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Name: Abdullah Almansour Professor: Carl Smeller Class: ENG 1301 Date: 11/28/13

First of all, my name is Abdullah Almansour I am originally from in Saudi Arabia Riyadh born and raised there. I personally started to write in English probably four years ago and this semester at Texas Wesleyan University I see myself as new beginner in academic writing because English writing is a way of expressing things in life. However, everyone has weaknesses and strengths in their writing for me usual it is about grammar mistakes especially when it comes to a new word that I do not know at all. On the other hand, my strength is I can write more than a page as quick as it can be. My audience should know about me that I am strong and I describe myself as a new writer in English generation.

When I started this semester with Professor, Carl Smeller I realized how easy and understandable the academic English is because he told me how to be a good writer and where are the most mistaken things I made in each essay I wrote. Furthermore, I believe that in this class I made a good improvement in the way of writing different essays also, each day in class there is something new to learn from. In the last few years I had been taught from many different teachers and Professor, Carl Smeller is one of the best teachers to take your struggling away and he gives you new skills that will improve your writing someday. Every student should expect the challenge that he or she should work very hard to accomplish probably 70 percent of their work and the rest from the teach.

Name: Abdullah Almansour Professor: Carl Smeller Class: ENG 1301 Date: 11/28/13

After I finish this semester I am heading with these new skills to the new level of writing ENG 1302 and to learn more about English academic writing. At the end everyone should already learned something from this class to take them to the new level or to the other courses.

For the second section I believe there is always a challenge for everyone in this semester. What I understood and respond to the different rhetorical situations along in this semester was the fluctuation of each essay we wrote and how it is different from each other in the meaning and respond. For the several genres I believe that what made me strong in my writing because each essay we wrote I personally learned something new from it whether it is grammar or new word that is very significant for me. Writing and reading are the same because you communicate and develop from others and think a lot about improving yourself easily from reading other people papers.

Summarizing and responding to the sources is quite difficult for me because as second language writer it is difficult to understand each reading and rephrase it in your own word. Understand the usages of writing through invention; drafting, revision, editing, and proof-reading all of these elements are important after writing the first draft because your essay will be evaluated and will be well written. Learning how to critique other people work it is like take your first step as child by describing their expressions and feeling and not only that there is respect of their opinions and judgments at anything in life.

Name: Abdullah Almansour Professor: Carl Smeller Class: ENG 1301 Date: 11/28/13

People think that the ability of controlling surface features such as, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are not that important in English writing but that is not true because without them your writing is useless and no meaning of it. Especially the punctuation because each sign is a word in English language but people do not know that which is very sad nowadays.

Citing for the accurate source to establish a good essay is important to have good document style because you need to have that information to support a strong meaning of the essay. Locating, evaluating, organizing, and using research materials to collect them from electronic sources is a way of learning how to get information for your own benefit at any university. Using electronic environment for saving and presenting your work is also important because you can easily look at them anytime and anywhere without using the old style which hard print paper.

The definition of my outcome that I have selected to present them to my audience is accurate and seen by the Professor and the students. However, I had worked very hard this semester to accomplish the best grade in this class and what motivate me the most is my Professor, Carl Smeller in each essay I have written he was very helpful and understandable. For the electronic portfolio was helpful and easy to use because you can look at your essays anywhere you go and checking for any update from the Professor every day.

Name: Abdullah Almansour Professor: Carl Smeller Class: ENG 1301 Date: 11/28/13

For example, if anyone could not come to classes for any reason they can check what is going on in the class from the website, Writing Studio and follow up with the new assignment for next class. To explain the outcome of this class is a way of benefiting from everything that I learned from this class such as, learning a new way of writing, developing your strength, finding your weakness and fixing them, and much more things that I personally have learned through this class. The reflection of memo assignment is good and can illustrated some of your weaknesses and strengths right after writing the mean assignment along in the course.

For section three, one interesting thing I have learned in this class is how to write different essays at once and thinking differently of each one. This course was what I have expected because at the end I learned something new and can be benefited from. In my opinion, I feel strongly that my writing has been improved in this class because of the hard work I had put into it and with the help from my Professor. My favorite assignment was the commentary because you can choose any topic that is approximately similar to your thoughts and believes. Using electronic writing was good and easy because no need to rush in and leaving your paper behind as well as typing your document my using Microsoft word. The best type of feedback is looking back at each comment and correcting them because you always learn something new from the Professor for your own benefit. Thus, thank you Professor for all of your help because since the first day of class until the end there is something new for me to benefit from.