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December - 2013 To Whom It May Concern, This is a letter of recommendation for Stephen randt, !ocal M"sic #d"cation ma$or at Dra%e &ni'ersity in Des Moines, Io(a) Stephen has been an e*emplary st"dent of mine in m"sic ed"cation co"rses since the fall of 2010) I ha'e en$oyed his pleasant and comfortable manner thro"+ho"t his years at Dra%e &ni'ersity) Stephen is a 'ery talented sin+er, in that his 'ocal ran+e e*pands from baritone to hi+h tenor) ,e (as one of the most e*pressi'e actors (e-'e e'er had on the Dra%e opera sta+e) ,e has a perfect model 'oice for elementary thro"+h hi+h school) Mr) randt easily handles independent st"dies, %no(in+ that hard (or% pri'ately res"lts in hi+h ."ality performances p"blicly) This is ill"strated in his e*cellent sin+in+ s%ills -- (hich incl"de s"perb intonation, bea"tif"l and f"ll tone ."ality, and top notch techni."e, (ith f"ll attention to dynamics, phrasin+, and appropriate performance styles) randt has accomplished many s%ills thro"+ho"t e*tensi'e choral acti'ities inside and o"tside of his colle+e career) ,is e*perience (ith choreo+raphy and sho( choir acti'ities ma%e him an e*cellent candidate to (or% (ith hi+h school st"dents) ,is opport"nities in operatic prod"ctions ha'e +i'en him a n"mber of actin+, sta+in+, and sin+in+ s%ills not typical of m"sic st"dents his a+e) randt had e*cellent st"dent teachin+ e*periences at both the hi+h school and elementary school le'els) The mentor teachers he (or%ed (ith +a'e him e*cellent role models for teachin+ in the p"blic schools) ,is cond"ctin+ s%ills are s"perb for s"ch a yo"n+ teacher) ,e is e*tremely insi+htf"l (ith any a+e and "ses instincti'e s%ills li%e a seasoned ed"cator) If yo" need f"rther comments or recommendations, please feel free to email me or call me at the n"mbers listed belo() Stephen randt is one of o"r most promisin+ st"dents/ Sincerely,

Thomas 0) Sletto, M0M# 0ssistant 1rofessor of M"sic #d"cation Dra%e &ni'ersity 2 Des Moines, I0 Thomas)sletto3dra%e)ed" 4cell5 616-781-8617 4office5 616)291)31:6