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Zavala 1 Celene Zavala John Kubler English 114A 10 September 2013 Exercise 1 2!

Critical "esponse #etter to Author $ello %r #ennon& ' am (riting to )ou because o* )our song +'magine, ' (oul- li.e to sa) it is a great song *irst o* all ' un-erstan- ho( )ou (ere tr)ing to sen- a positive message& but ' *eel li.e the song l)rics are too *ar *etche- /on0t get me (rong ' reall) en1o) )our song ancreativit) o* (or- selection (hile )ou paint the au-ience a picture o* a peace*ul (orl- ' personall) thin. that having no religion or -i**erent race (oul- one& ma.e the (orl- -ull anboring an- t(o& -ecrease moralit) in the (orl'n )our song +'magine, )ou are singing about this 2topia that (ill never happen '0m sorr) %r #ennon but& ' -isagree (ith (hat the song sa)s 3ou sing& +'magine there4s no countries& it isn4t har- to -o& nothing to .ill or -ie *or& an- no religion too, but ' *eel all o* that (ill never happen /iversit) is (hat ma.es ever)thing uni5ue an- original 6e might have peace at some point (ithout being a -i**erent race or religion& but it (oul-n0t *eel right ' thin. about ho( -i**erent it (oul- be i* (e (ere the same 6hat *oo- (oul- (e eat7 6hat (oul- (e all loo. li.e7 8hose 5uestions are (hat ' as. m)sel* (hen ' listen to )our song +'magine, 8he *unn) part is ' can0t imagine a (orl- li.e that& it 1ust (oul- not be right $o(ever& ' -o give )ou props *or sharing )our vie(s (ith the (orl- ' honestl) thin. it is a great song Sometimes ' *eel li.e there is a greater message behin- the song ' (on-er i* )ou -on0t reall) mean no race or religion %a)be the over point )ou (ere tr)ing to get to (as peace in the (orl- ' -o *eel li.e (e nee- peace ' *eel li.e there are so man) races an- religions that people tr) to *in- the -i**erences on purpose 'n %a-eleine Albright0s essa) she states that *or centuries (e

Zavala 2 have been blaming religion *or our problems& (hich ' *eel that is sort o* (hat )ou are -oing 9:age 3;< =laming religion because o* the (ars is -umb ' *eel li.e religion is actuall) (hat the) all have in common %a-eleine Albright even state- that the people *ighting the (ar 1ust (ant to praise their go- *reel) 9:age 40< 6hich ' also agree because ' thin. once the) un-erstan- (hat the) (ant& even i* it is not the same go-& someho( the (orl- (ill *in- peace %r #ennon& ' -on0t *eel li.e having no race or religion (oul- be a goo- thing "eligion is ho( some people express them selves "ace is (hat ma.es that person uni5ue 8he culture anbac.groun- is (hat creates a (hole -iversit) o* *oo-& architecture& an- even goo- morals 6ith out those t(o things (e (oul-n0t have values 3ou also state in the song +'magine, that there (oul- be nothing to -ie *or 8he (a) ' interpret that is li.e sa)ing there is nothing to live *or ' -on0t agree (ith that because that (oul- mean (e (oul- never be motivate- to -o an)thing ' (oul- li.e to sa) that over all the song +'magine, is ver) inspiring 't -oes get people (on-ering (hat the (orl- (oul- be li.e i* it (as all one race an- religion =ut personall) ' -on0t thin. man) agree because the) li.e their culture an- religion so much 8he music vi-eo *or this song is some(hat empo(ering because )ou are singing (hile )our (i*e is opening the blin-s ' thin. the message )ou are tr)ing to get across is open up the light an- ta.e o** the blin-*ol- >pen )our min- to an)thing ' *eel li.e the music vi-eo is telling the vie(ers to stop being close? min-e- 8he song is great to listen to %r #ennon 8he l)rics ' -on0t agree (ith but ma)be )ou can tell me i* there is a meaning behin- all o* it $ope*ull)& the article ' 5uote- b) %a-eleine Albright is help*ul in some (a) to see that religion an- culture are essential in the human race 8he (orl(oul- be lost (ithout religion an- race ' (oul-n0t thin. '0- have to give up m) in-ivi-ualit) *or peace 8han. )ou *or rea-ing %r #ennon Sincerel)&

Zavala 3 Celene Zavala

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