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Evaluation is the process of determining to what extent the educational programs are being realized[Ralph tayler].


It is an any academic program in a post secondary institution leading to intial licensure or advanced preperation in nursing.

It is the assessment of the all components of the program from Program planning through implimentation to determine program effectiveness.[Chene 1990]



1998 Ingersoll and sauter present an evaluation plan based on chens theory driven model which incooporates NLNACS criteria for educational program.

To judge the merit or worth of the total program being evaluated To determine how various elements of the program interact and influence program effectiveness. To determine the extent to which the mission, goals and outcome of the program are being realized. To determine whether the program has been implimented as planned.


identify efficient use of resources to assess and improve program quality. To provide a rationale for decision making that leads to improved program effectiveness.

MISSION AND GOAL Congruency between the expectation of stakeholders and the programs Consensus among the faculty regarding the nursing school mission and philosophy Accrediting bodies have expectations about program Congruency between the expectations of professional organizations and the programs

The nursing advisory committee has meaningful input in to program goals outcome. Documents and publications

.The program goals ,mission and philosophy link to the curriculum design, teaching & learning methods and outcomes. A] Evaluation of curriculum organization 1.Principle of vertical organization ;

sequential learning across the curriculum.

2.Principle of internal consistency .Congruence between the objectives and goals to the mission and belief statements.

Curriculum matrix Curriculum audit 3.PRINCIPLE OF LINEAR CONGRUENCE; assessment of prerequisite skills. B]COURSE EVALUATION; Collection of data from faculty students and materials. C]EVALUATION OF SUPPORT COURSES AND THE LIBERAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION

3 ] Evaluation of teaching effectiveness; a. Student evaluation of teaching strategies b. Peer review of teaching strategies c. Evaluation of teaching and learning materials d. Formal measures for evaluating strategies e. Assessment of student learning f. Evaluating the student performance measures

4] STUDENT DIMENSION; .Admission policy .Records of student satisfaction and formal complaints .Internal method 5] Faculty dimension; .Qualification of faculty member .Professional experience of faculty .Faculty scholarship .Evaluation of faculty performance

.Classroom and laboratory facilities .Clinical facilities .Information and instructional technology .Library services and holdings 7]MICROCONTEXT DIMENSION; Current and accurate information about option admission criteria and financial aid Transcript evaluation New student registration Orientation of program Academic advising and advising records. Student receive final preperation after program completion

8] MACRO CONTEXT DIMENSION; .Trends in health care .Changes in health care delivery system .Trends in higher education and implication

9]ORGANIZATION DIMENSION; .Qualification and skills of program administrators. . Structure and governance of department . Adequate fiscal structure.


of nursing faculty in the university governing system Adequate number of qualified staff and professional personal..
10] Inter organizational dimension; .Advisory board .Articulation agreement

Students achievement of all terminal goals Technical competencies of students The program has defined a benchmark for employment rates education rates Student satisfaction with overall quality of the program Satisfaction of employees with the performance of graduates

Intervening variables are defined for all program outcome Determination of potential intervening variable Evaluation of all intervening variable 13]GENERALIZATION OF EVALUATION .Assessment strategies are reliable and valid .Evaluation activities provide meaningful data for program improvement .The evaluation plan is modified and reviewed to improve the effectiveness