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Technology Rubric

Students will be assessed while using a form of technology as part of a lesson. The teacher will rank the students in each category ranging from a 1-4. The key is as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Technology not needed/Objective not met Not using maximum ability/purpose Work in progress Accomplishing intended purpose

Choice Board
Student 1

Student 2

computer game
Student 3

The Student is using the technology as an active learning experience. The Students use of the technology is essential for the lesson, rather than an add on. Does the technology overshadow the learning objectives? Has the student made a new world discover due to the technology?

2. The student works better with concrete objects rather than abstract 3. Needed, but not quite right

4. Interactive and lead towards self discovery

4. Interactive and engaging!

4. Essential for learning daily living skills not able to teach unless with technology 4. Technology was doing its intended purpose. 4. New skills developed!

4. Needed for self discovery and independent learning.

4 No, the technology was trying to aid the student 1. The technology was unsuccessful in its intended purposes

4. No, fulfills intended purpose.

4. Yes, more knowledge about identifying shapes.

***Each selected student was 3 years old in an inclusive setting. Two of the students have disabilities that interfere with their learning.