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Conscious Consumer CCs

CR8.4- View critically and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of visual and multimedia texts including videos, television broadcasts, informational presentations, dramatic presentations, websites, and news programs to locate and interpret key messages and details, to develop conclusions, opinions, and understanding, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the text. We did this throughout our readings, videos, our drama class and oral presentations we received such as Loraas Recycling. Most the videos we watched revolved around the pollution of the world, mostly the pollution of plastic. few videos incorporated television casts. We had a very informational presentation at Loraas. !hey told us how the single stream recycling our city operates on works. "t was neat to see the interesting ways they sorted out without having to have the recycler sort it. My favourite would have had to been the infrared scanner that used little but powerful blasts of air to sort the plastics. We had #d come in to show us a little about acting and drama for our upcoming consumer reports. We then did dramatic acts about the dolphin being in tuna problems. $ome which included television casts in very creative ways. We used websites to do our research for our product poster we created. %sing these websites " noticed with the internet you come up with so many different points of view. !hroughout all of these we developed our understandings, opinions and conclusions. t points we did come with many answers to these important problems, mostly about sweatshops and our pollution levels, two very powerful concerns.

CR8.5- Listen critically to understand, gather information, follow directions, form an opinion, and analy&e oral presentations for diverse opinions, presenter's point of view, values, and biases, stereotypes, or pre(udices. We had done this several times but " would like to speak to our Loraas Recycling trip. We listened hard throwing many )uestions his way. We gathered several pages of information, that information really helped us nail him with some challenging )uestions. We had analy&ed him very well during his presentation. *is point of view seemed very genuine and his values

seemed fair strong as he knows lots about it. $adly, " got the vibe that he (ust spoke it and did not fully act on some of the things he mentioned not to do and to do. " liked the way he presented he seemed pretty easy going but then we started pounding him with these hard )uestions all morning and " think he was starting to sweat. "t gave me an accomplished feeling when he said that he had never had so many, so hard and this long of a presentation. !hat honestly surprised me that a grade + class of ,- kids can take down a room full of reports. .y the sounds of it hands down too. " found neat how he had snapped some of the common stereotypes about recycling. " really liked how well he knew his stuff and almost all the time he could back himself up. lthough, a few )uestions he seemed unprepared for he usually had some pretty solid answers. We most defiantly picked his mind to a pretty decent consent. " would imagine he did a little bit of research after his presentation.

Phys. Ed
PE9.7- /esign and implement, collaboratively, plans to use effective tactics and strategies to enhance performance and en(oyment of self and others, while showing respect for the environment, when participating in a variety of alternate environment activities 0e.g., orienteering, skating, cross1country skiing, canoeing, roping, downhill skiing, dog sledding, wall climbing, in1line skating, skate boarding, cycling, completing a challenge course, 2uincy building3. 4n our poster distribution day, the group " was in came up with a plan to get from the %niversity to the Midtown Mall while still being able to put up our posters. We would do a fast (og for a while then we would stop to bunch up and if we were not bunched up within 5 seconds we would have to do something extra however many seconds we went over. 4nce we were gathered we walk for a short while to restore some energy. We did this for an extent of time till we reached the mall. We stops all along the way to put up our posters and also if you were fast enough serving as water break. We should some great respect for the environment by doing it this way. We never added to the pollution created by our vehicles. "nstead we used a heartbeat and two legs. "t is a great way of transportation on tinier distances. " could not imagine doing that from $t.#d's to the % of $. lthough, going from the % of $ to the Midtown Mall is nice way to burn some extra energy and help save the environment at the same time. Way better than using a

treadmill and contributing to the electrical pollution. " am really starting to become a fan of the heartbeat and , feet.

PE9.11- pply an understanding of how to prevent 0e.g., using proper techni)ue3 and care for a variety of movement activity1related in(uries 0e.g., sprains, breaks, contusions, skin irritations, concussions3. /uring our several yoga sessions we had to help keep active throughout this unit. We were instructed to get into a safe position then " guess work our way into the more challenging ones. We were also told if we were not comfortable in the position or it was not feeling right to go to our base position, a very relaxing position. "t stretched us out to keep us from cramping but not too much to hurt us in any way. When we did our 6rd class at our yoga studio, 4ne 7oga. We were introduced the way to start and practice getting into the easier version of a head stand. 4nce we were comfortable with that and felt the need to take it further. We were able to try it backwards and actually get into a more legitimate one. .y doing these yoga possess " would say " have got a lot more flexible. " could have never seen my self1doing yoga or most certainly not a head stand. !hen here " was after 6 classes having a great time do the beginner hand stands. " may have needed a wall to get into it but once " was in it " was walking on my hands. "f you ask me that is an ama&ing accomplishment. "f it were not for the steps giving " can guarantee with my poor balance " would have ended up with a sore neck at least. " am very grateful of those helpful and lifesaving techni)ues.

Practical and A

lied Arts

When we did our yoga activities, to me it was a great way to burn some calories. "t for sure made me a lot more flexible, which " think has also helping me with getting longer faster strides while running and that is a huge help in my sports. lso there is the point of being able to hold 859 pounds with my two arms with a tiny struggle. " think these yoga classes have also helped me with my balance as it used to be terrible, balancing upside down on your arms or (ust on one foot in a tree pose. " am pretty sure " benefited hugely as " have not taken any tumbles down to my own stability in any one

of my sports. " have also noticed " can stand my ground way better and if " start to go down " can recover it easily as before " would have (ust fell. " can see why yoga is a popular activity as after 6 classes " have seen so many attributes grow and prosper in myself. "t creates a lot more of a opportunity for me to excel and be the best " can be in so m any different ways. " (ust hope " can clinch that chance blow it out of the air and completely destroy expectations.

" would have to say we did not do too much with religion this unit. lthough, " think we had some religious factors with working against sweatshops and for fair working conditions. " would consider changing people's lives like that for the better would be considered a religious act. " know after we experienced the sweatshop simulation, " had a desire to do something. " still have that desire and " would consider having that desire as religious. :ow if " were to turn that and per sway it, it would be to me a religious act. " also think that when we were one second to far behind on our run from the university to the Midtown Mall. We had to run through some deep snow to get to a tree. 4nce, we reached this tree tired and running out of energy, we had to hug and thank the tree for what it does for us. "n a way that could be )ualified as a religious thanking as we were praising something the lord made. lthough, " cannot actually recogni&e any ma(or religious acts for this unit. " would consider these as aspects of religion and would count as they were learned.


#$C8.1- naly&e and establish effective strategies of support for purposes of helping others increase health1enhancing behaviours. 4ur whole unit reflected around this one very well. We learned about the chemicals in plastics and how it gets transferred over into anything it comes into tack with. !hat supported a life without plastic which is pretty challenging but can be done. With plastic only been around for -9 years that means -9 years ago, they did not have these problems and were way healthier. " would like to challenge whoever is reading this to go through one room and make a pile of everything that has plastic involved in it. !hen imagine how these things worked without plastic -9 years ago. "magine how much better that was or how much worse;harder than it is now. We also went over sweatshops and workers conditions. We pushed that we go to the thrift shops; places that sell fair trade items to help stop these terrible conditions form continuing. We even did trips to some of these locations and got presentations from most locations. "t showcased so good reasons to spend that little extra money but help out several lives farther up the line. We also did yoga which showcases the ways to be one with the universe; earth. "t sort of connected us with our inner peace and actually show me how to do some cool things " had no clue " was capable of< #$C8.%- #xamine and assess the concept of sustainability from many perspectives, and develop an understanding of its implications for the well1 being of self, others, and the environment. We went over how plastic is a threat to us humans and how it is a treat to the environment. =lastic is a very unsafe thing that was so much that we do not even notice. "t is infecting anything it comes in contact with. :ow imagine plastic on your food that leads to a poisonous food. We went through how the health of the environment and the health of us humans are connected. "f we are putting toxins into the air such as /ixon, it is poisoning the natural environment then to make our stuff we tear down the natural environment. !hen we use the >natural' environment in the making of the things we use all the time. " guess you can say we are killing ourselves as we speak. We may not know it but if you ask me this is all caused by greed. "f it this bad after virtually -9 years, imagine what it will be like at the end of our lives or into the next few generations. " am now starting to understand why all these cases of cancer are appearing everywhere you go. 7ou can rarely find an untouched piece of land without having to breathe in all of the toxins.

$ocial $tudies
&R8.'- ssess how historical events in ?anada have affected the present ?anadian identity ma(or but unnoticed act that has affected the ?anadian identity. Would have to be when the World War "" ended and the government had all of these factories not in use. $o, they changed life as we know it. !hey encouraged and succeeded on pushing people into removing the reuse; never throughout society we were built on. !hat society built us to where we were in the 8@A9's. !he people that grew up in that time would agree it may have been harder but it was way cleaner. With the government removing the good ol' ways they brought in what we live with now. !he through away society, a ma(or mistake. "t is evident everywhere you look, we through away must and reuse a little. !hat is mostly caused because of plastic. We switch the plastic instead of glass and others because it was more durable. Which goes towards the plastic issues as it is huge for pollution and can transfer;care some nasty things. !hat is the reason the sickness rates have went up. !hat is only the affects once it is in our hands. "magine the chemicals and terrible pollutions being released in the creation of these products. "f you think about it plastic was mass produced and made pretty much a necessity pretty much because of World War "" leaving tons of unused factories.


ssess the implications of personal consumer choices.

!his was very strong throughout the unit, like it is even in the title< We did many reading about the fair trade. We even went to thrift shops and stores that sold these fair trade products. 4ur readings went through sweat shops;unfair working conditions to how we could prevent with fair trade;organics products. We also had a reading about Bree !he ?hildren, as they attacked a child labour sweatshop and took all of these poor children to their homes to live their lives. $aving them from their misery casted upon them by their enslavers. We even tested this out so we knew what it would be like to have to go to a sweatshop. !o sum it up in one word it sucked. 89 hours of ripping, blending, moshing, and ironing for a tiny piece of ugly looking paper. !hen at some points you would get your hard work turned down and you would (ust be so mad but what can you doC !hey pretty much

own youD we were bossed around with militia instructors watching our every step. " think we had done about 859 push ups throughout that horrifying 89 hours of cruel work. " mean " am a fairly big guy and " did a good amount of them in lady form with a growing struggle. :ow imagine what these kids go through with like 8- hour shifts with no days off. "f you ask me that is why you should by fair trade. " guess you have to have an experience like " did to have that connections stuck in you. " really encourage the reader of this paragraph to go for fair trade. "t may be harder and more expensive but think of the kids you would be saving in much worse conditions than " experienced<

CP8.%- #xpress student perspectives on social issues 0e.g., poverty, racism, homophobia, sustainability, gangs3 in drama and;or collective creation. We were introduced to drama by #dD #d was from the =erseprony !heatre. *e gave us a few tips about our drama;acting skills. !hen we (umped right into different types. Birst he would give us something to act out. fter that we had a big scale challenge, we did a little skit on the problem with dolphin being in some tuna. "t was done in many different and creative ways. !hat was our preparation for our consumer report video that we are presenting at the showcase of learning. We then went into our issues we wanted to use for our video. My group did one around the pollution of cars. We throw facts in and different terms of transportation in a creative and at some points in funny ways. t some points it challenged us and we really had to resort to what #d had taught us. 7et, through our creative ways we still got all the messages we wanted across, which will excite to view without boring them and making them feel bad about themselves. Without drama well, there would not be a video. We really ran away and made it our own with all being student based from scratch to finished product. " cannot wait to see others videos.

CP8.11- $elect and use appropriate forms, technologies, images, and art1 making processes to express student perspectives on social issues.

"n preparation for our consumer reports we did a little about photographing; videotaping. We learned a little about how to contrast the colours, the brightness, and most importantly how to manage the sun and at point use it to our advantage. !his provided a couple of discussions of how to put scenes together and make lot realistic. We checked out how different things worked together and how they fought each other causing them to not work. 4f course a video is full of visuals, which means we spent a lot of time talking about visuals. We talked about how the visuals gave the allusions that feed the movie, we examined how to visuals mash. "f they did not mash then it would not work as you are creating and allusion, if they did mash then you were on the right track. !hat brought up the fact of how to make them mash which we explored and discovered many different ways. Brom different angles to different lighting or even sound. #ven in the editing process it could be done as you may add whatever effects you want and modify the video to your liking.

*P8.1- "dentify and describe, through experimentation, sources and properties of visible light includingE rectilinear propagation reflection refraction.

s lighting is very important to us, it was also very important in the many ways we could add effects to our consumer report videos. We looked at the different ways we could create lighting from a light bulb to a sun filled street. We made our decisions on what type of lighting was good and what was bad such as florescent was terrible for filming. "t can be done though, if you (ust recorded under it, it would not look so good. lthough if you used something to reflect the lighting back up it gave it more of a natural look instead of ugly grow going down. We hit up on the negatives of lightings such as shadows. My group used the sun light and lucked out with the sun working in our favor, but the shadows were not that generous. We played

around with the affects that the sun gives out and found out a few was to dodge our shadow problems, but sadly it did not work like that all the time. We also came in very lucky with fact that the reflections for the sun did not alter our coverage. t points though the different types of reflections gave it more of a realistic approach, whether it was meant or not.

*P8.)- #xplore properties and applications of optics1related technologies, including concave and convex mirrors and lenses. F$", !=$G !hroughout of recording we discovered the different ways the light would react to our lens. We noticed throughout our recording that different ob(ects reacted different to the light, somewhere expected and others were (ust plain weird. Whether it was different colour or different shape very few similar ob(ect reacted the same. !hat caused a little bit of a challenge when recording but was usually the fixed to the best we could with the simple use of angles and different places to shoot from. " guess you could call that camera magic. We used technology to our advantage in the editing stage, it helped eliminate and repair what the camera angles, different positions and different types of shoots. With our teams great group work we all could easily identify was to fix it. !his means, we did not have to rely heavily on technology. !o me that was life saver as technology would have taken way longer well at least for me. " really like our simple life saver of angles that right there was an ama&ing idea. "t saved us from several problems with barely a work involved. ll that we did was turn a little too left and over , feet and bam we had a perfect shot. !he stuff that we did to prevent did not feel scientifical but sure was. " sort of owe the success of the pro(ect to science in a way.

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