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Early Childhood Special Education Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Salisha Shears Grade Level: 1 Lesson: Solids & Liquids Unit of Study: Science - Solids, Liquids, Gases Goal of Lesson (Common Core State Standards/Division of Early Childhood where appropriate) S1.2a Identify similarities and differences between explanations received from others or in print and personal observations or understandings. S1.3 Develop relationships among observations to construct descriptions of objects and events and to form their own tentative explanations of what they have observed. S3.3a Explain their findings to others, and actively listen to suggestions for possible interpretations and ideas. Objectives: Students will be able to discuss & answer questions about Solids and Liquids and explain the difference between the two Students will be able to identify properties of solids and liquids Students will learn Three States of Matter Song Pre-Assessment: Beginning of lesson - Students will be asked, 1- Do you know what a solid is? 2- Do you know what a liquid is? Post-Assessment: Students will be able to identify the difference between a solid, and liquid by sorting and pasting pictures of solids and liquids in the appropriate columns. Materials: Lyrics to states of matter song, work sheet for solid/liquid activity, glue sticks Use of Technology: N/A Differentiation: Harder: Students will be asked to write the name of solid and liquid identified on work sheet Easier: Students will be able to point to solid and liquid ESL: Visuals and modeling will be used throughout lesson Seating Configuration/Use of Physical Space: Large group for solid/liquid lesson, and song Students will sit at assigned desks for solid/liquid sorting activity

Teaching roles and collaboration: Cooperating teachers will sit at the perimeter of rug to help re-direct students as needed. There will also be a cooperating teacher at each table to help facilitate project & assess student knowledge of solids/liquids Classroom Management: Students will be reminded of the class magic 5 rules. Students will be encouraged to raise a quiet hand & wait their turn to answer questions. Students will be praised for following magic 5 rules. Engagement of students/anticipatory set/Motivation: Students will be encouraged to ask and answer questions. Students will learn the words and actions to states of matter song. Students will complete solid/liquid activity. Connection to Previous lesson/Prior Knowledge: Discuss what students have learned about solids and liquids Lesson Presentation: Estimated Time: Approx. 20 min What is matter? (A: Anything that takes up space) Explain that solids, liquids, and gases are states of matter Explain that we are going continue learning more about solids and liquids Discussion about solids and liquids. o solids do not change their shape and size - show students 2 examples of solids have 2 students come up to describe the properties of objects Ask students if they can think of additional solids o Liquids keep their size, but changes shape. It is free flowing. - show students 2 examples of liquids have 1 student come up to describe the properties of liquids Ask students if they can think of additional liquids How is a solid different from a liquid? Guided Practice/Active Involvement/Small group work/Independent Practice: Estimated Time: Approx. 15 min Learn & sing Three States of Matter song Activity sheet sorting solids and liquids

Final Summary/Closure: Estimated Time: Approx. 5 min Discuss/ask students to explain the difference between solids and liquids Extension: Students will play a Simon Says show me a picture liquid/solid game (pictures of liquids and solids will be provided)