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Laura Wendel-Dumas, M.A. 8812 Harratt St. West Hollywood, CA 90069 !10" #60-#9!

6 $%&'C()*'+ 'D,CA()$-+ January 2012 To December 2013 Loyola Marymount ,n./ers.ty Los Angles, ali!ornia "aster o! Arts degree in #ducation$%ocial %tudies redential Cal.0orn.a State ,n./ers.ty Los Angeles, ali!ornia A(arded "aster o! Arts degree in hild Development Loyola Marymount ,n./ers.ty Los Angeles, ali!ornia A(arded *achelor o! Arts degree in %ociology (ith a minor in +sychology. To secure a history position at a dynamic and progressive school.

%eptember 1&&' to December 1&&& August 1&)& to "ay 1&&3

('ACH)-1 '23'4)'-C'+ 34'-SCH$$L-12 4amona Con/ent Se5ondary S56ool Au7ust 1998-3resent So5.al Stud.es De9artment August 2000,+resent 1lo:al Stud.es- Teach ninth grade students -lobal studies. Ad/an5ed 3la5ement 3sy56olo7y .Teach 11th and 12th grade content and prepare students !or the success!ul passing o! the A+ e/am. course. )ntrodu5t.on to 3sy56olo7y .Teach 11th and 12th grade students the basic principals o! psychology. 4amona Con/ent Se5ondary S56ool 'n7l.s6 De9artment %ummer, 1&&&,20012 ,Teach 0unior high #nglish and reading. 3r./ate (utor %ummer 200), %pring 200&, %pring 2010 1or2ed privately (ith students to prepare them !or the 3%## e/am and A+ +sychology e/am. DeAr5 (est 3re9 4ovember 2002,+resent )nstru5tor;(utor +repare eighth grade students !or the private school high school entrance e/am. 4amona Con/ent Se5ondary S56ool (6eolo7y De9artment August, 1&&5, June 2003 ,%ub0ects taught include 6elationships, %ocial Justice, and #thics to tenth and eleventh grade.

,%ophomore lass oordinator7 6esponsibilities include supervision o! !our adult moderators, class council, and homeroom. 6esponsible !or supervising, !undraising and activities. , ampus "inistry Assistant7 6esponsible !or coordinating service activities o! the school, supervise a!ter,school tutoring, director o! senior retreat, and assistant to !reshman, sophomore, and 0unior retreats. , hristian Li!estyles ommunity moderator7 Lead !i!teen seniors in (ee2ly !aith development. $ur Lady o0 t6e M.ra5ulous Medal S56ool S.<t6 1rade (ea56er August, 1&&' to June 1&&5 ,%ub0ects taught include7 Language, 6eading, %ocial %tudies, %pelling, and 6eligion. 6esponsible !or 50 students overall including 3' homeroom students, and 6eading and Language class !or an additional 3' students in the second si/th grade class. (6e C6.ldren=s Center at Cal (e56 Su:st.tute Ass.stant (ea56er %eptember, 1&&8 to August 1&&' ,6esponsible !or assisting and supporting lead teacher and sta!! members. 6esponsible !or children ages 1 1$2 to ' years o! age. Duties included the !ollo(ing7 reating and !acilitating activities !or the children, encouraging use o! verbal s2ills and responses, and proper implementation o! discipline and positive rein!orcements. ('ACH)-1 '23'4)'-C'+ 3$S( S'C$-DA4> Cal.0orn.a State ,n./ers.ty Dom.n7ue? H.lls C6.ld De/elo9ment De9artment %pring 2011,%ummer 2011 3art t.me 9ro0essor 0or 56.ld de/elo9ment 5lasses Taught hild Development 1)0,9bservation Techni:ues !or the %tudy o! hildren Cal.0orn.a State ,n./ers.ty Los An7eles C6.ld De/elo9ment De9artment ;all 2005,200& 3art t.me 9ro0essor 0or 56.ld de/elo9ment 5lasses. Taught hild Development 200, 9bservation Techni:ues !or the %tudy o! hildren Cal.0orn.a State ,n./ers.ty Los An7eles C6.ld De/elo9ment De9artment ;all 2000,1inter 2003 3art t.me 9ro0essor 0or C6.ld De/elo9ment 5lasses. , lasses taught include, 3ntroduction to hild Development, 3n!ant Development, 9bservation Techni:ues. ;all, 1&&) ,Teaching Assistant !or observation study o! the child. Duties included assisting lecturing, proctoring e/ams, and grading. Cal.0orn.a State ,n./ers.ty Los An7eles C6.ld De/elo9ment De9artment %ummer, 1&&) ,As a -raduate student teaching assistant, taught 3n!ant Development. Duties included lecturing, administering assignments, tests, and grading. ADM)-)S(4A()*' '23'4)'-C'+ 4AM$-A C$-*'-( S'C$-DA4> SCH$$L D.re5tor o0 Student L.0e; S9.r.t and leaders6.9 August 2012,+resent 6esponsible !or the student activities o! the school including student council, leadership training, supervision o! adult and student club moderators, all school dances including the prom and (inter !ormal, assembly planning and collaboration (ith other members o! the student li!e team.

Summer S56ool 3r.n5.9al %ummer 2010,%ummer 2012 6esponsible !or hiring and supervising teachers, creating and approving courses and curriculum, preparing and mar2eting summer school brochure, prepare student class schedules, supervise$discipline students, prepare report cards D.re5tor o0 4e5ru.tment August 2003,June 2012 6esponsible !or mar2eting and presentations to attract ne( students. %upervise recruitment assistant. oordinate e!!orts (ith the principal, admissions director, and development department. 6esponsible !or high school nights and day visit presentations, hal!,day student visits, open house, Tiger +lay Day, supervising o! the entrance e/am, and coordinator o! the 6amona hallenge. $(H'4 '23'4)'-C' Sen.or 5lass moderator 1&&&,+resent Duties include overseeing bi,(ee2ly homeroom, participating in and overseeing all senior events <i.e. (inter !ormal, 0unior,senior ban:uet, grad night, graduation etc=. 3rom moderator 1&&),+resent 9verseeing every aspect o! the 0unior$senior prom !rom conception to day o! the event. Adm.n.strat./e Coun5.l 200',2005> 2010,+resent "ember o! council to ma2e change and implement ne( school policy. Adm.ss.ons Comm.ttee 2003,+resent Assist (ith yearly process o! screening and intervie(ing students !or admission. Cr.t.5al )n5.dent (eam Mem:er 2000,+resent Trained as a member o! a response team to deal (ith critical incidents and tragedies at or involving students in school Awards and 4e5o7n.t.on 2013 ?appa Delta +i 3nitiated into the #ducation @onor %ociety !or e/cellence in Loyola "arymountAs "asters in #ducation program. 200' Los An7eles C6.ld Care Con0eren5e -uest %pea2er 2008 ,n./ers.ty o0 Cal.0orn.a, San D.e7o $utstand.n7 (ea56er 4e5o7n.t.on 3ro7ram 4ominated by !ormer A+ +sychology student 2003 ,n./ers.ty o0 Cal.0orn.a, San D.e7o $utstand.n7 (ea56er 4e5o7n.t.on 3ro7ram 4ominated by !ormer A+ +sychology student 2000,2008 W6o=s W6o o0 Amer.5an (ea56ers 4ominated !our times by !ormer students