maximize their education, and they will become more motivated to

learn the curriculum if a reward is given in response to success. In executing this reward system, it will provide the children with the knowledge of necessary behaviors to transform into successful adults. While I was observing at Jennings Randolph Elementary School, I noticed the children are always more than willing to learn at all cost if they are having fun. Most of them are happy, eccentric, and eager at all times. They are always eager to seek approval from the instructor. However, there were some young students who are extremely quiet and dont want to participate in any learning activity. I believe these few children are suffering of major emotional issues stemming from a poor home life. As an instructor I will do whatever it takes to ensure them a stress free environment and if the student keeps showing this behavior, then I will notify the principle. I believe all children learn if they are competitively challenged, given homework, and taught with differentiated instruction. Contests, such as Jeopardy and Bingo, must be presented to the class in order to motivate students to absorb the information given. When students do learn the information, they tend to do well during these competitions which can also help them gain confidence. Homework is important in school for a variety of reasons. It should be provided in small amounts on all core subjects to strengthen the pupils knowledge to maximum potential. All students learn at different paces, so homework is also essential for slow learners to catch up

PHILOSOPHY on work. Doing homework can also benefit them by creating new strategies to help comprehend all aspects of the assignment. Most importantly instructors need to apply differentiated instruction to all of their learners. I believe they will be more receptive and successful if the teacher continues to experiment with different approaches because every individual learns at different speeds and styles. Students learn from group work, independent work, and class discussion. All three of these should be implemented to keep them engaged in the classroom.

Group work can provide opportunities to reinforce knowledge, and it can assist struggling pupils by communicating with others about confusion of the curriculum. Classroom discussion can only be beneficial to students learning if its effective and well managed by the teacher. Instructors should mandate participation from everyone and ask questions to each individual student to keep them all occupied. Independent work shows how much information was attained in groups and classroom discussion. Students fail every day in the American educational system for several reasons including poverty, fear of failure, teacher ineffectiveness, and giving up. Many pupils across the United States are put at risk when experiencing poverty by alienation from peers, low self-esteem, and not being engaged in learning. Fear of failure of a subject that is difficult is another significant cause of students not succeeding. Some students are predisposed to having trouble in certain classes and tend to be afraid of failing before they start, so in turn the majority submits to fear and fail. It is imperative that they go into every class with the confidence to overcome any academic challenge in their way despite a weakness in a certain subject. Teacher ineffectiveness is an epidemic in our country and a large reason students come up short. Due to lack of encouragement, the student body will develop less motivation to perform assignments. Most people succeed in school if our teacher has faith and is supporting of us. How can a learner

PHILOSOPHY prosper in an institute when the instructor acts as if he or she isnt concerned with the kids comprehension of the material?

I believe the most essential purposes of schooling and education is to stretch each student socially, mentally, and intellectually. The future of our world lies within todays youth, so the nature of education needs to be geared toward educating all learners to the best of all educators abilities. Education trains us to learn all information pertaining to our chosen field. Schooling prepares students for some kind of extensive college or workforce career by teaching fundamentals of all core subjects and urging them to work together effectively. My philosophy of education will guide my beliefs and practices as a teacher in every significant classification such as teacher roles, strategies, discipline, assessment, motivation of students, and diversities. Behaviorism will influence my teaching strategies by including class contests and competitions to motivate them to learn the material by giving rewards. Bribery is a very effective tool in motivating kids to learn such as free time and stickers. I will continue to apply different approaches every time I see even a small portion of my class not taking in the information and are lacking motivation. Every educator needs to experiment with new techniques to see which ones work the most efficiently. Classroom management and discipline are the two most vital factors in a childs education. At the end of every week, I will evaluate each student and give out various prizes to the well conducted ones. In giving out these prizes, it will leave the other students who didnt receive any distraught and strongly encourage them to straighten up. However, if I do have a few select students who continue to be a disruption to the class and interfere with another students learning, then immediate effective action will be taken. They must realize the difference clearly between good and bad conduct. Once the majority of the students are well-behaved, it will be much easier to evaluate each students performance. The

PHILOSOPHY kids will be strictly graded on effort. Im not a big fanatic on just assessing the final product given. If my students are struggling, then I will do the best of my ability to assist, but I wont penalize a student by failing them for putting forth their maximum efforts. The roles of

instructors in American society are considerable and valuable. Teachers have the power to affect a student on an emotional and mental level. They need to understand that some students view them as parental figures that need their respect and reassurance at all times. Students tend to emulate the instructors mannerism and enthusiasm. Later on in a childs educational process, they give advice on major career choices. Diversity and exceptionalities should be handled the same way if the class was full of geniuses. Im a firm believer in giving each individual the same amount of equal attention and help, so it wouldnt make any difference having diverse or special need children in my classroom. They will be provided the same opportunities as everyone else in the group.