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La Colonizacin espaola en Amrica del Sur (The Spanish colonization of South Amrica) 1.

Standard: Share a detailed description of places and things beyond their immediate environment or in the target culture 2. Objective: a. TLW use a written text to understand the history of a country of their choice in South America and present their findings to a classmate. 3. Vocabulario1: a. Catlica (Catholic) b. Rey (King) 4. Anticipatory Set: Images of Macchu Picchu. Students tell their partner: what does the city look like? Where is its setting geographically? Would you want to live there? Why or why not? The questions are written up on the board as students walk in. We will begin class by asking several students what they wrote about it. 5. Input: a. Students will begin a KWL about South America during the Spanish Colonization. If all they know is Incas, thats OK. b. We will read from a fourth grade Mexican history textbook that tells about the history of South America. This reading is highly interactive: every paragraph, students will highlight one fact they found out, and one question that they still have. The article contains the two vocabulary words; they are defined in Spanish in the textbook, and I will also show pictures on the screen. c. The chapter then gives a brief history of several different South American countries. Students must choose one country, and present three facts about that country to a classmate who chose the same country. They will then decide on the three most important facts (combining their information), and each will find two new partners to present the information to who chose different countries. The students must write down two facts they hear from each classmate. The students will select their partners; they will move to corners of the room so that they know which students chose which countries. 6. Modeling a. I will model what I expect the students to write down, although from the texts section on Panam, so that the students wont copy me. (Panam is Central America, not South America.) b. Before the guided practice (part C of input) I will model the conversation that the students will have with another student. 7. Check for understanding

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a. Ask several questions per slide during the PowerPoint of students. Repeat the question; if necessary write it down for the student to understand it. b. I will walk around and use a class roster to make sure that at some point during the presentations today and tomorrow I hear from every student in the class, to see how they are doing. Guided Practice a. See part C of input Independent Practice Closure a. We will have a five minute discussion of the reading at the end of class. I will use Popsicle sticks to ask students a variety of questions about the country that each student chose to write about. Assessment/ Reflection