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Teacher Candidate: Erika Walters Subject/Grade: Measurement and Data/First Grade

Lesson # 5 Date and Time of Lesson: 11/26/13

Learning Objective: Students will be able to identify time to the hour and half hour using an analog and digital clock. Alignment with Standards: 1. MD.3 Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks. Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections: Students should have some knowledge of using a clock and telling time. They should be learning how to tell time to the half hour, as well as the hour. At this point, they should also be learning how to write time. During this lesson, students will make connections between digital and analog clocks. Students will also be learning and/or reviewing how to read each one. Assessment(s) of the Objectives Lesson Objective(s) Students will be able to identify time to the hour and half hour using an analog and digital clock. Assessment(s) of the Objective(s) Pre: Students will be shown an analog clock and a digital clock, and will be asked to identify the different times shown During: A short PowerPoint will be shown about telling time; within the PowerPoint, students will be asked to come up and write what time it is according to the digital or analog clock; Students will play a game matching the time on the analog clock to the time on the digital clock Post: Students will fill out Telling Time PostAssessment worksheet Use of Formative Assessment Once students have mastered reading analog and digital clocks, they will then ready to tell (and write) time to the hour and half hour. Upon mastering the hour and half hour, students will be prepared to go further in telling time, once they begin 2nd grade.

Accommodations: Students who finish early will be able to complete another worksheet to practice telling time. They will also have the option of taking out a book and reading quietly. In order to complete the activities, the teacher or cooperating teacher will assist anyone who needs extra help. Modifications can be made to worksheets for students who arent quite grasping the subject. Materials: Alarm clock (digital clock) Analog clock Measuring Time Chart Telling Time Post-Assessment Worksheet

Telling Time PowerPoint Smart Board Activity (internet4classrooms.com- Telling Time: To the Half Hour) Tell the Time WS (for early finishers)

Procedures: 1. While students are still at their desks, tell students, Today we will be talking about measuring time. Does anyone know how to measure time? a. Allow students to answer, and then tell that that clocks are used to measure time 2. Explain to students that there are 2 types of clocks (analog and digital) a. Show students digital and analog clock (ask about differences) b. Use Measuring Time chart to explain c. Have students practice telling what time is shown on both clocks 3. Have students meet at carpet 4. Show students PowerPoint and discuss slides a. Have students come up and practice writing times to make the analog and digital times match 5. Pull up game and pick volunteers to come up and pick which digital clock matches the time shown on the analog clock (if time allows, all students may come up and play) 6. Tell students to go back to their desks and pass out Telling Time Post-Assessment Worksheet a. This will be their review of lesson 7. Close out and return class to cooperating teacher Activity Analysis: One activity that the students will complete is telling the teacher what time is on the digital and analog clock (at the beginning of the lesson). For them to complete the whole lesson, students need to know how to read and tell time on both clocks. They will have practice at the beginning reading each one. The second activity students will complete is the post-assessment worksheet. The worksheet is composed of telling time on both an analog and a digital clock by filling in times or drawing in the hands on the clock. This is a review of what students gained during the lesson. The teacher will be able to see if the students grasped the concept of telling time to the hour and half hour using digital and analog clocks, and if they made connections between both types of clocks. References: http://www.pinterest.com/1stklinger/1-md-3/ http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html?q=%20telling%20time http://www.internet4classrooms.com/skill_builders/telling_time_math_first_1st_grade.htm http://www.internet4classrooms.com/