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Myth Busters Assignment Morgan Hunt Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

MYTH BUSTERS ASSIGNMENT The episode I chose to write about was the Throw Like a Girl myth. I watched

this newly released episode as a rerun on the Discovery Channel on June 20th, 2013. They selected this topic at random in order to attempt to bust the myth by finding an experimentally provable difference between the way that men throw and the way the women throw. They wanted to find a distinctive difference in the way that men and women throw balls. They selected eight test subjects and four different age groups in order to eliminate as many variables as possible among the recorded throwing times. They then analyzed their throws in a motion capture state to begin their investigative process. They conduct a final test in oder to prove scientifically that gender does not effect throwing skill levels. They make the modification after collecting all of their data to change the hand in which the ball is thrown to the left, or less dominate hand, and then compare the gathered information using the same set up and scoring system. They use a lot of scientific inquiry, especially with regards to detail, such as form. After observing and recording the subjects throws, they concluded that males and females have almost identical throwing techniques as well. They used inquiry to discover that removing training levels the playing field for both sexes. They want to run one final test in order to fully busy this myth so they bring in Jordan Taylor a professional female USA softball team pitcher, whose form matches a male pitchers. They determined that she had a higher precision level by measuring her throws and comparing them. They state that without practice its impossible to transfer a learned athletic skill to your non-preferred hand, regerdless of gender. This test effectively cancels out any subtle cultural training that may give males a skill advantage over females. This scientific

MYTH BUSTERS ASSIGNMENT concept was conclusive because they guys were more accurate, where as the girls were

faster. The motion capture data supported that females stay more verticle when throwing, whereas males go more horizontal and rotate more agressively. Their claim that throws like a girl is not a factual insult, was supported becaouse they did not find in any of their testing that women throw more poorly than men. These science concepts make sense to me because they are testing something specific and measuring the results. I was not confused by this investigative process, its concepts were clearly rationalized. The data collection process made sense and was easy to follow as well. After watching this with my friend, Brittany, this episode raised our awareness in the importance of testing gender-based myths. I was curious as to how they were going to bust this myth because it is a sterotype I have been hearing about females since I was a child and I never understood why until now. The tests enhanced my knowledge of how to go about disproving a theory such as this. I learned that modifications and varibles are all stepping stones towards supporting and proving claims and evidence.