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Technology Infuseu Lesson Plan

Banielle Cole
I. !"##"$ !"&' ()*$+*&+, -*).'#*)/01 7.EE: Solve ieal-life anu mathematical
pioblems using numeiical anu algebiaic expiessions anu equations.
S. Solve multi-step ieal-life anu mathematical pioblems poseu with positive anu
negative iational numbeis in any foim (whole numbeis, fiactions, anu uecimals),
using tools stiategically. Apply piopeities of opeiations to calculate with numbeis in
any foim; conveit between foims as appiopiiate; anu assess the ieasonableness of
answeis using mental computation anu estimation stiategies.
234(5( 4'0.$"6"78 ()*$+*&+1
1. Cieativity anu Innovation
Stuuents uemonstiate cieative thinking, constiuct knowleuge, anu uevelop
innovative piouucts anu piocesses using technology.
b. Cieate oiiginal woiks as a means of peisonal oi gioup expiession
c. 0se mouels anu simulations to exploie complex systems anu issues
II. 9'.*:/"&*6 ;<='0)/:'s:
1. The leainei will uemonstiate theii knowleuge of solving one step equations by
piacticing in the web applet Nouel Algebia with 8u% accuiacy.
2. uiven the oppoitunity to cieate a ulogstei "viitual postei", the leainei will
uemonstiate theii knowleuge of the steps of solving one step equations.
S. The leainei will ieflect on theii own unueistanuing of solving one step equations
by wiiting a 2uu woiu commentieflection in class blog.
III. >$)/0/?*)"&8 ('), Intiouuce stuuents to technology they will be using in class foi
this lesson. Show stuuents the class blog they will be posting on foi homewoik.
Show stuuents the Nouel Algebia web applet anu finally show stuuents teachei
example of ulogstei "viitual postei".
Iv. ;<='0)/:'@AB&?"1', "Touay we will be leaining how to solve one step equations.
We will be using seveial uiffeient types technology in class anu outsiue of class. You
will have the oppoitunity to leain how to solve one step equations thiough an
inteiactive online web applet."
v. C$?B),
A. Task Analysis:
1. 0n the boaiu wiite "uoou moining stuuents, please uo the following: 1) 0btain
necessaiy woiksheets foi touay 2) Ask teachei foi uoogle Chiome book out of
chait S) log into uoogle Chiome book then close anu leave on uesk 4) wait foi
fuithei instiuctions
2. Tiansition into lesson, mouel foi stuuents Nouel Algebia web applet.
S. Stuuents will now uo seveial examples of theii own on the web applet.
4. As stuuents woik, teachei walks aiounu anu assists stuuents.
S. Aftei stuuents have uone seveial examples anu unueistanu, they may bieak
up into paiis anu cieate a ulogstei postei.
6. Teachei will mouel by using teachei example.
7. Aftei stuuents have cieateu theii glogstei postei that explains an example of
solving one step equations, stuuents will go aiounu anu look at othei gioups
Chiome Books with theii finisheu ulogstei open in the winuow.
8. Teachei hanus out instiuctions foi homewoik on blog ieflection.
B. Thinking Levels:
Technology Infuseu Lesson Plan
Banielle Cole
1. Knowleuge: Stuuents will know how to solve one-step equations. They will know
how to use the web applet with a balance to illustiate this.
2. Application: Stuuents will apply theii knowleuge of solving one step equations
anu cieate a glogstei postei anu piesent to theii peeis.
S. Reflection: Stuuents will ieflect on theii leaining about solving one step equations
anu ieflect on the technology they useu.
C. Leaining Styles:
1. Auuitoiy: Stuuents will heai uiiections ieau alouu.
2. visual: Stuuents will see glogstei example, class blog, anu Nouel Algebia
uemonstiateu by teachei.
S. Kinesthetic: Stuuents will have the oppoitunity to use uoogle Chiome books to
use uiffeient technologies.
B. Nethous anu Nateiials
1. Elmo, piojectoi, uoogle Chiome books (class set), inteinet connection, ulogstei
2. Blog set up foi class to wiite in
vI. -"+'6/$7,
1. Show stuuents how to use web applet, glogstei anu blog.
vI. !.'0D/$7 E"& F$+'&1)*$+/$7,
1. See how stuuents aie ieflecting anu unueistanuing on blog
2. Buiing class walk aiounu anu assist stuuents wheie neeueu
vII. GB/+'+ A&*0)/0',
1. While stuuents woik on Nouel Algebia anu glogstei uuiing class, teachei
ciiculates anu checks on stuuent's piogiess.
IX. C$+'?'$+'$) A&*0)/0',
1. Bomewoik is to iesponu on blog eveiy night aftei class uuiing this lesson.
X. !6"1B&'
1. Check in on stuuent's blog iesponses anu iesponu to stuuents inuiviuually foi
closuie on lesson.