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Hidden Job Market

Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson Professor, English Department College of DuPage 425 Fawell Blvd Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Dear Mrs. Anderson: I am currently in school getting my degree in accounting, but one day Im going to have to look for a career. I have come up with a few strategies that can help me find unadvertised opportunities while I am still in school. First, I will put myself out there by volunteering, build my network with the help of social media, and join a professional organization for me career choice. Second, I will make sure I keep my resume and credentials updated all the time. Lastly, I will make sure I maintain good relationships with the people that can help me. Networking is very important to penetrate the hidden job market and I have two valuable people that I believe can help me: Rio Almaria and Christopher Ferro. Rio is the student ambassador coordinator and has recruited a lot of students into the program. I think she can help me with the hidden job market because of the huge network she has built with different students from different background. I am currently part of the program and I have met a lot of students as well that I want to keep in touch with after school. My next person is Christopher Ferro and he is my managerial accounting professor. I think he can help me because he has a lot of experience in the accounting industry. Being a professor, he also has taught a lot of students and I think this can be advantageous because he could potentially introduce me to some of his past students that may be working in the accounting industry already. With all that in mind, I plan to make sure that I stick to this strategy so finding a job in the future would come easily. Sincerely, Martin C. Azarias