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Olivares 1 Dennis Olivares Professor Gabrielsson English 100 10/6/13 The Growth Mindset One can achieve a growth

mindset if o! train o!r mindset to e"#and to its f!ll #otential and learn to achieve greater $nowledge in different wa s% O!r mindsets var from #erson to #erson% Man have a fi"ed mindset beca!se the don&t #!sh themselves for a growth mindset% 'omeone with a fi"ed mindset thin$s differentl from a #erson with a growth mindset( for e"am#le someone with a fi"ed mindset will )!it easil and someone with a growth mindset wo!ldn&t% *n realit if o! want to thrive we m!st have a growth mindset% +s shown b a!thors li$e Elbow or Goldberg and others the e"#lain how an individ!al can e"ceed in intelligence to obtain a growth mindset% *n the article from Peter Elbow&s ,-ree.riting/ it e"#lains wh freewriting is an im#ortant factor in order to achieve a growth mindset% -reewriting hel#s to im#rove o!r writing beca!se o! e"#ress o!r tho!ghts onto #a#er% 0o! e"#and o!r writing s$ills b #erforming this e"ercise and it ma$es it easier to read beca!se o! are writing whatever is on o!r mind% 0o! can write abo!t an thing which b!ilds !# o!r mindset effectivel and it is li$e o! can hear o!r own voice when freewriting% -reewriting hel#s to elaborate o!r ideas or tho!ghts and ma$es it eas to write beca!se !s!all it ta$es a lot of brainstorming before we write% *n 1atalie Goldberg&s ,-irst Tho!ghts/ it demonstrates wh !sing o!r first tho!ghts hel#s o!% E"#ressing o!r first tho!ghts and !sing them into literac is an essential is a $e element to hel# !s% O!r first tho!ghts b!ild !# character and create em#hasis to achieve a better mindset% O!r first tho!ghts reveals the information we have stored in o!r brain % .e can !se o!r first tho!ghts and bring it together with freewriting to e"#and o!r $nowledge% 2sing first tho!ghts will develo# !sef!l techni)!es into


Olivares 3

*n Mar Pi#her&s ,.hat 0o! +lone 4an 'a / it shows how #owerf!l o!r voice is and how o! can do something in toda &s societ % *n the article b Pi#her it states ,5oice is ever thing we are6 all that we observed6 the emotional chords that are !ni)!el o!rs7 all o!r flaws and all of o!r strengths6e"#ressed in the words that best reflect !s/% This shows how strong o!r voice is beca!se it ma$es !# who we are and re#resents !s% O!r voice is #owerf!l beca!se it co!ld to do good or harm% O!r voice merges with writing to e"#ress o!r minds% O!r voice is one of o!r strongest abilities as h!man being and it is a great factor for o!r mindset% *n 8ell 9oo$s ,4ritical Thin$ing/ it e"#lains the abilit of critical thin$ing% This abilit ta$es a lot of $nowledge to become ver good at critical thin$ing and it is not something o! learn ra#idl % Man #eo#le avoid the #rocess of critical b!t we m!st teach o!rselves that it will enhance o!r learning to solve #roblems% 2sing critical thin$ing will em#ower !s to strive to share ideas with #eo#le and be a #roblem solver% .hen we !se critical thin$ing we o#en o!r minds freel to hel# anal :e and eval!ate thin$ing% 4ritical thin$ing is effective beca!se it hel#s !s in writing and also in o!r voice% *n 4arol Dwec$&s ,The Perils and Promises of Praise/ it shows that o! sho!ld challenge o!rself and be motivated to learn% .e m!st #!t effort thro!gh ed!cation to become a smarter #erson and to avoid having a fi"ed mindset% *n Pi#her&s article it states how ed!cators are tr ing to ma"imi:e st!dents confidence in their abilities6 the en;o ment of learning6 and their abilit to thrive in school b #raising their intelligence% Man st!dents lac$ the confidence beca!se the won&t challenge themselves to a diffic!lt tas$ and the give !#% *f we #raise o!r intelligence and #!t effort then that it is a ste# closer to a growth mindset% *n <imm 'antiago 8aca demonstrated the !se of a growth mindset b teaching himself to read and write% 9e e"#anded his $nowledge in his time in #rison to achieve a growth mindset% 8aca !se man as#ects of a #erson with a growth mindset will !se he !sed critical thin$ing and he !sed his voice ver well thro!gh writing% 9e went thro!gh #rofo!nd tho!ghts of how im#ortant his famil and friends

Olivares 3 were b !sing critical thin$ing% 8aca #!t effort he never gave !# and challenge himself to reach o!t for the greater good% 8aca train himself to #raise his intelligence with the !se of small tools beca!se his time in #rison% .e have more o##ort!nities beca!se we are not in #rison so we need to reali:e that we sho!ld act now to reach a growth mindset% *n concl!sion we m!st follow the ste#s that the a!thors li$e Goldberg or Pi#her !sed to achieve s!ccess% *f we follow all these methods and strain o!rselves we will ac$nowledge the great abilities we have and !se them to hel# !s in societ % .e need a generation where ever one believes that the can solve a #roblem and have confidence in themselves% .e as h!mans need to be ca#able of !sing o!r abilities in this world% .e m!st avoid the fi"ed mindset and #ros#er with the growth mindset%