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JOIN US in Cannes at MIPIM 25 11-14 March 2 14

MIPIM is the world largest real estate trade show with more than 20,000 participants coming from 79 countries, 45% of them investors and developers !his "ear the Secti!n !n Internati!na" #a$ is c!!%eratin& $ith MIPIM, and "ou can #enefit from a %re'erentia" re&istrati!n rate #" registering at MIPIM through the registration form availa#le at the following lin$ %clic$ here to download the registration form& and entering "our '(' mem#ership num#er in the re)uested #o* !he +ection on International ,aw will have a #ooth inside the Palais des -estivals, (!!th N)*+er ,-. #e/e" -1 It can #e the place where "ou invite clients and others to meet "ou inside the crowded pavilion 'lso, "ou will #e a#le to order '(' pu#lished #oo$s and other materials at the #ooth

's part of the cooperation, the '(' +I,.s /ross (order 0eal 1state Practice /ommittee is organi2ing a ma3or program to #e held !hursda", 45 March, 46700849700, entitled Rebuilding the Market: From bad banks to better Real Estate Players, their role in revitalizing the real estate investment market in Europe. +pea$ers are e*pected to #e top e*ecutives from the national :#ad #an$s; in Ireland, -rance, and +pain, plus leading real estate law"ers, financial advisors, and other real estate pla"ers -ollowing the program there will #e a sponsored reception at 49700 inside the pavilion on one of the sea side terraces It will #e a #eautiful spot for a rela*ing coc$tail

<uring MIPIM "ou will #e a#le t! c!nnect $ith "ea0in& %r!%ert1 !$ners2 0e/e"!%ers2 in/est!rs2 %ri/ate e3)it1 'ir*s2 'inancia" instit)ti!ns2 %)+"ic a)th!rities2 an0 !ther rea" estate "a$1ers =ou will find out what is happening in the real estate mar$et and trend predictions for the coming "ear Plus, there will #e man" conference sessions to update "our legal $nowledge a#out the real estate investment, development and operation in all real estate sectors Most of all, MIPIM in /annes is a great place to networ$ and ma$e new connections in a #eautiful setting !his "ear will #e especiall" special as it is MIPIM.s 25th anniversar" -or more information please contact7 -rancesco P>PI,,? -rancesco pupillo@reedmidem com Ph7 A55 %0&4 79 74 97 74