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Excalibur Associates, Inc.

B & P$ Pro%ect number and Budget &e'uest

B&P Pro%ect -ummar.

Assigned B&P
Date of &e'uest


Pro%ect name/ DHS FPS Philly Area &FP)&F0 1umber/ HSHQE3-11-R-00001 Pro%ect sponsor/ =a.ne -peigel >eneral description of proposal/ DHS FPS Pro,te,ti'e Se,urity Ser'i,e 400i,er er'i,e 0or the Phila!el&hia $etro Area 7in,lu!e &re-a/ar! ub,ontra,tor tea( a&&ro'al &a,2a%e !e'elo&(ent an! Phila!el&hia (etro area ite 'i it 9

B&P Pro%ect 2pportunities

Pro'i!e Trainin% 8n tru,tor an! Trainin% 8n tru,tor A i tant to &lan, ,oor!inate an! ,on!u,t FPS PS4 trainin%, eC,lu!in% lethal /ea&on trainin%: Al o in,lu!e a!(ini terin% aerobi, 0itne te t : $700,000

Total Potential


3otal Budget &e'uested/


&e'uested B&P Funds/

Labor Hour an! "o t# Pre-Pro&o al "o t Pre-&ro&o al ,on0eren,e $eetin% Labor Pre&aration Pro&o al De'elo&(ent Pro&o al $ana%er Te,h -riter Re u(e . HR HR Su&&ort an! Re'ie/ Pa t Per0or(an,e Re'ie/ an! 1eri0i,ation Pin2 Tea( Re'ie/ Re! Tea( Re'ie/ 3ol! Tea( Re'ie/ 4ral Pre entation Pro&o al Re'i ion 5AF4 Pro&o al Re'i ion &re 5AF4 4r%ani6e, Print an! 5in! Subtotal - Labor Hour an! "o t 4'erhea! 7a&&lie! to ALL EA8 Labor9 =on Labor "o t # Tra'el $ilea%e Air0are Per Die( Sub,ontra,tor@"on ultant Sub,ontra,tor@"on ultant 3ra&hi, u&&ort Trainin% ,o t 4ther ,o t Total =on Labor "o t 3otal costs



5abor Cost


)0 7* +,000 +,000 3,30<


)0 **:07;

+,""" 6,6"7

3*0 3

Cost Eac8
0:*1 ?0?

17> +0+


7)* # # # # # 9:( 10,873

Appro;ed B&P Budget

5AP ReBue t authori6e! +,9:(

Executi;e <ice President C8ief 2perating 2fficer President)CE2





Forward Completed Form to Director of Accounting