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Courtesy: Bayside State College Sports Information Release: May 24, 2010 Bayside, CaliforniaFor the second straight

year, the Bayside State College Womens Golf and Soccer teams - as well as Mens Water Polo team - have the top multi-year academic performance rates (APR) in the Metro Sports Conference (MSC). The NCAA announced its multi-year APR rates today (May 24). This statistical analysis covers the academic performance and progress of athletic teams over four years. Last week the MSC honored the Gull Womens Golf and Soccer teams, with an APR public recognition award. The award is presented to a school that posts multi-year APR rates in the top 10 percent for its specific sport. Along with Bayside State leading the MSCs multi-year APR, the Gulls ranked second among conference schools in two other sports: Womens and Mens Basketball.
Sport WVB WTEN WGO WSO WBB MTEN MGO MSO MBB MWP Metro Multi-year Average for Sport 970 976 981 978 963 975 979 967 953 977

General Notes: The latest four-year Division I APR is 970, up 3 points over last year. The average fouryear rate also rose in the high-profile sports of mens basketball (945, up 5), football (946, up 2), and baseball (959, up 5). MY=Multi-year score; rates are based on the past four years performance; statistical analysis includes 20062007 through 20092010 academic years MMY=Metro Conference Multi-year Average for sport for 20092010 academic year supplied by conference office.

In the most recent single reporting year (2009-2010), the Gulls had four teams that posted a perfect single-year score of 1,000 points: The Womens Golf and Tennis, and Mens Golf and Water Polo. In comparison to Division 1 and other public institutions, all our sports teams scored higher, which show that Bayside student athletes are above average academically than other teams in their conference. Once again Bayside States excellent performance in the APR shows that our coaching and academic staffs are doing an outstanding job with our student-athletes. Academics are a core value of our department, and our student-athletes work hard every day to excel in the classroom. Cheryl Mueller, Bayside State Director of Athletics We expect our student-athletes in all sports to be students first and athletes second. The most recent APR rankings provide evidence that our students strive for the highest possible level of achievement. Congratulations to our student-athletes, our coaches, and faculty for a job well done. Dr. Catherine Asbury, College President We take great pride in how our students perform in the classroom. The time we spend working with them on their academic progress really shows in these rankings. Success in the classroom has always been our top goal each year. When we succeed in the classroom and on the field, we know we have a successful overall program. Peyton Brandt, Gull Head Soccer Coach What a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of student-athletes. Many of our fans dont understand how many hours these students devote to their studies. Madison Larson, Associate Athletic Director of Academic Services The APR was developed by the NCAA in 2004 to measure and keep track the academic progress and performance for athletic programs at its member institutions. This ensures that all student athletes keep up with their academics and can help those who are falling behind. The APR is determined by using eligibility and retention for each student-athlete on scholarship during a particular academic year. It is calculate by giving each athlete one point for staying in school and one for being academically eligible. The teams total points are then divided by total possible points and multiplied by 1000, which is equivalent to the APR score.