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Chapman-Lopez 1 TylerCharee Chapman-Lopez Professor Batty English 114A Essay Draft 26 November 2013 Who Should We Really Be Afraid

of? In recent discussions of the euthanization of dangerous dogs, a controversial issue has been whether it should be legal at all. On the one hand, some argue that, these dogs should be put to death on all accounts. From this perspective, it would help prevent dog attacks. On the other hand, however, others argue that a life is a life, and it should not be decided by another living being to control when that life ends. In the words of Catherine Hedges, one of this views main proponents, Until people start waking up and realizing that dogs are LIVING, BREATHING creatures - not just disposable, money making commodities - and until the laws are more strict and better enforced towards the people neglecting and abusing them, the problem will continue. According to this view, these dogs that society has labeled dangerous should not be euthanized, and are being treated poorly by the government. In sum the issue is whether dangerous dogs should be euthanized, or if these dogs should be punished for their actions in new forms of ways. My own view is that these dogs should not be sentenced to death for their actions. Though I concede that the dogs may in fact be dangerous, I still maintain that these dogs can be rehabilitated, and changed for the better. Although some might object that dog mannerisms do not coincide with those of humans, I would reply that dogs are born learners, and with help can be taught new tricks. This issue is important because there are animals dying for making a small mistake, without questions asked; some of these dogs have not even committed a crime, but are sentenced to death because of the specific breed that they are.

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Dangerous Dogs are generally known as the dogs you on television, breaking the evening news, and being constantly belittled by the man: Pit-bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinschers, Huskies, Bull-Terrier, and Chow Chow. In cities such as Los Angeles, and San Francisco it is said that Dangerous dog laws, generally attempt to define the characteristics of dangerous dogs, set forth the procedure for declaring a particular dog to be dangerous, and establish what will become of a dangerous dog, and its owner. Although red flags are already raised within this being said, Attorney Kenneth Phillips continues his article by saying; These laws might provide that a dangerous dog can be killed on the spot, can be seized and killed after notice to the owner and an opportunity to be heard, or can have conditions imposed regarding its confinement and appearances on public property. Additionally, the laws might impose upon the owner a period of time in jail, a fine, and/or a prohibition against owning another dog for a period of years. This attorney is explaining that these dogs can simply be killed, for an action they committed, while people, whom have murdered entire families, are walking, and talking in society with invisible blood on their hands. In certain states, such as Michigan and Denver, dogs like: pit-bull, rottweiler, doberman, huskies, and bull terriers cannot dwell in the streets, without being immediately picked up, and put to death. The practice of euthanasia is defined as: intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering, according to Websters Dictionary. So why is it that in these states certain dogs may be dragged off the streets, and killed, when they are not suffering? These laws are set in place to be cruel, and inconsiderate. Different types of dogs are born with different advantages. It is true that a pit bull is extremely stronger than a Chihuahua, but what really makes a pit bull more threatening? The fact that it has the mere strength to overpower you, or is it a previous misconception of what a dog will be like based on the actions of their brothers? Earlier this year on July 12, 2013 Hawthorne

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Police shot a dog dead, and left him lying in cold blood, for barking to his owner, who had just been handcuffed for recording a drug bust across the street from where his car was parked. Why would the police shoot a dog for doing, what they are bought for; for companionship, for someone to care for us, and protect us. This dog had to watch its owner be manhandled, while it stood on the corner, calling to him, longing for an answer, begging to protect him. Although this dog was a very muscular Rottweiler, and could have easily killed these three police officers, he did not. The dog stood where his owner told him to stay, but a broken heart cannot be silenced. It has been proven that dogs have no sense of time, so at that moment this dog had no idea if his owner would be gone for hours, which would feel like days to him. And for being a good dog, barking out of sheer concern, he was shot, because the idea of what he could do threatened the police officers. But is that ever really a reason to end a life, because of what someone or something could do? People take this risk walking of their doors every day. Dogs are trainable, domesticated animals, which can be taught to act one way, or another. If a person teaches their dog to be brutally violent, accompanied by the strength to do so, they will have produced a cold blooded killer. These dogs are being punished for committing crimes, they have been brainwashed to think are not bad acts. Although in most cases people are attacked for provoking the dog, the dogs are still blamed for attacking. Like people so commonly say: You mess with the bulls, you get the horns. I am not attempting to convey that these victims, deserved to be attacked, but honestly, if they were put in the position to push an animal from its home training back to its natural instincts then they are in the wrong. There have been many accounts of horrible dog attacks; children have had their faces torn off by an angered, pit-bull or Rottweiler, the elderly have had their ankles devoured in the middle of the street. "They were not biting. They were eating, eating me because when they were stuck

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to my arms they were pulling out my tendons and nerves and every kind of tissue on me", says Eddie Gefroh, a forty-eight year old man who was attacked in Yakima, Washington. Gefroh needed over one hundred-fifty stitches and twelve staples in his head after being mauled by three pit-bulls. Because these dogs are illegal in Yakima, they were trained fighters, to stay alive by any means, which means when they felt threatened, they attacked. These acts of extreme violence should not be happening, and do deserve to be dealt with in a reasonable fashion, but instant death should not be an option. If a person would have committed this crime, they would have been charged with man slaughter, and then sentenced to twenty-five years in the county penitentiary, with a chance for parole after those years were served, or after ten years with good behavior, and an act of positive leadership inside the prison they would be released. In June of 2002, reports were shown that Euthanasia was now legal in the Netherlands for human beings. Although you have to: be terminally ill, obtain a cancer with no cure, have been shown all other options, people still as young as thirteen may be euthanized with the proper consent form of their parents. Is this why people believe it is okay to kill these dogs? ; Because people are doing it now? If anything, this should make you step back and take a glimpse of how the world has become a disgusting nightmare. There have been reports of malpractice, in the Netherlands because of this law. Many depressed, and suicidal people, have paid countless amounts to have these bad practitioners end their mental suffering. The government is allowing this crude behavior to take place, and sees nothing wrong with it because they are the people who passed the law. As I conclude I will bring forth a proper proposal: these so called dangerous dogs should be rehabilitated, and trained with to give them another chance, just as our prison system is supposed to work. They should be given a second chance, to right the wrongs they have willingly

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committed. Because they are unable to plead their case, they should at least be given this opportunity. As previously stated above, Dogs are trainable, domesticated animals, which can be taught to act one way or another., when given the opportunity to turn over a leaf, the unthinkable can be accomplished, but only if given a chance. As a people we have set forth many documents that have entitled us to our rights, so it only right to give these same right to the loving companions living under our roofs.

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