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Type of Entrepreneurial Support Facilities.


Management training and Entrepreneurship

Technology Location and space Marketing Research and identify project Information

Financial support was provided by a financial

institution which aims to provide loans to entrepreneurs to undertake a business.

These facilities include the construction of the plant

site, purchase of office equipment, purchase of machinery and also for use as working capital.
The financial institutions offering financial

services are commercial banks, merchant banks and government agencies

Type of Financing and Agencies

TYPE OF FINANCING General Business, Agriculture and Industry AGENCY MIDF MARA Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Industry Bank Malaysia Agro Bank Malaysia Commerce Bank Finance agency

Credit Refinancing

Guarantee Scheme Rural Development Programme Tabung Usahawan Siswa (TUS)

Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Ministry of Rural Development Ministry of International Trade and Industry: BANK RAKYAT

2. Management training & Entrepreneurship

The program aims to train entrepreneurs to

have high skills in their areas of expertise and knowledge in the field of management. The program also provides encouragement and support in an effort to improve the business.

Management training & Entrepreneurship.

MEDEC ( Malaysian Entrepreneur Development

Centre) ICU(Implementation and Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department ) MARA ( Majlis Amanah Rakyat ) PDPN (Pusat Daya Pengeluaran Negara) MARDI(Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) SIRIM(Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) INSKEN (Institut Keusahawanan Negara) and financial institutions. UITM and UUM

Entrepreneurs can increase their

technical knowledge of existing educational courses available. In addition, they will be able to learn the latest technology especially in the manufacturing and management. This technology is usually delivered by skilled and trained instructors, using modern equipment from within and outside the country. Transfer of modern technology is very important in order to create a culture of competitiveness in line with our economic development.

Agencies Involved:
SIRIM(Standard and Industrial Research Institute

of Malaysia) MARA MARDI MPOB (Malaysia Palm Oil Board) FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) MDEC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Higher Education Institute.

4. Location and Business Space.

Agencies involved in providing the

location and space for entrepreneurs is :

MARA UDA PKEN ( Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Negeri ) SEDC

These agencies provide site

preparation services in accordance with the pattern of business location or business that will be developed. This facility can assist in reducing the problem of retail space and industrial sites in strategic areas and viable.

5. Marketing.
Marketing is everything an ongoing

effort to popularize and increase the sales of goods and services offered in the enterprise. Agency will provide support services to entrepreneurs in the distribution, promotion and marketing of goods and services produced by entrepreneurs at home and abroad.

Agencies Involved :
FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority)

MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade

Development Corporation) MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry)

6. Research and identify project

There are several agencies that assist

entrepreneurs in carrying out research and studies. Research and studies done, including project feasibility studies, marketing studies and research related to technology. Agencies is:
MARDI SIRIM. Institution of Higher Education

7. Information.
Help information available

to entrepreneurs in business opportunities, statistics, new discoveries, technology, research and so on.
Most of the department or agency has a resource

center or library that contains the collection of information for public use. Agencies is :


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