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Lesson Plan Sample Date: 07/20/2013 Lesson Title: Leadership and Service Learning- Penny Power Grade Level:

__Intermediate__ Duration: ______45_____Minutes Objectives of the lesson: By the end of the lesson learners should be able to: 1. Experience what its like to give and receive. 2. Develop an understanding of the differences between community service, volunteering, and service-learning. Benchmarks: Youth will meet the needs of the communities they live in while practicing effective leadership skills in service-learning initiatives. Learning Assessment: 1. Written: There is no written assessment in this lesson. 2. Oral: The activity has to be carried out entirely in English. 3. Grammar: Students will be able to use the prompts to initial conversation with their peers. 4. Kinesthetic: Students will be able to understand the meaning of community service through learning about the differences between asking for something and giving away things Lesson Plan: Learning Activities Introductory Activities: Teachers introduces sentences structures people use when making a request and responding to a request: Excuse me. Yes? Can/Could you? Yes, I can/could. No, I cant/couldnt Do you (have)? Yes, I have Sorry, I dont have Student-Centered Learning Steps: 1. Form groups of 4-5. Give each youth five pennies. Explain that when teacher says

Timing 10min

Resources & Materials Blackboard, and chalk

Teacher Notes Make sure to have students come up with sample sentences using the prompts. If the students have trouble thinking of examples, teachers can role play a dialogue for the students instead



Make sure that students are using the given prompts and the entire

go students have to hoard their pennies while trying to get more pennies from the other people in their group. 2. After a few minutes, stop. Explain that students will repeat the same activity except that now people are trying to give away as many pennies as they can to others in their group. Closure: 1. After the activity, teacher asks the students the following question: What was it like to try to take pennies from others? Give them away? Which part of the activity raised more negative feelings in you? Why Which part of the activity raised more positive feelings in you? Why? Is it important to give and to serve others? Why or why not? 2. Students will be given 5 min to work in pairs and discuss the questions. Teachers will ask students to share their ideas with the whole class. 3. Teachers explain that service to others not only benefits others and makes you feel good, but can also help youth gain life skills that are important as a person develops and grows. 15min

conversation should be in English

Teachers observe the students discussion and listen for interesting ideas.