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Internal Requisition

1. Item Definition

Item must be Purchased and Purchasable

Item must be Internal Ordered, Internal Orders Enabled and OE Transactable

2. Shipping Network

Shipping Organization: M1
Destination Organization: V1
Transfer Type: Intransit
FOB: Shipment
Receipt Routing: Inspection
Internal Order Required: Checked

3. Define New Location for Destination Organization

Link new Location with Destination Organization

4. Define Order Type

5. Define Customer

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Set Order Type to Internal Orders (Order Type we defined previously)

Set Internal Location to V1-Internal Loc. (New Location we defined previously)

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1. Create Internal Purchase Requisition

Type: Internal Requisition

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Left Side: Destination Organization

Right Side: Shipping Organization

Then Approve Internal Purchase Requisition

2. Running Create Internal Orders Request

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3. Running Order Import Request

Order Source: Internal

Order Reference: Internal Purchase Requisition Number

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4. Review Sales Order

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Sales Order Imported as Booked Order

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5. Release Sales Order (Launch Pick Release)

6. Confirm Shipment

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7. Receive Shipment

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