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Emily Voordouw 43 Stanmary Drive St. Catharines, ON L2N 5 !

Novem"er 2#, 2$%3 &ead O' Emer(en)y %2$$ *ourth +venue St.Catharines, ON L2, !-. ,e/ 0ro1en +rm -ro"lem Dear o 2hom 3t 4ay Con)ern/ &ello, 3 am writin( to tell you a"out the time when 3 "ro1e my arm a while "a)1. 3 was little at the time when 3 "ro1e my arm. 3 was in (rade one to "e 5re)ise. 3 was 5layin( around a'ter my mother told me to sto5 and then 3 "ro1e my arm. 3 was in so mu)h 5ain 3 )ouldn6t do anythin( "ut s)ream. 3t hurt that mu)h. 0ut when my 5arents too1 me to the hos5ital to the emer(en)y room we had to wait awhile whi)h 3 de'initely didn6t en7oy with a "ro1en arm. +'ter waitin( a while we (ot the "ad news that you )ouldn6t (et a hold o' the sur(eon so there'ore 3 only (ot it )asted. +t the time it did 'eel "etter "ut a'ter the whole thin( my arm had not 'ully healed and it was "e)ause 3 didn6t (et it treated the way it should6ve "een. 3 thin1 that you (uys should6ve 7ust tried other sour)es 'or a sur(eon i' you )ouldn6t (et a hold o' that one. 3 did need my arm 'i8ed 5ro5erly and "e)ause o' that my arm is now not healed 5ro5erly and never will "e. han1 you 'or ta1in( the time to read this letter and 3 ho5e you ta1e it into )onsideration. Sin)erely,

Emily Voordouw en)l% ev