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Cathy Boerner

Final Assessment-Integrated Unit created with the UbD format Self Assessment Did I demonstrate integration? Please provide evidence. My UbD Integrated Unit Plan demonstrate integration in the following ways: The foundation of my unit plan is to integrate cultural diversity with each activity anguage !rts"#riting: $ournal reflections after each activity% brainstorming and other note"ta&ing activities% as well as an activity that re'uires students write while conducting an interview anguage !rts"(eading: Most of the reading for this unit plan is through computer research% and homewor& anguage !rts")pea&ing and istening: *ral presentations% class discussion and small group discussion +reative !rts" Throughout the unit plan students are encouraged to choose their method of presentation through an art pro,ect -poster% collage% song% dance% etc. )ocial )tudies: Two or more social studies content areas are integrated throughout each activity -behavior science with history% geography with history% behavior science with political science% etc.

Did I demonstrate passion? Please provide evidence. I believe I demonstrated passion through: My strong desire to teach my students cultural awareness% to embrace diversity% to become comfortable and respectful while tal&ing about culture and ethnicity among peers% and to teach through a multicultural perspective. My deep interest in family tradition and family history My dedication to creating engaging and interactive activities

Did I demonstrate professionalism? Please provide evidence. I believe I demonstrated professionalism in the following ways:

I created a unit plan that followed the criteria My writing is at a proficient level of ability My unit plan was finished and handed in on time I was able to briefly e/plain my unit plan to my peers I developed a unit plan that I believe is developmentally appropriate and demonstrates a number of #isconsin 0ducator )tandards for Teachers

My two self"selected areas for evaluation are: 1. Teachers &now the sub,ects they are teaching. 2. Teachers are able to plan different &inds of lessons. Did I demonstrate these two self-selected areas in my unit? Please provide evidence. I believe I demonstrate these two self"selected areas in my unit in the following ways: I show a deep understanding of family values% traditions% and cultural awareness. I understand how to tie together cultural awareness with social studies% and how develop my activities with my students3 developmental capabilities based on grade level and individual learning styles. I understand how to create a UbD unit plan% focusing first on the ob,ectives and core standards I want to teach% and then creating activities that teach to these standards and ob,ectives. I understand that students need a variety of lessons that are engaging to the students. I understand that I want my lessons needs to incorporate authentic assessment% critical thin&ing s&ills% and differentiation.