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Importers, Distributors, Stockists and Resellers of all the major oil and gas brands:

Specialty Lubricants
Rollers for heavy weights

Oilfield Lubricants
Hand and Layout Tools

Thread Dopes and Industrial Supplies and

Compounds General Consumables

Safety Facility Identification Products,

Grease Cartridges Printers and Pipe Markers

Maintenance Aerosols Fall Protection Products

Cleaners, Degreasers and Lubrication Equipments and

Penetrants Drum Handling Products

Multifunctional Sprays
Corrosion Protection Tapes

Absorbents – Oil, Chemical and

Hand Hygiene Products Maintenance, Spill Kits and Secondary
Containment products
Lens Cleaning Station, Tissues
and Cleaners
Innovative Barricading Solutions

Eye Wash Stations and other

Heavy Duty Tools and Accessories
PPE Dispensers
for the oil and gas industry

Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes, Safety & Security Products

PPE, Abrasives and other
MRO products
Head to Toe PPE Products

NDT Products
Silicones – RTVs, Compounds,
Sealants, Elastomers and Fluids
Industrial Wipes

# 3,4,5, 17 & 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Nr.Hotel Dolphin,

Visakhapatnam Phones +91-891-6666482, 2564393
mailto: sales@projectsalescorp.com “We aim to be the first choice for customers and suppliers by differentiating through Product and service expertise”.