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The paper presented for this Learning Outcome is the final paper that was turned in for my COM208:

Introduction to Public Relations course I completed the second semester of my junior year. We were assigned a group within the first few weeks of the course depending on hobbies, interests, and future career aspirations, and from there assigned to complete a comprehensive public relations campaign for whatever topic we were given. There were crisis situations, grand openings, as well as non-profit events which ended up being the topic designated to our group. Along the course of the semester, we were required to complete basically an entire campaign including explanation of the PR problem presented, a backgrounder on the organization, the mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives of the organization, blog post, and a pitch letter among others. This artifact demonstrates that I have met this departmental goal due to the fact that this project incorporates numerous key Public Relations principles. It proves that I have competence in constructing a mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives pertinent to a specific organization, as well as establishing an appropriate social media strategy for this particular organization and event. Overall, this entire project proves that I have gained extensive knowledge within my communications-public relations degree at Carroll University that I will be able to utilize in my future career, wherever it may be. This assignment was comprehensive, and was extremely beneficial in teaching me how to effectively construct a campaign of this size and nature. If I were to do this project again, I would like to be involved in one of the other groups to attain an understanding of what it is they had to complete. All of the groups were required to turn in the same assignments per se, but depending on the topic, groups had specific criteria that

needed to be included in the final product. It would have been interesting to be involved in a public relations crisis to learn strategies in order to cope with negative situations. Since I first did this assignment, I have utilized several of the social media strategies within the on-campus radio station, WCCX for promotion of semester events we put on in order to promote increased engagement of the public, and attempt to improve the publics knowledge of events we are hosting. In the future, I plan to go into the non-profit sector for my career, and ultimately specialize in event planning and management in that area. Essentially, most of the tasks performed within this project would be utilized in my future as a public relations professional.