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Grade: 9-12

Arthur Vazquez, Brenda Contreras, Matthew Warner, Date: Mystique Galloway, Cedric Davis, Leandro Leon, Ashley Glover

October 12, 2013

Title: 12 Bar Blues Jam

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to

emphasize Playing instruments Singing Timbre

Preparation: $link to prior kno%ledge or &'ump start()

Introduction to the lesson -Explanation of chords and notes involved in the progression -Understand what it means to have a full and clear sound -Discuss what the essential parts are to listening, analyzing, and creating music.

Harmony Melody Creating hythm !o"ement Expressive Qualities #orm

Materials: Musical Instruments Creativity Thoughts connected to music

Po Process & Personalization: $teaching se*uence + student participation)

1.As the lesson starts there will be a listening activity for the students to follow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKimOIISMP0 2.After we listen to the improvisation, students will get into groups and discuss what they've heard. 3. Now within the groups we will create out own improvisations with different instrumentation. A. Orff Instruments B. Instruments C. Technology D. Vocals 5. After each group has had an opportunity to perform their improvisation they will answer the following question How did the diversity of instruments affect the creative process?

Standards -ddressed
Sunshine State Standards $music)

Sunshine State Standards $.ther Sub'ect)

Perform: $consolidation o, lesson or Closure)

Objectives: /earners %ill0
1nderstand $cogniti"e):

2ncounter $e3periential):

Notes Extension: Find !ays to apply t"is concept to all t"e pieces bein# studied in class$
4ritten 5n,ormal 5ndi"idual Per,ormance Group .ther: