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Kaamdev Rati Prayog

Nitya Youvan Sampannah Ratikaam Prayogatah A person can remain ever youthful through Kaamdev Rati Sadhana An amazing ritual obtained from Anang Upanishad that for ages has been thought to have disappeared and that has just been rediscovered. Youth means freshness, vigour and beauty. ust before a flo!er is in full bloom it loo"s most appealing and one feels li"e staring at it for hours. #ts beauty fills the heart !ith true joy and if the flo!er is fragrant then it becomes even more attractive. $eauty and charm of the young age are similar. $eauty is not limited to a fair comple%ion, sharp features or age. #t is the natural e%pression of positive feelings from !ithin through medium of the body. &ne cannot suppress or hide this e%pression. 'ife can be a !onderful e%perience but if it is devoid of freshness, ne!ness, joy, s!eetness, love then it becomes a burden. 'iving life to full is an art and you can learn this art. (hen it !ould be possible for you to lead a uni)ue e%istence, then your life shall be fragrant li"e a rose and shall be al!ays progressive.

Anang Upanishad
(he god and goddess of love are Kaamdev and Rati. *hile Kaamdev is the epitome of manliness and handsomeness, Rati is an epitome of female beauty and charm. So many te%ts, novels, poems have been !ritten on love and beauty and no other subject has attracted so much attention. +ot just (antra te%ts but the Sans"rit poems too contain reference to Kaamdev Rati Sadhana but very less has been !ritten on ho! this Sadhana is accomplished and ho! one can ma"e one,s life more beautiful through it. +ot every !oman is beautiful and attractive from birth. Similarly not every man is handsome. (hen is it possible for a man to be as manly as Kaamdev and a !oman to be as charming as Rati- #s it possible through the medium of Sadhana to become youthful, attractive and appealing Sadhana means to achieve the impossible. Sadhana means to gain something that is beyond reach by normal means. And Kaamdev Rati .rayog is one such ritual. #t is the very basis of life. (o remove the element of love from life is li"e ma"ing a flo!er lose its fragrance. *ithout fragrance a flo!er is useless. #ts beauty is in its fragrance. Similarly love is the fragrance of life. (o thin" other!ise is sho!ing disrespect to!ards the best gift of nature.

Who can try this Sadhana ?

Anyone can try this Sadhana specially if / 0 &ne feels lazy, there is feeling of frustration in life and one is failing to achieve the desired success in life. 0 You are not able to impress others and have to beg for favours. 0 You feel physically !ea", there are differences in married life or constant dispute !ith the spouse. 0 You !ish to captivate some person at any cost because you sincerely love him or her. 0 You !ish others to respect you and !ant yourself to be the centre of attraction in your friend circle. 0 You !ish to speed up your progress in your !or". 0 You suffer from some health problem. 0 You are a !oman and !ish to loo" more beautiful or you !ish for a happy married life. 0 You !ish to marry a person of your choice. #n any of the above situations Kaamdev Rati Sadhana can !or" !onders. &ne should not hesitate in trying this Sadhana for it can bring joy in your life. #t is a process of ma"ing the physi)ue and the mind overflo! !ith enthusiasm and vigour.

When to try it ?
(his Sadhana does not re)uire any auspicious or special moments. #t can be tried on any day in the night. $ut because it is a Sadhana lin"ed !ith beauty Friday !ill be more suitable. Anang Upanishad is a uni)ue te%t that is based on this Sadhana and the subject of beauty. 1ach !ord of the te%t is authentic. (he ancient Rishis included in it very po!erful 2antra rituals !hich are as efficacious as the 3edic Sadhanas. (his Sadhana is as important in human life as any other Sadhana for it tries to fill life !ith joy, music and pleasure #t is )uite true that to achieve totality in life one should have control over one,s se%ual passion. $ut totality cannot be attained by curbing the instinct of love. 4or perfect control one has to first enjoy to the full. &nly then can one lead a comple% life.

Sadhana Articles

&ne needs Anang Yantra, Rati Preeti Saptabindu Mudrika and Aanand Manjari rosary for this Sadhana. $esides one needs garlands, camphor, incense, fragrance, vermilion, Aamla 51mbelic myrobalan6, Sandal!ood paste, flo!ers, leaves of some tree, yello! cloth, !hite, red 7 yello! colors. #n the Sadhana the eight step !orship of Kaamdev is accomplished for total success.

Sadhana Procedure
#t is said in Anang Upanishad that before starting Sadhana one should bring leaves of some tree and !ash them !ith !ater chanting

Ashokaa Namastubhyam Kaamastree Shokanaashanah

i.e. & Vriksh Dev, # pray to 'ord Kaamdev through !hole !orship all sorro!s in life can be destroyed. 2ay Kaamdev 7 Rati fill my life !ith joy. 8over the leaves !ith a yello! cloth and place it in the place of !orship at home. 2a"e eight mounds of rice grains and on each place a Laghu Nariyal. &ffer prayers to the eight forms of Kaamdev namely Kaam, hasm Shareer, Anang, !anmath, Vasantsakhaa, Smar, "kshudhanurdhar and Pushp#aann$ 4or this offer follo!ing articles on each 'aghu +ariyal chanting the respective 2antra.

!m Kleem Kaamaay Namah 58amphor6 59orochan6 !m Kleem "hasmashareeraay Namah 54ragrance6 !m Kleem Anangaay Namah 5#ncense6 !m Kleem #anmathaay Namah 53ermilion6 !m Kleem $asantsakhaay Namah 5Aamla6 !m Klaam Smaraay Namah 5Sandal!ood .aste6 !m Kleem %kshudhanurdharaay Namah 54lo!ers6 !m Kleem Pushpbaannaay Namah
.lace before yourself Anang Yantra and a Rati .reeti 2udri"a. &n them offer the leaves chanting the follo!ing 2antra five times.

Sarva Ratnamayee Naath &aamneem $anmaalikaam 'rihaann &ev Poo(aarth Sarvagandhmayeem $ibho
Also offer s!eets and a betel nut. 'ight a ghee lamp and place it on right side of Yantra. $asis of this Sadhana is Kaamgaayatri !antra !hich is very po!erful. After !orship the 2antra should be chanted !ith joy and enthusiasm. 4ive rounds should be chanted !ith Aanand 2anjari rosary.

Kaamdevaay $idmahe Pushpbaannaay &heemahi )anno Anangah Prachodayat

After the chanting offer flo!ers on the Yantra and pray thus / & 9od and 9oddess of love !ho fill this !orld !ith the spirit of love and pleasure # bo! to you. .lease bless me and fulfil my !ishes. (he Sadha" should thereafter chant one round of the 2antra daily. After Sadhana tie Yantra and 2udri"a in a yello! cloth along !ith some flo!ers and place them in place of !orship. *henever going out on some important tas" ta"e this pac"et along. (his is a really po!erful Sadhana and daily chanting of 2antra manifests !onderful results.