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Client: A.M.

, 5 years old

The client is a 5 year old who is going into the clinic to get new hearing aids. Before the client arrived the clinicians set up the computer software and stimulator that will set the highs and lows for the hearing aids. Once the client arrived, the clinician began by playing a game with the client. The object of the activity was for the client to throw a ball into a bucket whenever she heard a sound through her hearing aids. Meanwhile another clinician was charting this on an audiogram so they know what decibels the hearing aids to be set at for the client to hear well. The next activity involved word recognition. The clinician would say a word, such as Popsicle, and the client would repeat what she heard. This helped the clinicians determine the decibels she needed her hearing aids set to as well. After all of these activities they moved to the clinicians office. Here the clinician explained to the parents about the hearing aids, how they work and the key components of them. The audiologist also explained that they will need to get different ear mold speakers as the child gets older. At the end of the appointment the audiologist gave the client some stickers to decorate her new hearing aids!