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Three vultures were on the endangered list. Their populations fall by more than 97 percent.

The main reason to save the vultures from extinction will be the ethical obligation to save the worlds biodiversity for its own sake It was speculated that the reason was habitat loss or pollution But it was found that the birds were being killed by an anti-inflammatory drug, diclofenac, commonly administered to cows. The medicine causes renal failure in vultures Saving the vultures from extinction would protect people from dangerous disease. Ecosystems such as wetlands and mangrove stands protect people from lethal storms forests and coral reefs provide food and income Damage to one ecosystem can harm another half a world away as well as the individuals who rely on it for resources or tourism revenue. Our plan should save many species, while protecting human health and livelihoods. Earlier conservation campaigns had centered on charismatic species such as pandas, whales and seals A triage system based on counting species was more scientific than one based on compelling photographs of cute or iconic animals. Recent study showed that only 30% of Americans have heard of the term biodiversity. And many people working in conservation are careful to avoid the word because it engenders apathy or a negative response places with a lot of native plant species do not necessarily have many butterfly or vertebrate species Animals in floral hot spots are not those most vulnerable to extinction. The distinction goes instead to mammals in boreal forests and arctic regions. Although people may not comprehend the concept of biodiversity they do value nature as a source of many different and important things Different organizations are focusing on ecosystem services. The millennium ecosystem Assessment documented the impacts humans have had on ecosystem services in the past 50 years. Connections between habitat loss and economic loss that are not always as obvious can also be significant The economic benefits afforded by ecosystem services are most needed by developing nations. Human health is also threatened when ecosystems and natural cycles break down Almost two million people die every year because of inadequate or unclean water supplies Conserving wetlands and forests would reduce these deaths Our environment consists mainly of human-influenced systems so biodiversity protection must be pursued in a context based on that. Whether efforts that conserve ecosystem services are able to support economic development remains to be proved.

Conservation will only become truly global and widely supported when people are central to its mission B. Summary The article explains the use of conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity. Even though it is the most argued topic between individuals and companies it is one of the most beneficial things that can be done in order to survive longer for ourselves and other species. Ecosystem is highly associated with the environment and human beings which makes it really useful for everyone especially to us in every aspect, medicine in health aspect, Tourism in economic aspect and many more. In order for it to be global individuals should support it and make their own effort to make change. C. Reaction When reading this article I was able to expand my knowledge on the benefit of conserving the ecosystem and also how it helps increase the biodiversity. Considering their benefit in tourism, medicine and many other ways we should try to put more effort to it makes it global to conserve the ecosystem. It also helps developing countries to get improve in economy. So What? Conserving ecosystems benefits the environment maintaining biodiversity and economically for human beings. Says who? Peter Kareiva Michelle Marvier What if...? We didnt conserve Ecosystems? Species will have less biodiversity and most of them will be endangered What does this remind me of? Tourism, because it is highly associated with this topic