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Ruthvik The purpose of a running record is to have information that supports the placement of students into instructionally appropriate

text levels. Running records also determine whether a student is ready to move up to a different reading level or not. This running record was completed with Ruthvik. He is eight years old and is currently a student in Miss Belmontes third grade class. This assessment took place out in the hallway with Miss Belmonte while the rest of the class was participating independent reading. The assessment took place out in the hallway so that other classmates would not distract the student. Miss Belmonte advised us that since she had just completed doing them with all of the students in the class and it would be too repetitive for them it would be better to take a copy of a previously completed running record to complete our assignment. The tool used for this assessment was Edwins Haircut Level K (fiction) from Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System. The procedure of this assessment starts with the students reading a prompt out loud while the teacher times the student and takes notes on the side. The notes include the teacher following along to the prompt on a different piece of paper making notes at places that the student stumbles, says a word wrong, or when they omit a word. When the student has completed reading through the prompt the teacher tallies the mistakes made and then asks the students a series of questions that examine the students reading comprehension. Once the student is completely finished the teacher assesses the results. The output of the results will then help to justify which level the student should then be placed on. According to Ruthviks running record, he struggles with the concept of pausing at periods. He also does not convey emotion while reading. While reading Ruthvik said shipping and shipped instead of snipping and snipped. All together Ruthvik had 12 mistakes and his fluency was categorized as number one, which is when the reader reads in primarily two-word

word phrases with one three- and four-word groups and some word-by-word reading. Ruthviks comprehension of the text was very good and he scored on the upper range for all of the questions. Ruthvik needs to work on his ability to read fluently and review his understanding of the meaning of a period. With time and practice in reading, Ruthvik will improve his reading skills. This can be fixed by having Ruthvik review the mispronounced words as vocabulary words. He can also read more carefully and more often either in the classroom or at home with help from someone who can point out to him to slow down and take a better look at the text and sentence structure. Ruthvik is a growing student and with time his reading abilities will improve greatly. He is only in the early stages of third grade and has plenty of time and potential to grow into a bright student.