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Laboratory name Worksheet for Calibration

QMS Format Rev. No. Rev. Date Pages Date

ISO/IEC/IS17025: 2005 FX/ XX / X.X /XX XX

X of X


Date of Receipt Calibrated for:

Date of Calibration Certificate No. Make Load Gauge / Indicator No. Pressure Cell No.

Machine Details
Cat. No. Machine Sl.No. Range being Calibrated Parameter Temperature Standard Used for Calibration S.No. of S.No. Proving Ring Used Calibrated in Resolution Relative Resolution Start Middle End Mean

National Physical Laboratory, Delhi, India Calibrated Proving Ring Capacity Range Used NPL Certificate No. with date of Calibration and Valid Upto

Preloading of Machine
Parameter I st II nd Initial Reading in Force Indicator Load applied to the machine Final reading of proving ring after removal of applied load Actual Reading Std. reading Std. Load in ( in division of dial gauge of Proving Ring. ) of Proving Reading at Average kN Ring at 23oC Temp. oC I st ( 0o ) II nd (180o) III rd ( 360o) 0 0 0 0 0 0 x III rd

Calibrated By Verified By Reviewed and Approved By Issued By