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Name: Brenda Contreras/Matthew Warner

Andrew Lujan

Date: November 9, 2013 Title: Sound in Sight

Grade: Middle School Level

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to
emphasize Playing instruments x Singing Timbre

Preparation: $link to prior kno%ledge or &'ump start()

Harmony Creating x Melody !o"ement x hythm x #orm x Expressive Qualities


1. Have the kids walk into the room with song playing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHrvjOtnIU4) 2. Tell the kids to think about what they are hearing in terms of what they see when they hear the music 3. Give the kids paper and tell them to briefly draw what they see. 4. Ask the kids to explain what they drew

CD/MP3 player Computer Song Orph instruments (optional) Pictures Markers

Po Process & Personalization: $teaching se*uence + student participation)

1. Very similar to the introduction of the class, the students will be split up into groups of 5 and will be handed a picture (everyone has a unique image) per group to examine - Each group will talk among themselves about what they perceive of

Standards -ddressed x Sunshine State Standards $music)

the picture, and will have to collectively come up with an appropriate and understandable explanation for the picture 2. Next, The students will come up with a musical interpretation of the picture they were given


Sunshine State Standards $.ther Sub'ect)

- This way the students get to creatively make a story/scene using both visual and musical concepts 3. in order to provide an example, show students the "Sunday in the park with George" video (http://youtu.be/W-bjPPmg8a4?t=1h18m39s)
Perform: $consolidation o, lesson or Closure)

Objectives: /earners %ill0

x 1nderstand $cogniti"e): The objective of this is to have a stronger link between visual and musical interpretations

2ncounter $e3periential):

By the end of the lesson, the students will have a more creative imagination when looking at pictures and when listening to a piece of music. We will ask the students to come in with their own musical interpretation of "Sunday in the Park with George"

Notes Extension: Find !ays to apply t"is concept to all t"e pieces bein# studied in class$
4ritten X 5n,ormal x 5ndi"idual Per,ormance x Group .ther:

The next time students will listen or play a piece, they can give some creative insight on it, which will give the song life and the students ownership on the song, or vice versa, when the students are looking at a picture, they can create their own story to it.