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Soyoon Kim December 16, 2013 C Block

Semester 2 Goals 1. Remember to include original titles on all work submitted. This is something that I want to continue doing even as I enter second semester of next year. Looking at my writing portfolio this time around I definitely have way too many pieces entitled C Kim Soyoon Assignment Name Date. Original titles for all work please! It just adds a nice finishing touch to everything and 2. Create a better writing workflow. Everyone procrastinates. Though I know that literature and English may be one of my stronger suited subjects, I need not create bad habits for myself. I plan on developing a method to space out my work for this class so that I wont run into too many troubles when the busy AP season dawns upon us in March and May. 3. Dont catch senioritis! This one should be obvious. Though everyone will be technically finished submitting apps and what not for college applications, it is important to keep on pushing through until the end of the year. Hopefully this is what I will continue to donot lose focus on schoolwork and consider the last semester of my high school career to be just as important as any of my other ones. 4. Keep reviewing literary terminology and movements. In order to be prepared for the AP test, which is coming upon us in no less than four months time, it will be important for me to keep reviewing the terms not only for the AP test but also for practice exams during class and when evaluating and reading closely into literary texts for writing assignments. 5. Get reading, especially in my free time. As the high school years have progressed I have found in increasingly difficult to squeeze out a chunk of time for independent reading aside from schoolwork. I used to be such an avid reader and I still consider myself to be an avid reader at heart, but I need to make this conviction become a reality. I hope to find more time for myself and especially for reading when second semester comes around.