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Sample Literature Review of One Paper Literature Review Student'sName Paper Citation: Johnson, William R.

and Jonathan S inner !"#$%& 'La(or Suppl) and *artial Separation,+,he -meri.an /.onomi. Review, 0%!1& !June&: 23342%# 5Note the 6ormat of the Citation: -uthor Names !7ear& 8Paper ,itle,8Journal ,itle,9olume!Num(er& !*onth&:pa:e num(ers. *ore e;amples of referen.e .itation are at the end of this do.ument.< ,his paper e;amines the relationship (etween women 's la(or suppl) and divor.e. ,he authors find that women who divor.e had in.reased their la(or suppl) durin: the three )ears prior, raisin: =uestions as to the .ause 4 effe.t relationship (etween women's la(or suppl) and marital dissolution. >n other words , the) tr) to disentan:le the =uestion of whether women's in.reasin: la(or for.e parti.ipation .ontri(utes to in.reased divor.e or whether women who anti.ipate divor.e in.rease their la(or for.e parti.ipation as a result of that anti.ipation. 5 Note: ,his first para:raph is an overview or a(stra.t of the paper< Johnson and S inner !"#$%& anal)?ed data from the *i.hi:an Panel Stud) of >n.ome @)nami.s !PS>@& , whi.h allowed them to estimate predi.ted divor.e pro(a(ilit i es (ased on a.tual divor.e . ,he) then use d this predi.ted pro(a(ilit) of divor.e and a.tual divor.e in estimate s of female L6P, and thou:h (oth varia(les had positive .oeffi.ients , the) were statisti.all) insi:nifi.ant Johnson and S inner !"#$% & in.lude d residen.e in a state with no 4 fault divor.e le:islation in their pr edi.ted la(or suppl) e=uations . ,he) .on.lude d that livin: in a state with a no 4 fault divor .e law has a ne:ative impa .t on women A s la(or suppl). Bowever, Johnson and S inner A s !"#$%& anal)sis use d PS>@ data from "#0C, when onl) a few states had .han:ed t heir divor.e laws to no 4 fault D this .reat ed a small .omparison :roup and a limited amount of time for the laws ' effe.ts to o..ur . ,hou:h Johnson and S innerAs !"#$%& anal)sis su::ested that no 4 fault divor.e had a ne:ative impa.t on married womenAs L6P , later resear.h has .onsistentl) found that married women livin: in states with no 4 fault di vor.e laws are more li el) to w o r , (ut the effe.ts are small . 5 Note: ,h e s e para:raph s summari?e details of the paper's methodolo:) and data that are relevant to the paper this student is tr)in: to write < 5Note: ,he in 4 te;t .itation st)le is -uthor !7ear& <