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Capstone Proposal 1 Capstone Mentorship Proposal

Big Q Aviation Mentorship

Carlos Ochoa Waxahachie Global High School

Capstone Proposal 2 Introduction

My mentorship will be conducted with Mrs. Carol Walker with her business, Big Q Aviation at Mid-Way Regional Airport. I chose this mentorship because of my curiosity in the aviation and aerospace field. In college I want to study mechanical and aerospace engineering. Upon graduation I plan to join the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer and go to pilot school. My goal is to earn my pilots license and fly for 10 years and then become a combat rescue officer. At Midway I hope to further my knowledge about the physics of flying and the maintenance of aircrafts at the airport. Midway offers two instructional classes, one for a private glider certification, and a privates pilot license. After meeting with Carol Walker, I will be taking an internship for Big Q Aviation. I will be going out every Saturday and Sunday afternoon to apply help where it is needed and serve as a Line Boy. Here I will be taxiing out gliders to the runway with a golf cart and hooking up the tow rope so they can be taken up with the Hound Dog the airports tow plane. Also during the colder weekends where there is not a whole lot of flying, I will be working with the staff in rebuilding a 1941 Piper J-3 Cup from the ground up, beginning in December. Documentation and pictures will be taken throughout the process. In February of next year I want to start working on my private pilots license. Yet, my main goal is to really make an impact at the airport when it comes to the construction of the Cub, and truly learning studies in the Aerospace Engineering Field. I will also be consulting with pilot Caylie Curry to talk about the field of aviation and opportunities as a pilot. I want to present what I have learned at the end of year to the Civil Air Patrol Chapter that meets there every Thursday night, especially to the younger individuals who are just starting

Capstone Proposal 3 high school. Here they focus on the aviation field and is similar to the Scouting program, which I feel like would be a good fit for me. I hope they can take what I have learned to get a better idea of how the Aerospace field has impacted me and the opportunities it can open it upon high school graduation. Contact Information Carol Walker - Owner Phone: 214-948-0440 Email: Carol Walker Pete Setian - Tow Pilot Phone: 214-287-8021 Email: Pete Setian Mailing Address: Big Q Aviation, 131 Airport Drive Midlothian, TX 76065