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WESTMERE FIRE DISTRICT Overhead Door Replacement



'ART ! % )E&ERAL

!.! A.

RELATED DOC*ME&TS Dra+,n-s and -eneral prov,s,ons o. the Contract/ ,ncl0d,n- )eneral and S0pplementar1 Cond,t,ons and other D,v,s,on ! Spec,.,cat,on Sect,ons/ appl1 to th,s Sect,on.

!.2 A.

S*MMAR2 Sect,on ,ncl0des adm,n,strat,ve prov,s,ons .or coord,nat,n- constr0ct,on operat,ons on 'ro3ect ,ncl0d,n-/ 40t not l,m,ted to/ the .ollo+,n-5 !. )eneral coord,nat,on proced0res. 2. Coord,nat,on dra+,n-s. ". Re60ests .or In.ormat,on 7RFIs8. 9. 'ro3ect meet,n-s. Related Re60,rements5 !. D,v,s,on ! Sect,on :Constr0ct,on 'ro-ress Doc0mentat,on: .or prepar,n- and s04m,tt,nContractor;s constr0ct,on sched0le. 2. D,v,s,on ! Sect,on :E<ec0t,on: .or proced0res .or coord,nat,n- -eneral ,nstallat,on and .,eld% en-,neer,n- serv,ces/ ,ncl0d,n- esta4l,shment o. 4enchmar=s and control po,nts. ". D,v,s,on ! Sect,on :Closeo0t 'roced0res: .or coord,nat,n- closeo0t o. the Contract.


!." A.

DEFI&ITIO&S RFI5 Re60est .rom O+ner/ Arch,tect/ or Contractor see=,n- ,n.ormat,on re60,red 41 or clar,.,cat,ons o. the Contract Doc0ments.

!.9 A.

I&FORMATIO&AL S*BMITTALS S04contract L,st5 'repare a +r,tten s0mmar1 ,dent,.1,n- ,nd,v,d0als or .,rms proposed .or each port,on o. the Wor=/ ,ncl0d,n- those +ho are to .0rn,sh prod0cts or e60,pment .a4r,cated to a spec,al des,-n. *se CSI Form !.$A. Incl0de the .ollo+,n- ,n.ormat,on ,n ta40lar .orm5 !. &ame/ address/ and telephone n0m4er o. ent,t1 per.orm,n- s04contract or s0ppl1,n- prod0cts. 2. &0m4er and t,tle o. related Spec,.,cat,on Sect,on7s8 covered 41 s04contract. ". Dra+,n- n0m4er and deta,l re.erences/ as appropr,ate/ covered 41 s04contract. >e1 'ersonnel &ames5 'r,or to start,n- constr0ct,on operat,ons/ s04m,t a l,st o. =e1 personnel ass,-nments/ ,ncl0d,n- s0per,ntendent and other personnel ,n attendance at 'ro3ect s,te. !. Ident,.1 ,nd,v,d0als and the,r d0t,es and respons,4,l,t,es? l,st addresses and telephone n0m4ers/ ,ncl0d,n- home/ o..,ce/ and cell0lar telephone n0m4ers and e%ma,l addresses. 'rov,de names/ addresses/ and telephone n0m4ers o. ,nd,v,d0als ass,-ned as alternates ,n the a4sence o. ,nd,v,d0als ass,-ned to 'ro3ect.


DECEMBER 2 !" !"! %!

! .!!#$


WESTMERE FIRE DISTRICT Overhead Door Replacement

Coord,nat,on5 Coord,nate constr0ct,on operat,ons ,ncl0ded ,n d,..erent Sect,ons o. the Spec,.,cat,ons to ens0re e..,c,ent and orderl1 ,nstallat,on o. each part o. the Wor=. Coord,nate constr0ct,on operat,ons/ ,ncl0ded ,n d,..erent Sect,ons that depend on each other .or proper ,nstallat,on/ connect,on/ and operat,on. !. Sched0le constr0ct,on operat,ons ,n se60ence re60,red to o4ta,n the 4est res0lts +here ,nstallat,on o. one part o. the Wor= depends on ,nstallat,on o. other components/ 4e.ore or a.ter ,ts o+n ,nstallat,on. 2. Coord,nate ,nstallat,on o. d,..erent components to ens0re ma<,m0m per.ormance and access,4,l,t1 .or re60,red ma,ntenance/ serv,ce/ and repa,r. ". Ma=e ade60ate prov,s,ons to accommodate ,tems sched0led .or later ,nstallat,on. 'repare memoranda .or d,str,40t,on to each part1 ,nvolved/ o0tl,n,n- spec,al proced0res re60,red .or coord,nat,on. Incl0de s0ch ,tems as re60,red not,ces/ reports/ and l,st o. attendees at meet,n-s. !. 'repare s,m,lar memoranda .or O+ner and separate contractors ,. coord,nat,on o. the,r Wor= ,s re60,red. Adm,n,strat,ve 'roced0res5 Coord,nate sched0l,n- and t,m,n- o. re60,red adm,n,strat,ve proced0res +,th other constr0ct,on act,v,t,es to avo,d con.l,cts and to ens0re orderl1 pro-ress o. the Wor=. S0ch adm,n,strat,ve act,v,t,es ,ncl0de/ 40t are not l,m,ted to/ the .ollo+,n-5 !. 'reparat,on o. Contractor;s constr0ct,on sched0le. 2. 'reparat,on o. the sched0le o. val0es. ". Installat,on and removal o. temporar1 .ac,l,t,es and controls. 9. Del,ver1 and process,n- o. s04m,ttals. $. 'ro-ress meet,n-s. @. 're,nstallat,on con.erences. A. 'ro3ect closeo0t act,v,t,es. B. Start0p and ad30stment o. s1stems. Conservat,on5 Coord,nate constr0ct,on act,v,t,es to ens0re that operat,ons are carr,ed o0t +,th cons,derat,on -,ven to conservat,on o. ener-1/ +ater/ and mater,als. Coord,nate 0se o. temporar1 0t,l,t,es to m,n,m,Ce +aste. !. Salva-e mater,als and e60,pment ,nvolved ,n per.ormance o./ 40t not act0all1 ,ncorporated ,nto/ the Wor=. See other Sect,ons .or d,spos,t,on o. salva-ed mater,als that are des,-nated as O+ner;s propert1.




!.@ A.

RED*ESTS FOR I&FORMATIO& 7RFIS8 )eneral5 Immed,atel1 on d,scover1 o. the need .or add,t,onal ,n.ormat,on or ,nterpretat,on o. the Contract Doc0ments/ Contractor shall prepare and s04m,t an RFI ,n the .orm spec,.,ed. !. Arch,tect +,ll ret0rn RFIs s04m,tted to Arch,tect 41 other ent,t,es controlled 41 Contractor +,th no response. 2. Coord,nate and s04m,t RFIs ,n a prompt manner so as to avo,d dela1s ,n Contractor;s +or= or +or= o. s04contractors. Content o. the RFI5 Incl0de a deta,led/ le-,4le descr,pt,on o. ,tem need,n- ,n.ormat,on or ,nterpretat,on and the .ollo+,n-5 !. 'ro3ect name. 2. 'ro3ect n0m4er. ". Date. 9. &ame o. Contractor. $. &ame o. Arch,tect. @. RFI n0m4er/ n0m4ered se60ent,all1. A. RFI s043ect. B. Spec,.,cat,on Sect,on n0m4er and t,tle and related para-raphs/ as appropr,ate. ! .!!#$ !"! %2



C.T. MALE ASSOCIATES AIA MasterSpec #. ! . !!. !2. !".

WESTMERE FIRE DISTRICT Overhead Door Replacement

Dra+,n- n0m4er and deta,l re.erences/ as appropr,ate. F,eld d,mens,ons and cond,t,ons/ as appropr,ate. Contractor;s s0--ested resol0t,on. I. Contractor;s s0--ested resol0t,on ,mpacts the Contract T,me or the Contract S0m/ Contractor shall state ,mpact ,n the RFI. Contractor;s s,-nat0re. Attachments5 Incl0de s=etches/ descr,pt,ons/ meas0rements/ photos/ 'rod0ct Data/ Shop Dra+,n-s/ coord,nat,on dra+,n-s/ and other ,n.ormat,on necessar1 to .0ll1 descr,4e ,tems need,n,nterpretat,on. a. Incl0de d,mens,ons/ th,c=nesses/ str0ct0ral -r,d re.erences/ and deta,ls o. a..ected mater,als/ assem4l,es/ and attachments on attached s=etches.

C. D.

RFI Forms5 CSI Form !".2A. Arch,tect;s Act,on5 Arch,tect +,ll rev,e+ each RFI/ determ,ne act,on re60,red/ and respond. Allo+ seven +or=,n- da1s .or Arch,tect;s response .or each RFI. RFIs rece,ved 41 Arch,tect a.ter !5 p.m. +,ll 4e cons,dered as rece,ved the .ollo+,n- +or=,n- da1. !. The .ollo+,n- Contractor%-enerated RFIs +,ll 4e ret0rned +,tho0t act,on5 a. Re60ests .or approval o. s04m,ttals. 4. Re60ests .or approval o. s04st,t0t,ons. c. Re60ests .or approval o. Contractor;s means and methods. d. Re60ests .or coord,nat,on ,n.ormat,on alread1 ,nd,cated ,n the Contract Doc0ments. e. Re60ests .or ad30stments ,n the Contract T,me or the Contract S0m. .. Re60ests .or ,nterpretat,on o. Arch,tect;s act,ons on s04m,ttals. -. Incomplete RFIs or ,nacc0ratel1 prepared RFIs. 2. Arch,tect;s act,on ma1 ,ncl0de a re60est .or add,t,onal ,n.ormat,on/ ,n +h,ch case Arch,tect;s t,me .or response +,ll date .rom t,me o. rece,pt o. add,t,onal ,n.ormat,on. ". Arch,tect;s act,on on RFIs that ma1 res0lt ,n a chan-e to the Contract T,me or the Contract S0m ma1 4e el,-,4le .or Contractor to s04m,t Chan-e 'roposal accord,n- to D,v,s,on ! Sect,on :Contract Mod,.,cat,on 'roced0res.: a. I. Contractor 4el,eves the RFI response +arrants chan-e ,n the Contract T,me or the Contract S0m/ not,.1 Arch,tect ,n +r,t,n- +,th,n ! da1s o. rece,pt o. the RFI response. On rece,pt o. Arch,tect;s act,on/ ,mmed,atel1 d,str,40te the RFI response to a..ected part,es. Rev,e+ response and not,.1 Arch,tect +,th,n seven da1s ,. Contractor d,sa-rees +,th response. !. Ident,.,cat,on o. related M,nor Chan-e ,n the Wor=/ Constr0ct,on Chan-e D,rect,ve/ and 'roposal Re60est/ as appropr,ate.


!.A A.

'RO(ECT MEETI&)S )eneral5 Sched0le and cond0ct meet,n-s and con.erences at 'ro3ect s,te 0nless other+,se ,nd,cated. !. Attendees5 In.orm part,c,pants and others ,nvolved/ and ,nd,v,d0als +hose presence ,s re60,red/ o. date and t,me o. each meet,n-. &ot,.1 O+ner and Arch,tect o. sched0led meet,n- dates and t,mes. 2. A-enda5 'repare the meet,n- a-enda. D,str,40te the a-enda to all ,nv,ted attendees. ". M,n0tes5 Ent,t1 respons,4le .or cond0ct,n- meet,n- +,ll record s,-n,.,cant d,sc0ss,ons and a-reements ach,eved. D,str,40te the meet,n- m,n0tes to ever1one concerned/ ,ncl0d,n- O+ner and Arch,tect/ +,th,n three da1s o. the meet,n-. 'reconstr0ct,on Con.erence5 Sched0le and cond0ct a preconstr0ct,on con.erence 4e.ore start,nconstr0ct,on/ at a t,me conven,ent to O+ner and Arch,tect/ 40t no later than !$ da1s a.ter e<ec0t,on o. the A-reement. !. Cond0ct the con.erence to rev,e+ respons,4,l,t,es and personnel ass,-nments. 2. Attendees5 A0thor,Ced representat,ves o. O+ner, Arch,tect/ and the,r cons0ltants? Contractor and ,ts s0per,ntendent? ma3or s04contractors? s0ppl,ers? and other concerned part,es shall attend the


DECEMBER 2 !" !"! %"

! .!!#$


WESTMERE FIRE DISTRICT Overhead Door Replacement



con.erence. 'art,c,pants at the con.erence shall 4e .am,l,ar +,th 'ro3ect and a0thor,Ced to concl0de matters relat,n- to the Wor=. A-enda5 D,sc0ss ,tems o. s,-n,.,cance that co0ld a..ect pro-ress/ ,ncl0d,n- the .ollo+,n-5 a. Tentat,ve constr0ct,on sched0le. 4. 'has,n-. c. Cr,t,cal +or= se60enc,n- and lon-%lead ,tems. d. Des,-nat,on o. =e1 personnel and the,r d0t,es. e. L,nes o. comm0n,cat,ons. .. 'roced0res .or process,n- .,eld dec,s,ons and Chan-e Orders. -. 'roced0res .or RFIs. h. 'roced0res .or test,n- and ,nspect,n-. ,. 'roced0res .or process,n- Appl,cat,ons .or 'a1ment. 3. D,str,40t,on o. the Contract Doc0ments. =. S04m,ttal proced0res. l. 'reparat,on o. record doc0ments. m. *se o. the prem,ses and e<,st,n- 40,ld,n-. n. Wor= restr,ct,ons. o. Wor=,n- ho0rs. p. O+ner;s occ0panc1 re60,rements. 6. Respons,4,l,t1 .or temporar1 .ac,l,t,es and controls. r. 'roced0res .or mo,st0re and mold control. s. 'roced0res .or d,sr0pt,ons and sh0tdo+ns. t. Constr0ct,on +aste mana-ement and rec1cl,n-. 0. 'ar=,n- ava,la4,l,t1. v. O..,ce/ +or=/ and stora-e areas. +. E60,pment del,ver,es and pr,or,t,es. <. F,rst a,d. 1. Sec0r,t1. C. 'ro-ress clean,n-. M,n0tes5 Ent,t1 respons,4le .or cond0ct,n- meet,n- +,ll record and d,str,40te meet,n- m,n0tes.

'ART 2 % 'ROD*CTS 7&OT *SED8


DECEMBER 2 !" !"! %9

! .!!#$