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Lesson Plan Teacher/s: ____Yutong Chen _____________________________ Level: __A4___ Date/Time: _March 4, 201 __ Goal: Students be able to listen

for definitions and use thought groups to pause in sentences Objectives: To teach stu!ents ho" to#$ 1$ %ea!ing: &in! articles to su''ort their arguments 2$ Listening: Listen (or De(initions in T)*&L listening 'assages $ +ronunciation: ,!enti(- thought grou's to !etermine sentence stress using stu!ents. voice messages home"or/ Theme: _Listening (or De(initions 01usiness an! 1iolog- Lectures23 +ronunciation 0Thought grou's2 _________________________________________________ *4tensions: ____T)*&L listening materials________________________________________________ Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Activit /Procedure Giving Feedback on Homework from Warm-up last time: finding three articles to Linking & Transitioning support your argument Activity 1 !nteraction SS T "ime 0 mins

Activity 2

!eviewing: "rainstorming ss t Students come up and write the #atural $henomena words and describe them !eviewing and $reviewing: SS SS %escribing &tems using by defining and describing with ad'ectives $re ,ocabulary check( Listening skill-listening for definition.(brainstorming-conte/tuali0a tion. %uring Listening to a "usiness 1lass lecture $ost *sking students for the answers +re67oca8ular- Chec/ During6Listening to a 8iolog- class lecture


10 mins

Activity 3 Stages: $re( %uring( $ost) Transition to *ctivity +

Activity 3 Stages: $re( %uring( $ost)

Transition to *ctivity 2 Activity 4 Stages: $re( %uring( $ost Transition to *ctivity 3 or to 4rap up Activity 5

+ost6As/ing stu!ents (or the ans"ers +ronunciation +re6 sho"ing t"o versions o( the same article rea! "ith "rong 'auses an! then right 'auses During6as/ stu!ents to i!enti(- them +ost6 +ronunciation: +ointing out the things stu!ents shoul! 'a- attention to "hen s'ea/ing0i$e$ 'ronunciation an! 'hrases2 +oem +re6're!ict the 'auses o( a 'oem During6chec/ the ans"er "ith a vi!eo6 +ost6Com'are the ans"ers to stu!ents. o"n ans"er ;oogle 7oice messages giving (ee!8ac/$ An! as/ stu!ents to i!enti(the correctness o( using thought grou's an! 'ausing

Activit- 9

Activit- :

Materials: ,tems to 8e !escri8e! sheet3 +oem3 ;oogle 7oice messages (ee!8ac/ sheet3 T)*&L listening au!io m' 08usiness lecture23 T)*&L listening au!io m' 08iolog- lecture23 Youtu8e vi!eo cli's: *<L thought grou's 1 = 2 Antici'ate! +ro8lems: The challenging o( mastering thought grou's, 8ecause it involves some com'licate! linguistic conce'ts li/e clauses an! 'hrases Contingenc- +lans 0"hat -ou "ill !o i( -ou (inish earl-, etc$2: , (ollo" the linguistic 'oints o( the te4t8oo/ 0,n Charge 2, >nit ?, Listening an! +ronunciation, +g 11261142, 8ut , !i!n.t use the materials in the te4t8oo/$ ,nstea!, , (oun! some re'lacing materials li/e T)*&L an! some 'oems$ <o i( , (inish earlier, , "ill use the materials in the 8oo/$ +ost6Lesson %e(lections: