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The reason and the ultimate cure for all diseases.

Cure yourself forever!

Dr. Tom J. Chalko MSc, DrEngSc, MIEAust.

We doubt everything and everybody, except our own ignorance
Master Ching Hai

To my family, friends and teachers

Thank you for your love patience and support




Bacteria and viruses 9

The mind 11
Medical education 12
Progress 13
Modern medicine: a summary 14




Diet and its consequences 22


Parasites and toxins 23

Where are toxins? 25




Detoxification 32

Accelerating the detoxification process 33

1. Cleaning the bowel 33
2. Fasting 35
3. Oxygen Therapies 39
4. Exercise 41
5. Sauna 41
6. Removal of Dental Amalgams 42

Some unusual effects of detoxification 43

Diet – minimizing the intake of toxins 44

Why we should avoid eating meat 47
Vegetarian cuisine 48
Microwaves 48
How much to eat? 48

When should we eat? 49
Tradition 49











Living should be a wonderful experience. The best and most important things in life
should be free and effortless. When we are born our bodies are perfect and they should
stay in a perfect state of health for as long as we want. Our attention should be free
from any worries whatsoever about disease, so we can fully concentrate on our own
development to achieve complete satisfaction and fulfillment.

So why we observe so much suffering around us? Why are so many people developing
cancer or other incurable or extremely uncomfortable diseases?

Why are there more and more incurable or chronic diseases? Why does our society
develop more sickness and it costs us more and more each year? Why our medical
sciences cannot succeed in improving our health?

This book attempts to answer the above and many other similar questions, with
simplicity, logical arguments and by referring to the available scientific literature for
those who might need it.

This book was written by a scientist (but not in way a medical practitioner), with a true
love for all human beings and all the life on our planet. Please forgive the author’s
criticism, which may seem to be too sharp at first. Among us, there are people who are
less loving than others. Some of us are less honest than most. There will also be those
among us who will sometimes try to take advantage of others.

The intention of this book is not to criticize anyone, but to provide for those interested
some critically selected information, and some loving advice so that everyone can help
himself/ herself to become healthier, happier and more loving for the benefit of us all.

All advice in this book is given with love, sincerity and the best scientific ability of the
Author who cured himself first and actively uses the techniques presented here on an
everyday basis.

The book was prompted by the increasing number of people becoming interested in the
spectacularly simple method of restoring health, engaging the Author in long and
exhausting discussions.

The main message of this book is following: you are totally (100%) responsible for the
state of your own health (all your diseases) and you also have complete power to
improve your health to the best possible state (in particular free yourself from any

There are no incurable diseases, only distorted knowledge, misinformation and your
limited understanding of what your mind and body are doing and why.

This book will not be long and laborious to read. The author is of opinion, that the
concise presentation is best. Information and arguments selected for this book are

carefully chosen from many books and articles to illustrate the main message and
present it in a logical and convinsing way. Those who might need additional
information and scientific evidence in certain areas in order to follow the author’s
reasoning, are referred to specific literature, which is listed in the References.

If you intend to use the advice from this book to heal yourself, please make sure, that
you fully understand that it is you who accept the full, undivided responsibility for the
health of your own mind and body. By taking the advice presented in this book you
confirm, that you have assumed such responsibility.

It is a sad fact, that we do not value our health until we lose it.

While the advice in this book will be helpful at any stage of any disease, it will be the
most effective, when your body is not yet damaged beyond repair. Prevention is much
better than cure.


Before we start to discuss the limitations of conventional medicine, let us consider the
following facts, which are very easy to verify, but for some reason or another escape
the attention of the public:

1. Medical Practice and research concentrates on the study of curing diseases,

rather than on the study of maintaining perfect health.

2. Medical Practice is BIG business (doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, drugs,

pharmaceutical supplies, health insurance, etc). This business as whole is not
interested at all about people getting healthy. On the contrary the more people
are sick, the better the business.

3. It is in the best interest of medical business to fight, criticize, ridicule, discredit

and preferably make illegal any method potentially capable of improving the
health of the population.

4. Medical Education and Research are funded to a large extend by chemical and
pharmaceutical companies, which are in a position to decide what to teach
doctors and what research direction should be funded. Note, that no research
can be performed if there are no funds to support it.

5. Centralized Medical Authorities (with members educated in the environment

describe above) have complete monopoly and also final jurisdiction over our
health. These authorities advice Governments that there will more sick to treat
next year, and it will cost more. They make recommendations, that health
insurance should be mandatory and that the best way to ensure this is to
introduce a health tax. Guess who benefits most from such a scheme?

6. People who control the chemical industry – the largest business on this planet –
are in a very special business position: on one hand they invent, manufacture
and recommend food additives, artificial sweeteners, food extracts, food
processing, plastics, cleaning agents, solvents, pollute our environment etc, and
on the other hand, they benefit greatly from our bad health by selling us drugs.
This state of affairs offers a unique opportunity for corruption. Such corruption
could be very difficult to detect, especially if there is a long delay between the
consumption of food additives or living in polluted environment and related
health effects (20 years for example) and if there are many possible diseases
(due to the varying proportion of additives and pollutants taken by each person).

7. Medical Business educates the population, that the only one way to cure
diseases is to use drugs (and surgery in extreme cases). We are told that drugs

are supposed to do the healing, and if one drug does not help, we should try
another. We are made to believe that for each disease there should be a different
“cure” in the form of a drug. The single most important document in any
modern medical, practice becomes a prescription. Have you ever a left a
doctor’s surgery without one?

8. We are told that we are not in any way responsible for our diseases. They “just
come with age” or “they are result of an infection”, or “there are aggressive
bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms trying to kill us” and everybody
around is getting sick anyway, so we are not alone in our suffering Therefore,
we should accept our sickness together with drug treatment and pay for it too.

9. Doctors are paid in accordance with the number of patience they attended
without regard to the results they produce (the cure rate). This encourages
doctors to work in a hurry to attend as many patients as possible.

10. Doctors who successfully cure patients using their own observation, talent and
reasoning and who do not strictly follow the prevailing medical doctoring, not
only risk to be criticized by orthodox practitioners, but also risk losing their
“license” to practice, even if ALL their patients are grateful helping them.

The above facts suggest the conclusion, that progress in the medical science is limited
to the areas of study of diseases and to the development of drugs, extracts, hormones,
etc .to “cure” these diseases and/or provide some relief.
It was therefore convenient for medicine to adopt the so called “bacteria theory of
disease”. Briefly speaking, this theory, introduced by Pasteur, states that each disease is
“caused” by the corresponding “bug” – a bacterium. This theory has gained universal
public and scientific acceptance. According to the theory, killing bacteria by newly
found chemicals, antibiotics, enzymes, etc. should be the ultimate function of medicine.

Bacteria and viruses

Most of us, (including most doctors and medical scientists) are kept unaware that the
“bacteria” theory of disease is simply NOT true, and there is evidence, that Pasteur
himself has falsified his own records to advance his own career. Among the most
important things Pasteur did not report are:
• All bacteria can very quickly change according to their environment, not only
from generation to generation, but in a single lifetime. This means that a simple
change of conditions (bacteria food supply) can create a new type of bacteria in
a few minutes! Friendly acidophilus in our intestines could quickly become any
other bacteria- if its environment changes. Any particular bacterium can
become any other bacterium and revert back again, if the conditions (food
supply) change
• Bacteria need food to survive and multiply. No food – no bacteria. Bacteria can
only feed on dead organic matter. (There is no bacteria known to eat any living
cells). If organism does not provide the necessary conditions for bacteria to
multiply (there is no dead organic matter and toxins) such an organism is not
susceptible to bacteria invasion and it does not get sick at all. Therefore if you
inject bacteria to induce a disease – only 40-60% of the weakest organisms will
develop a disease and among those who do, there will be several types of
different symptoms (different diseases), depending on the particular
combination of pre-existing conditions for each individual organism.
• Given time, bacteria can learn and adapt themselves to extreme conditions, by
entering into a hidden state, undetectable by conventional types of microscopes.
When you restore favorable conditions (food supply) once more, bacteria
appears and starts multiplying again. In modern medicine such bacteria are
known as “drug resistant”.

With regards to viruses, most of the “facts” made available to the general public are
simply not true. Viruses are not alive. This is official. They cannot move, do not have
any metabolism, cannot multiply and do not have any attribute whatsoever associated
with living organisms. They are simply very complex organic compounds (nucleic
acids), created and modified as a result of the activity of surrounding living cells. Some
of the above compounds (viruses) could be quite toxic. Bacteria can use viruses as
food. Our cells use and produce viruses in the metabolic processes.

The above facts indicate, that ever-present viruses and living bacteria in our body are in
perfect symbiosis with it in a healthy state (the fact widely accepted by medical
science) and therefore they are not the cause of disease.

When we are healthy, there is hardly any food for bacteria in our body, except in the
intestines. Bacteria live there happily, helping us greatly to break down and absorb
complex food as well as to dispose toxins. If our diet is healthy, we have only
“friendly” bacteria, which are perfectly adapted to feed on and break down such food
for us.

All bacteria are under the strict control of our mind-body system. Medicine says that
our “immune system” is functioning properly.

However, when our body becomes damaged, poisoned, overloaded with toxins, it
makes an effort to dispose of and/or break down dead matter and toxic deposits,
wherever they may be accumulated. Modern medicine knows very well which toxins
are accumulated in which organ. For example benzene goes directly and accumulates in
the thymus gland. Bacteria from the intestines are allowed to enter the blood stream and
are transported to the disposal site. Very quickly these bacteria adapt to the local
conditions. The bacteria most adequate to these conditions is created and toxic/dead
organic matter is transformed by it, hopefully for easier disposal by the body.

When the toxic sites are large, the proportion of bacteria explodes. Different types of
bacteria will be adapted to the current condition in this part of the body. Bacteria in
large amounts may create additional toxins which usually do not help us and cause
certain symptoms, enabling us sometimes to identify their type. In this scenario,
bacteria are not the cause of disease, but they simply take the advantage of any initial
pre-existing toxic state in our body. Killing bacteria with antibiotics sometimes gives
relief, because you gave your body more time to restore the balance, reducing the rate
at which toxins are neutralized and excreted.

Medicine has already tried the concept of sterile (bacteria free) body. It was shown
beyond doubt, that it does not lead to a good health at all.

In view of the above, the statement that viruses or bacteria cause disease is therefore no
more accurate, than saying that files cause garbage. (For more details, read the book by
Arther Baker, listed in the reference)

The mind

Very little attention in the medical literature is paid to the functioning of a perfectly
healthy mind in a perfectly healthy body. I highlighted the mind here with a reason. To
be exact, conventional medicine largely ignores the mind as the ultimate manager of all
functions of the body, and therefore ignores the role of the patient’s ultimate command
over his own body.

The current scientific model of the human body is electrochemical (biochemical). The
body is divided into many different organs, each producing and/or accepting various
biochemical compounds. The nervous system somehow (?) produces electrical
impulses controlling the lot. These electrical impulses cause various organs to produce
complex chemical reactions. Going deeper into details, DNA, the chemical messengers
theory etc. the picture becomes complex beyond comprehension, and still does not
explain the wonderful functioning of our body. Medicine accepts, that the “program”
controlling all vital functions of the body is embedded in our “subconscious mind” (the
“sub” probably meaning that this part is considered lower or less important).

The orthodox science treat our conscious thinking mind as the highest possible, and yet
they all admit that using it, they cannot comprehend and explain how their own bodies
function in detail and why.

In contrast, yogis for thousands of years demonstrate that it is possible to control every
function of their body (including the stopping of the heart for a couple of days) by
learning to attain higher states of consciousness.

Medical education

Students of medicine, our future doctors, are forced to memorize an enormous quantity
of bits and pieces of information, the most important being the names of chemicals and
hormones and their relationship to various organs and functions of the body.

I highlighted the “bits and pieces”, because they do not form a complete picture of the
way our body functions. To a serious scientist their collection poses more questions
than it provides answers.

After young doctors complete their University studies and their initial supervised
practice, they practice on their own, continuing their “education” during their working

Let us analyse, how they update their knowledge. Critical study of Medical Journals
and complex results of clinical research requires time and significant effort from
doctors for which they are not being paid. Another source of new information is that
concerning new drugs manufactured by chemical companies. This information is
simple and quick to absorb: it comes with short and complete instructions on how to
prescribe drugs to patients, details of dosages etc. It also comes with “free samples” of
drugs to make the doctor familiar with the name of the drug, by being always at hand.
Well-informed drug sales representative would offer a doctor personal assistance in
acquiring familiarity with any new drug. Each year a multitude of new drugs is
introduced to medical practice in this way. After several years of medical practice, most
of the doctor’s new knowledge comes from such sales representatives, who usually do
not have any medical education at all.


Previous chapter in this book provided quite some criticism of the practice of
conventional medicine.

The indisputable progress in many areas of medical and other related sciences was yet
to be mentioned. This would include among others: the life saving emergency
treatments, technology and instrumentation for chemical and biological analysis and the
breathtaking progress on the frontiers of “mind-body” medicine.

Deepak Chopra, MD, a pioneer of modern mind-body medicine, is the author of

numerous inspiring and mind-bending books, which are listed in the References. In his
books, he illustrates the process of mind and body interaction drawing up on many
clinical examples as well as research results from medical science and modern quantum
physics. He has met and continues to meet with the considerable oppositions from his
colleagues- conservative medical scientists, who insist that they should see everything
under their microscope to believe it. Deepak Chopra points out, that medical science
simply ignore monumental advances made in other sciences, mainly in the Quantum

Not only do microscopes have limited resolution, and the visible band width of light is
extremely narrow (0.4-0.7 micrometers), but even if we could separately look at each
molecule, atom or an elementary particle – there is exactly nothing to look at !
Physicists have found quite a long time ago, that any elementary particle or atom is just
a form of energy, oscillating in some state of equilibrium, and therefore it is essentially
99.999% empty space. We can see, detect or sense the matter composed from such
atoms, only because their energy interacts with us as observers, i.e. for example reflects
light that is visible to us. On that level of understanding, even physicist agree, that there
is essentially no difference between thought and matter. Thought can become matter
and matter can become a thought. Deepak Chopra gives some stunning examples of
such transformations not from the mysterious past, but from within the contemporary

If you need more explanations from the modern Quantum Physics point of view, and do
not feel an expert in physics, please read an excellent book “Superforce”, by Paul
Davies, listed in the references. Paul Davies is a respected professor of physics, and
does a wonderful job of explaining achievements of modern physics to non-experts. It
is really worth the effort to read his book.

Another excellent book in this area is “The Brief History of Time” by Stephen
Hawkins, also listed in the references.

Modern medicine: a summary
This chapter is not by any means a complete critical analysis of modern medicine.
Perhaps it could serve as a friendly warning to many of us to be careful, treasure our
health, and to analyse critically any advice (including mine) because medicine does not
have all the answers.

Also, by showing selected limitations of conventional medicine, this chapter invites the
reader to increase his/her awareness of other healing techniques available to all of us


People have been curing themselves in various ways for many thousands of years.
Over this time, some techniques have proved to be quite effective and popular.
Almost every civilization in the past had its own selection of the best medical
practices. We are very fortunate today, that some of this information is still
available and we can take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of many
generations of talented and enlightened people.

Please let me point out, that the original principles of orthodox medicine essentially
support the view, that the patients should be able to seek another opinion.

A growing number of people, especially when confronted with a diagnosis of a

disease considered “incurable” by orthodox medicine (such as advanced cancer for
example) turn to alternative forms of treatments, which were proven through
centuries. To the surprise of orthodox doctors, many of such patients succeed in
greatly improving their state of health and surviving for many years, against all
predictions and expectations based up on medical statistics.

The alternative techniques include, among others:

• Acupuncture
• Massage
• Herbal therapies
• Nutrition and diet
• Fasting (an extreme form of diet)
• Ayurvedic (ancient Indian ) therapies
• Spiritual healers
• Oxygen and ozone therapies
• Meditation and relaxation therapies
• Radionics and electro-magnetic therapies
• Going to famous mineral springs in the mountains (Lourdes in France for
example), drinking the water and bathing in it.
• removing some blood from the body
• going to bed and inducing sweating
• taking sauna

This list is probably not complete, but nevertheless, just by taking a look at it, it is hard
to notice the extreme diversity of healing techniques. They range from purely physical
methods concentrating on the physical body (herbs, diet, oxygen, massage,
physiotherapy etc.) to purely spiritual methods, totally ignoring the physical body
(spiritual healing, meditation etc.). Several techniques (Acupuncture, Ayurveda)
combine the extraordinary accurate and detailed knowledge of both the mind and the

To me, the most striking is the absence of surgery. I think, there is a reason for it. The
design of our body is actually perfect. The mind-body system as a whole has been
designed to function perfectly, to defend itself against disease, and to rebuild any
damaged parts for as long as we wish. Our wise ancestors did not try to improve the
design by removing or changing parts.

For orthodox scientists, the most controversial are all spiritual methods, in which some
external healer (or even the “patient” himself) controls the healing of the body by
influencing the state of mind of the patient, and showing his (usually severely inhibited)
“subconscious” mind how to perform the required repair job in the most efficient way.

I do not like to use the term “subconscious” here. In my experience, such a state of
mind is in many ways superior to our normal conscious state we are used to in our
everyday lives. In my opinion, a better description of it would be a “state of higher
consciousness” or a “state of connection to a higher intelligence” or perhaps a “super-
conscious” state. No words can adequately describe such a state, which in itself has
many levels, some quite close to our physical body and some very far from it. Some
initial states of higher consciousness are quite easy to learn, while access to advanced
super- conscious states may require many years of or even a life time of practice with
an expert guidance.

Spiritual healing can be the most spectacular of all healing methods, but only when the
healer is gifted, that is, he has access as well as a command of higher state of
consciousness. Examples of such healing experiences are so memorable, that many of
them have been described in the most important documents of human civilization such
as the Bible and other scriptures, attracting generations of people over many centuries
to create and support various religions.

In more recent times, the reader can find many cases of such healing from books
written by professional spiritual healers, like Betty Shine for example, (see the

Researchers and scientists hate deny and ignore such healing, because they cannot
“see” the healing mechanism using their instruments, and they cannot create such
healing in their laboratories so they can study it. If only they could attain the “super-
conscious” state themselves – they would not only understand the process of spiritual
healing, but perhaps they would also change their job.

The last statement requires some explanation. Those scientists who negate the existence
and consequences of the state of higher consciousness do so simply because they do not
have to access to it. On the other hand, those who are fully enlightened – never become
scientists, because they see very little purpose in developing the physical sciences as we
know them today.

To explain this, consider for example why the same scientists, representing the elite of
human knowledge at some stage of development (today), would never think of trying to
teach bees to make a perfect nest from carbon fibre. Similarly, after graduating from a

university, you would have very little motivation to enroll once again in primary school
in order to improve your marks. Attaining higher levels of understanding permanently
changes our perception of reality and direction of development.

Most of the healing techniques listed above, require visits to highly skilled and
informed practitioners. This severely limits access of potential patients of them,
especially when the medical education system favors certain doctrines and the legal
system creates a tight monopoly for practitioners of such doctrines by making all other
practices illegal.

For example, the newly amended Australian health legislation, effective from 1 July
1994, threatens to severely penalize doctors incorporating into their practice techniques
of natural health such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine
and relaxation as well as meditation therapy.

In many countries it is illegal to practice medicine without a license issued by the

system, supporting the prevailing medical doctrine.

In view of this, the best choice for all people is learn to heal themselves as well as learn
how to avoid diseases in the first place.

The purpose of this chapter is not a comparison or assessment of various healing

techniques. Each of them has a deep background in the wisdom and knowledge of
many generations of gifted and enlightened people. Rather than comparing various
healing techniques, I will try to show the missing link, a common denominator, uniting
al healing techniques, thereby explaining a key to healing.

I will try to explain how and why the study of all known healing techniques in one way
or another helped me to understand the fundamental principles of healing, resulting in
the method presented further in this book. I will refer to various aspects of each of the
healing techniques listed above whenever appropriate.


If you cut yourself with a sharp object, the wound heals itself in a few days. If the
damage is not excessive, the repair job is so perfect, that in few weeks you cannot even
find the location of the cut.

All you need to do is not disturb the healing process – protect the wound from getting
dirty and keep the separated parts together.

Now let us analyse in more detail, what exactly happens in such a healing process.

When you cut yourself it hurts. The pain informs you, which part of your body requires
attention. When you attend the wound promptly by cleaning it with clean water or your
own saliva and covering it perhaps, the pain is greatly reduced. If you do not clean the
wound, it would be automatically cleaned by the blood flowing from it, and then the
blood flow would be stopped.

During the healing process, the pain is limited or eliminated, unless you try to use the
damaged organ too soon – increasing pain informs you immediately that your organ is
not yet ready.

The body performs a repair job on itself. All cells which were separated by a cut are
growing to join together again. There are many different types of cells and tissues being
reconstructed and then connected. Even if some of the tissue is missing, the body
replaces it. Sometimes a temporary scar tissue is used, which is later replaced by the
optimal tissue selected by the body.

Note that all this microsurgery with perfectly adjusted anesthetic happens automatically
within your body. No one has any right to take any credit for such healing. You did the
healing for yourself, with the perfect result.

In the healing process, your attention was not bothered with any boring details of
healing process. It seems, that the healing method, together with the detailed
regeneration and repair schedule for every cell has already been known. Your attention
was not engaged in any minute details, because all these details have been solved long
ago during your evolution, have been stored somewhere between the DNA and your
subconscious mind, and are simply not worth paying attention to.

In a similar way, your attention is not engaged in any of the normal functions of your
body like digestion, metabolism, blood circulation, temperature control or growing

It seems, that the body self healing described above is also a normal function, deserving
no more of your attention than blood circulation, metabolism or growing hair.

It is easy to point out, that the body self-healing described above is not limited to cuts
and bruises. On the contrary – it covers every possible organ and every possible
function of our body.

Simple logic also suggests that such healing occurs all the time, and every organ is
actually continuously being repaired “on the go” – as required.

When the body performs such self repair without turning our attention to it, we feel
healthy and comfortable. Everybody, including medical practitioners recognize such a
situation as a state of good health. We feel happy and content, and we never think of
seeking any medical advice. We also feel that whatever we do to our body in such a
state is right.

A natural question arises: are there any limits to such healing?

Let us come back again to our example of a simple cut.

Again, simple logic supported by practical experience suggests that the more damage is
made to the body – the more difficult will be the corresponding repair job. When the
damage is excessive, for example a limb is totally crushed or detached from the body,
the healing process becomes extremely difficult.

The above description is quite simplified explanation of the body self-healing process,
which nevertheless offers a sufficient and quite convincing explanation for many of us.

Those who need more examples and arguments or those willing to learn in greater
detail can find more information in the wonderful and inspiring books of Deepak
Chopra for example, which are listed in the References.


So we have perfect body, capable of automatic self-repair, without even bothering us

with any mundane details of its repair jobs. A program embedded in our DNA and the
subconscious mind, developed through billions of years of existence of various life
forms, automatically manages all repairs to optimize our comfort and performance.

However, there is one very important condition.

As we noticed from the example in the previous chapter, the repair is carried out
perfectly and effortlessly, only when the extent of the damage to the body is limited.

Let us try to explore the limits to the extent of such damage.

The key question is this:

How much abuse can our body withstand, before it fails to function
It is quite difficult to answer this question without additional information and analysis.

Let us start by examining the ways by which we could possibly abuse our mind-body
system during our life. A short list of possible means of abuse is presented below.
1. Poisoning.
2. Wrong diet.
3. Overeating.
4. Not enough sleep or rest
5. Accumulation of stress and anxiety
6. Bad hygiene
7. Excessive physical activity
8. Exposure to radiation
9. Exposure to noise
10. Exposure to dust

Note, that in many cases, our limited knowledge does not allow us to predict the extend
of the damage and therefore we could easily underestimate the consequences of our

In some cases we can be aware, that we are abusing our body, and I would like to
exclude such cases from further consideration. Simply speaking, we should be prepared
for facing the consequences of any such abuse, whatever their extend might be.

It is an abuse, which we are not aware of, which is actually the most important. The
main reason for such importance is the fact, that without our knowledge and consent
such abuse can continue over one’s lifetime. This especially applies to situations, when

there is a significant delay in symptoms. As a result we could face problems, without
ever realizing the reason for them.

Some of the means of abuse listed above are sporadic, while others continue over an
entire lifetime. Simple logic dictates that the latter should deserve our special attention,
because their source is basically in our ignorance and/or misinformation.

Now, let us go back to our list of possible means of abuse and examine in which areas
our ignorance (or pride that we know best) could lead to slow, but more or less
continuous damage to our body without our consent.

With respect to radiation the situation is different. We have to use scientific instruments
to assess the danger. Japanese had to use Geiger counters to examine their food after
World War 2. I have not heard anyone opposing the view that we should avoid
radiation as much as possible, so I will not dispute this either.

The first three items on the list of means of abuse should deserve our special attention.
1. Poisoning.
2. Wrong diet.
3. Overeating.

All three are not clear and objective: it is not clear what exactly is a “poison”, it is
questionable just what represents a “wrong” diet and just how much food is actually too

As a result, all three forms of abuse may co-exist over an entire lifetime, only because
we are misinformed.

Notice, that all three relate closely to our diet (food and beverage consumption).

Diet and its consequences
Let us take an example of the involuntary abuse of our body.

Suppose your water supply contains a poison which has no taste in low concentration
(eg. fluoride). Your body has a limited capacity to metabolise, neutralise and excrete
such a toxic poison. In the first few years it copes very well. But the intake of the
poison gradually exceeds the capacity of the body to expel it. So the poison
accumulates somewhere in your body, in your bones for example. When the
concentration of this poison exceeds a certain limit, perhaps after 10-20 years of
drinking such water, you may develop symptoms of arthritis. The actual delay as well
as symptoms may vary, depending on your lifestyle, diet etc..

Now imagine, that your diet contains an unknown number of mysterious ingredients.

Your body tries to cope. It never lets you down, if it is at all possible. It tries to
metabolise and excrete everything, but unfortunately you take some more toxins in
with your next meal. Unable to free itself from all unwanted substances, the body
temporarily deposits some of these substances in various forms and in various organs
around your body in the hope, that conditions for their disposal may arise later.
However, you do not know and do not care about creating such conditions. Temporary
deposits become permanent and continue to grow. If the deposits are not toxic enough
to actually kill you immediately, depending on a number of conditions:

• you can become overweight and/or

• your body enters a state of “healing crisis” – simply speaking you develop a
disease and/or
• your body begins to age quickly-the rate of damage is accelerated

Note, that the conclusion we reached by examining the natural functions of our body is
that the development of diseases in the body is a direct consequence of diet, the fact
that Medical science started admitting only recently.

We also found how we can tell that we are eating the wrong diet. Our body from time
to time enters into an uncomfortable state of “healing crisis” (commonly known as
“disease”) trying to communicate to our conscious mind that it cannot cope any more
and we should change our ways.

We have also determined how to tell if we are eating too much. We simply become

Note, that in each case analysed above there was a significant delay between our
actions and their consequences to our health.

Medical science knows very well what is toxic. Most of medical research is directed
towards investigation of how various poisons, created by the chemical industry, can be
used for “therapeutic purposes”. Scientists know very well which toxins are
accumulated in which parts (organs) of our body for “temporary safe keeping” and
possible disposal.

For example fluoride accumulates in our bones and joints, benzene and related
chemicals in the thymus gland, wood alcohol in the pancreas and eyes, etc..

There is no point of discussing each toxin in detail here, so only a few selected
examples have been noted.

Parasites and toxins

Apart from friendly bacteria, there are other “friends” which live happily in our bodies.
Medical science calls them parasites. Their activity in a healthy body is limited to the
intestines, which is, strictly speaking, outside the body proper.

In particular, humans are hosts to the “human intestinal fluke” (fasciolopsis buskii).
Fluke means “flat”, because it belongs to a family of flatworms. If you eat meat and
other animal products, you could have many more parasites like for example
Eurytrema, the pancreatic parasite of cattle.

These parasites have to go through certain stages to multiply. A pure and healthy body
can predict these stages, expel the eggs before they have time to hatch, and therefore we
could live in symbiosis with our “friends”, because their population is limited.

However, very special processes occur if we have certain toxins in our body, called
solvents. Examples of solvents are: benzene, all types of alcohol (propyl, wood
alcohol), toluene, xylene etc..

The liver, kidneys, and other blood purifying organs in our body are overloaded with
requests to process the above solvents, together with other toxins you take with your
food, and they are unable to detect and kill tiny little stages of parasites, thereby
allowing them to circulate around the body with the blood stream. In addition, the
existence of solvents forces thousands of parasite eggs to hatch prematurely. Flukes in
various stages grow and multiply everywhere around the body, attaching themselves to
any organ where favorable conditions exist.

Some of the possible consequences are listed below:

Propyl alcohol : accumulates in your liver. Adult flukes occupy the liver, but eggs and
other stages circulate and grow everywhere around your body, producing excessive
amounts of powerful cell growth hormones, forcing your organ cells to divide. This is

exactly what our Medical science calls cancer. 100% of cancer patients have propyl
alcohol in their bodies.

Wood alcohol (methanol) : accumulates in your pancreas and in the eyes. The favorite
spot for adult flukes becomes the pancreas. Their activity causes diabetes. 100% of
people with diabetes have wood alcohol in their pancreas.

Benzene : this extremely toxic solvent (comparable in toxicity to a radioactive

uranium) accumulates in your thymus gland, gradually damaging it. Adult flukes
colonise the thymus gland, which, by the way, produces T-cells, identified by our
Medical Science to be related to the functions of immune system. Fluke activity
gradually reduces the capacity of the thymus gland to produce T-cells. When the
thymus gland cannot produce enough T-cells, our immune system can fail completely.
The condition of low T-cells count is what the medical profession calls AIDS
(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). 100% of all AIDS patients have benzene in
their thymus gland. If you have the tiniest amount of benzene accumulated in your
thymus, your immune system is impaired and you get sick more frequently.

Toluene and xylene: they go to your brain. Adult flukes colonise your brain and you
develop Alzheimer disease.

Solvents in prostate: Adult flukes colonise the prostate and you develop chronic
prostatitis. In the case of uterus: in the presence of adult flukes you develop
endometriosis etc., etc..

The above are just a few examples of the many diseases caused by the existence of
various toxins in our body, after our parasite friends have taken advantage of it.

Since the main purpose of this book is to reveal a key to perfect health, rather than to
provide a study of all possible diseases, no more examples will be given.

Curious readers can find many more details, hundreds of clinical case histories as well
as remedies suggested by medical scientists in the two mind opening books of Hulda
Regher Clark. PhD, N.D, “The cure for all cancers with 100 case histories”, and “The
cure for HIV and AIDS with 70 case histories” listed in the References.

The ancient American Indian’s herbal technique to assist the body in purging parasites
is given in the Appendix A (after Hulda Regher Clark)

Where are toxins ?

A logical question arises: how is it possible for all those nasty things to enter our
bodies? Where do they come from? It is certainly not our intention to ingest any of
them in any concentration whatsoever.

Again, I cannot possibly provide a complete list in this book, so I give you only a few
hints and examples.

Common products which could have propyl alcohol in them include cosmetics,
perfumes, deodorants, shampoo, hair spray, mouth wash, body lotions, vegetable oils,
antiseptics, shaving creams and rubbing alcohol. Propyl alcohol is also listed on the
product labels as propanol or isopropanol. Any compound having a “prop” sequence in
their name should raise your suspicion.

Benzene is so deadly, that it should be totally absent from our environment. Yet, traces
of it can be found in many products ranging from bottled water to toothpaste and
chewing gum. Benzene is not added intentionally in any food product. However, it is
used in the process of extracting food additives, flavours and as a cleaning agent. Most
products containing added flavours or extracts potentially contain traces of benzene. A
typical example is a mint extract from mint leaves which is used in toothpaste, chewing
gum and confectionery. Any product containing any food extracts and /or flavours
potentially contains traces of benzene. Simple logic tells us that we should avoid such
foods. Benzene is also added to unleaded petrol (gasoline).

Xylene, toluene and other solvents are used in paints, cleaning agents, petrol
(gasoline), colour pen markers and other consumer products. Of course, you do not eat
such products, but you can breathe the solvents into your lungs. It is quite logical, that
you should avoid inhaling any solvents.

For further examples, go to the library and inspect Chemical Dictionary. Look up the
solvents listed above and read in what quantities they are manufactured and how they
are used in the food industry. Prepare yourself for a shock.

Mercury is one of the most toxic metals to our body. It directly affects most of the
functions of the brain. Yet, it has been used for decades in the form of dental amalgam
fillings. As the mercury is slowly released from the amalgam – such fillings act
basically like toxic time bombs. See the References for more details.

Fluoride is very toxic and for years has been used as a rat poison. Yet, most of the
municipal water in USA, Australia and many other countries is poisoned with it. The
only large city in Australia having fluoride-free water is Brisbane, and interestingly
enough, children in Brisbane have the healthiest teeth in the country.

It is little known, that in 1990-91 forty US dentists sued the American Dentist
Association for misinforming the public and the dental profession about the effects and
extent of amalgam and fluoride poisoning (NEXUS Vol 2 No 2 February 1991).

From just the few examples listed above, it becomes quite clear that it may be quite
difficult, if not impossible, to avoid toxins completely.

However, it is quite possible for us to take precautions and to change our lifestyle to:
• minimize the intake of poisons
• assist our body in its natural purification processes

in the following chapters I will show you how you can do this.

The information presented in the previous chapters, supported by honest clinical
observations, indicates without any doubt the ultimate reason for all diseases: poisoning
of our body beyond its capacity of poison neutralization.

Everything else, no matter how complicated, involving other living creatures (bacteria,
parasites etc.) or not, is just a consequence.

We have also found, that the poisoning of our body is largely our own doing, caused by
our ignorance or misinformation.

So, we have unspecified combination of toxins in our body. We feel OK, but we could
feel much better as well as look much younger. What should we do?

The answer is plain and simple : detoxify your body first, and do not continue to poison
it again !

Get rid of toxins as quickly as effectively as possible. Doing so, and purifying your
body you restore the body’s natural healing powers.

Your mind-body system will be able to heal itself quickly, with the minimum possible
effort from you and with your minimal conscious attention.

This is the first and necessary step to true healing.

Before discussing available natural strategies for detoxification, I would like to turn
your attention to the second, very important condition of true healing: purification of
your mind.


When your body is poisoned, overloaded with excess food and toxins, your mind at all
levels (from the sub-conscious to super-conscious) is forced to assist emergencies
arising in various organs of your body. This is an extremely low level of activity of the
mind (a fight for survival), perhaps the lowest possible.

To understand better what I am talking about, I give you an example.

Consider that your house is on fire. Without any hesitation, you will direct all your
undivided attention and efforts to this emergency. You will try to extinguish the fire,
save as many items of value from the house, save yourself, your family and other
people in danger. Your mind will be totally engaged in the emergency operation.

It is quite easy to imagine, that it will be possible for you under such circumstances to
direct your mind into a more subtle mode or to creative activity like writing a book,
solving a complex problem or programming your computer for example, when your
house is on fire and you and your family are in danger. Imagine your boss phoning you
in the middle of the fire with some ideas for you to work on. You will simply cut all
conversation and attend the emergency immediately.

Now let us look back your body. If it is not pure enough, your mind is busy attending
“fires” in various organs. You feel dull and become tired quickly. You have difficulties
concentrating. If your body is in the “healing crisis” (simply speaking you feel sick),
the least you feel like doing is thinking. You simply cannot think ! Any request for
thinking hard is like a telephone from your boss during the fire : our higher mind cuts
all cuts all communications.

Similar effects can be observed after large meals, when you overload your mind with
food. According to medical science food should give you energy. But instead, you feel
tired and sometimes even sick. Your mind is slow and tired too. Any request for
thinking, returns a feeling of being sleepy and ready to rest.

In the other extreme, people aiming at the highest possible activity and development of
mind (to the point of complete enlightenment and unification with the entire universe)
have to have very pure physical bodies. Masters of yoga in the Himalayas hardly eat
anything at all.

The purity of the physical body frees enormous resources of mind. If properly directed,
such resources could used to acquire many natural skills considered miraculous or
supernatural by normal people.

Creating matter by a pure thought, flying around the galaxy and the Universe in your
various astral bodies, being consciously present at several locations at any one time,
learning anything at all instantly in complete silence, understanding all languages by
direct telepathy, are just a few primitive examples of what is possible. There are no
limits to our spiritual development. It is only a question of time and our own free will.

However, when our physical bodies are poisoned, your “house” is on fire. Most of the
resources of the mind are simply not available. We are forced to crawl spiritually.

Fortunately, from time to time, our higher mind gives us a chance or a hint, on how to
improve your situation. Just in case we are ready to learn. The fact that you are reading
this book is an example. (It is a sad fact, that most people just do not listen and do not
want to learn. They criticice and doubt everything and everyone, except their own
ignorance. They do not see, and they have a lot to learn).

Note, that it is actually your mind, which makes a decision to initiate purification of
your body a well as for itself. You make it for yourself. During the process of
purification of the body you feel great. You will find, that your mind is sharp and your
intelligence increased. Any creative work or study will be much easier. By maintaining
the purity of the body, you will be able to attain new levels of understanding, gain new
skills and knowledge with very little effort. You will see your life and its purpose in a
wonderful new perspective.

You can greatly assist the purification of the body, by trying to encourage certain states
of the mind and avoid others. Purification of your mind (thoughts) can be as important
as physical detoxification, since it is your mind at all levels which ultimately controls
every function of your body. Again, the subject is quite extensive, so I will give you
only the basic information and advice here.

Let go of fear: There is nothing in this world worth fearing about. This is not simply
my belief. I know. To fear is one of the worst things you can do to your mind. All
logical reasoning, not to mention the connection to your higher mind is completely
blocked. People know about it, and some of them use fear techniques to take advantage
of others. Look around. The field of medicine promotes the fear of disease. If they
succeed, you fear disease, even if you don’t have any, and this feeling actually replaces
the feeling of well being! Instead of enjoying your perfect health and being happy, you
worry! Fear blocks your thinking, and in this state you are easy to control by others,
who know it and want to take advantage of it. The technique of fear frequently used by
government and religious leaders as a tool to control of people. Let go of fear. It blocks
your mind. Ever use the technique of fear to control children. Use explanation,
examples and reasoning instead.

Eliminate feelings of anger, hate and anxiety. – they also block your mind at all
levels, preventing the natural state of well being and spiritual development.

Forgive everyone and everything. Hate and resentment also clog your mind. By
nourishing hatred and resentment you cannot gain anything except the same things
from others. On the other hand, forgiveness and tolerance could give you a key to
gaining respect and love.

Do not think of harming anyone or anything. Think of others the way you would like
others to think about you.

Let people do their mistakes. In most cases it is their best lesson. Help them only if
they ask for it. Note, that it works even with children. They learn faster. You just need
to predict excessive danger sometimes. People make mistakes because they do not
understand, and/or do not want to listen. Note, that you see mistakes of others better
than you see yours. We question everyone and everything except our own ignorance.
Once I was like that too.

Eliminate envy and jealousy from your mind. They are totally useless and severely
paralyse your intellectual capacity. Try an unconditional love instead. Do not shout
about love. Just replace all those nasty negative feelings in your own mind, for yourself.

Learn to listen to your higher mind – listen to the silence between thoughts. The best
information and advice, tailored exclusively for you at any given instant is there. All
talented people without exception access such as a state naturally. All their ideas spring
from there.

No words could possibly describe the connection with your own higher mind. In
comparison to the language of your higher mind, our spoken and written languages are
actually quite a primitive form of communication.

For example, the higher mind can communicate a book, musical symphony or a
scientific discovery, with all the minute details in a “flash” lasting only a second or two.
It may take many days or even years to “consciously” reconstruct and translate such
messages into text, music or mathematical formulae, which others can then understand.
Many people experience the state of euphoric joy, just by remembering such an
instance of connection with their own higher mind.

Your higher mind does not only communicate books and science. The above was just
one example. In fact it can help any of us in all imaginable aspects of our lives. We just
need to learn to listen.

The active practice of listening to your higher mind and developing a better connection
with it is what many wise people call “meditation”.

There are many meditation techniques passed on to us by our wise ancestors. There is
again no room here to analyse them even briefly. Perhaps the best I can do is to
summarise some of my personal experiences.

In my opinion, the single most important thing common to the best meditation
techniques is the teacher, or master, who is capable of showing you the access path to
your own higher mind. No words can describe this connection. You actually have to be
shown the beginning of your own path, together with some instructions, so you can
progress along it yourself every day.

I had two meditation teachers: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a leader of the Transcendental
Meditation (TM) movement, whom I never met and Master Ching Hai.

TM people will charge you about a thousand dollars for the basic technique and several
thousand dollars if you want to learn more advanced techniques. In my opinion, the
gaining of knowledge, for those who are ready to learn, should be essentially free of
any charges, so I could not justify the latter. However, I must say, that I have had
considerable degree of success, using the basic TM technique.

Master Ching Hai, on the other hand, teaches you the Quan Yin method, known for
thousands of years to be the best meditation technique, totally free of charge. Her
organization does not even accept donations. The only way to help their activity
financially is to buy books, works of art, fashion clothes and other things they produce.
Master Ching Hai’s requirement to teach you the Quan Yin method is your
commitment to become a vegetarian for life and to meditate 2.5 hours each day.
(Master Ching Hai books are listed in the References).

After meditating for some time I noticed, that my life has become much easier. Most
problems, including stress, have been practically eliminated. I have found that nothing
is truly difficult to understand, you just need to learn to listen to your higher mind.

I have also found that development of our wisdom is actually the purpose of our
existence. Life is just a lesson. If we do not learn, it becomes harder, until we do.



We will discuss only natural detoxification methods here. By natural I mean methods of
assisting and/or enhancing the natural cleansing mechanisms the body already uses

Let us consider some of the organs which are responsible for the excretion of the toxic
waste from our body, and see how we can assist in this process.

Lungs. All our blood passes through the net of blood vessels in the lungs and is
oxygenated. This process provides oxygen, necessary to the process of extracting
energy from our food. Using this oxygen our body is able to oxygenate (burn) food as
well as toxins. Excretion is achieved by exhaling carbon dioxide together with other
(sometimes quite aromatic) gases. How can we assist? Surely lots of clean fresh air
would make a difference. Improved breathing techniques could also help. According to
the teachings of yoga our breathing should be quite slow and contain four distinct
phases: slow inhaling, a wait period, slow exhaling another wait period. For some
people it happens so naturally, that they do not pay attention to it. However it is
possible to acquire bad habits, in which case some breathing exercises may help. For
instructions regarding breathing technique, look up the books “The oxygen
breakthrough” or “Oxygen therapies” listed in References or read a book about yoga.

Skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body. We tend to underestimate its function in the
metabolism process and in particular its excretion capacity. When we sweat, glands in
our skin expel toxic waste, which usually does not smell nice. We should clean the skin
from such waste, because it clogs the skin, reducing the capacity to excrete more toxins.
However, we should be careful which cleaning agents (solvents!) we use, because the
skin also has the ability to absorb substances into our body. Techniques to accelerate
skin excretion (sweating) are for sauna and moderate exercise. Their roles in the
acceleration of the detoxification processes are described in separate sections further on
in this book.

Bowel. By weight, most of the solid waste leaves our body here. So any improvement
in the rate of detoxification should definitely start here. Colonic or even a simple enema
can relieve your body from many kilograms of toxic waste, you should not be attached
to at all. For more detail see a section about the enema later in this book.

Urinary system. Most of the liquid or water soluble waste leaves our body through the
urinary system. How can we improve here? Drinking a lot (2-5 liters) of pure water a
day will make a great impact on the fluid exchange processes in our body, enabling
improved flushing of unwanted waste. After all, our body is 75% water and our brain is
90% water. Pure water (in contrast to water polluted with chlorine, fluoride pesticides
and other nasties) is necessary to the process of proper fluid exchange.

Accelerating the detoxification process.
The natural detoxification processes performed by our body can be greatly accelerated
with your conscious help, thereby providing the basis for spectacular recovery and
healing of your body.

Notice, that many toxins accumulate in your body over your entire lifespan, and it may
take a considerable amount of time to purify your body in the detoxification process,
using techniques described in this chapter, you should notice significant health
improvement almost immediately.

Some of the most effective natural detoxification techniques are described below.
Please read the information below with careful attention, making sure that you
understand everything thoroughly without a doubt. Your complete understanding is
necessary for your own safety and comfort.

1. Cleaning the bowel.

Colonic or even a simple enema can relieve your body instantly from many kilograms
of toxic waste. Below I describe a simple technique for performing a natural enema.

1. Prepare the equipment for performing the enema. The best units available are
types used in hospitals, with a large capacity (2-3 liters) gravity tank, flexible
hose and a nozzle to be inserted in the anus. Consult a friendly nurse if in doubt.
Other units (enema syringe, see Fig.1 below) have a simple hand pump which is
used to pump water from any container into the flexible hose with a nozzle at the

Fig.1 Enema syringe (Higginson syringe). Valve is not necessary (it makes
cleaning/drying difficult). Instead, you can squeeze section 2 of the flexible hose with
your fingers before pressing the pump.

2. Prepare about 5 to 6 liters of water. Use lukewarm (body temperature) water
(preferably pure of filtered) for performing the enema. Avoid un specified
chemicals, Chlorine, detergents or soap etc. in the solution. If available, add a few
drops (3-5) of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every liter of water, (equivalent to 1
drop of 30% of hydrogen peroxide per 2 liters of water). Be very careful not to
exceed the specified concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Similar concentrations
of hydrogen peroxide occur naturally in the rain water high in the mountains and
in some springs (Lourdes, France). Hydrogen peroxide inside your bowel breaks
down into pure water and pure oxygen. Extra oxygen is then used to oxidize
toxins directly and serves as a safe antiseptic. Some of the free oxygen enters the
bloodstream right in the bowel, assisting greatly the surrounding cells in excreting
toxins. Never use any chemicals, soap or detergents in the water for enema.
The reason is simple: anything you put in will be immediately absorbed into your
blood stream. Adding chemicals, soap or detergents to your enema water makes
all procedure useless from the point of view of detoxification: you just add more

3. Insert the nozzle into your anus and let the water flow in (or pump it in). Try to
allow as much as water you can. Without causing any excessive discomfort or
pain. If you feel pain, stop the flow of water immediately.

4. Try to hold the water inside your bowels for at least a few seconds. It would be
best if you could do a few steps, jumps and perhaps a few sit-ups whilst still
holding the water inside you. But do not force yourself. Do whatever comes easy.

5. Sit on the toilet and let go off the water slowly. Do not try to accelerate the flow
of whatever comes out by excessive pressure. You may cause yourself
unnecessary discomfort. Do not rush. Let the body take its time to perform the
cleansing. To assist your intestines in the transportation and excretion of waste,
you can gently massage your stomach with your hands. Wait until all the activity
in the bowel stops, and you do not feel any reason to sit on the toilet. Clean
yourself with a tissue.

6. Repeat the sequence of steps 3-5 two or three times, until clean water comes out
from your bowel. Congratulations. You have just relieved your body from the
extra burden: a few kilograms of toxic waste. You should find, that you have used
most of the water.

The above procedure takes approximately one hour.

2. fasting

Fasting is the extreme form of diet, in which you do not eat at all and you drink
only pure water. Of course, fasting can be observed only for a very limited time. Most
effective fasting programs range from 1 to 6 weeks.

Fasting greatly accelerates purification and the healing processes in our body,
simply because we do not input anything to the body at all, thereby freeing and
unifying all body resources for the sole purpose of cleansing and healing. Note, that by
taking even small quantities of food we have to use significant amount of our body
resources to process and excrete it.

Never attempt fasting, without understanding and observing the method as well as
precautions described below.

Note, that every ancient civilization in the past had a tradition of fasting, at least
twice a year. Our wise ancestors many thousands of years ago knew very well about the
dangers of a poisoned body and incorporated this simple purification technique into
their way of life. Every known religion has originated from the teachings of enlightened
people, who tried to show others how to live. Of course fasting was also included in
their teachings. Unfortunately, with time, fasting has become less and less strict,
gradually loosing its original effectiveness and purpose.

Procedure for safe fasting

Before Fasting

Prepare a supply of pure water. Pure means exactly that. Note, that tap water
usually contains Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals from pipelines, traces of herbicides,
pesticides, solvents etc. and preferably it should not be used for drinking at all. Spring
water from safe source is probably the best. If no spring water is available, collect
enough rain water, preferably in the country, where the air is clean. Alternatively well
filtered water could be used. (See information about water filtering later in this thread)

2 days before fasting

Eat only light food, mostly fruit. No meat, no fish, no eggs. No alcohol. Drink at least 2
liters of water. Eat breakfast and lunch only. Skip dinner. Vegetarians could skip this
preparation and go to the next phase.

1 day before fasting

Eat only light food, mostly fruit. No meat, no fish, no eggs. No alcohol. Drink at least 2
liters of water. Eat breakfast and a light lunch only. Skip dinner.

In the evening make an enema (see detailed instructions provided already). This is the
single most important step. Never attempt fasting without making an enema first.

The reason is quite simple. Before fasting, your body expected a new load of food to
digest and absorb every day. When your intestines are full and you stop eating, some of
the food waste is absorbed back into your blood stream. This will cause extra
poisoning, because the body absorbs the toxic waste, which was prepared for excretion.
Making an enema cleanses the intestine, and the body, sensing nothing to absorb, enters
into a self-purifying mode of operation.

After the enema go to bed early. Your body is already in a self-cleansing state and will
continue to cleanse itself when you sleep.

1-st day of fasting

Your mind-body system has been working all night, preparing the most urgent deposits
for disposal. Your bowel should be full, despite the fact, that you cleansed it thoroughly
only a few hours ago and that you have not eaten anything that night at all.

Go to the toilet and let your bowel empty itself. If you have difficulties, make a quick
“single cycle” enema.

Go to work as usual. Do not eat anything at all. Drink as much water as you wish.
Never let the water bottle out of your sight. It should be everywhere with you.

You can go to the sauna and spend 3 sessions of 10-15 minutes there, drying the sweat
after each session with a towel. Do not go to a spa, unless the water there is ozonised
and chlorine/fluoride free.

In the evening perform another enema.

2-6day of fasting

No food. Water only. You should feel great. Your body just got rid of the huge amount
of the most urgent waste deposit during the previous days. Your natural instincts and
healing have been awakened.

If you feel that lack of food is indeed making you quite uncomfortable, you can add a
teaspoon of natural honey into your water two or three times a day. Do not add honey
to hot water. Lukewarm water is best.

Go to sauna if you feel like it. Do not do enemas everyday, only when you feel that
your bowel is full and your assistance is required. Do enema also when you feel sick .
Your body tells you that it has some extra toxins ready to dispose, and some of them
are being absorbed back, making you feel sick. Listen your body and trust your

Go to work as normal. If you are physically active – do your jogging, squash or tennis
as usual, but watch what your body is saying. You may have to adjust the intensity of
your exercise.

Note how sharp your mind is, and how easily it is for you to solve problems. Use this.
Study and read books, which you thought were too difficult for you. Engage in creative
activities. Notice how many ideas sp[ring to your mind.

7th day of Fasting

In my experience, this is the most difficult day. Some people may experience such
difficulties on 4th or 5th day of fasting. Your body enters into a higher level of
purification. Everything was easy to dispose is already gone. Now your body is getting
ready to expel toxic deposits which are much more difficult to metabolize, and usually
are more toxic too.

Your best strategy is to perform an enema in the morning (or in the evening of previous
day) and increase the intake of water during the day. Depending upon how you feel,
you may have to perform another enema in the evening. It is not only the quantity of
the waste in the bowels that is now important. The stuff in your intestines is now
extremely toxic, and you want to flush it, there by minimizing the chance of the
secondary absorption. Try to use pure water to make the enema solution.

8-14 day of fasting

No food. Water only. You should feel great. Your body just got rid of a huge amount of
the most urgent waste deposit during previous days. Your natural instincts and healing
have been awakened.

Go to work as usual.

If you feel that lack of food is indeed making you quite uncomfortable, you can add a
teaspoon of natural honey to your water two or three times a day. Notice how little is
required to restore complete comfort of your body and mind.

Use the increased efficiency of your mind to do some useful creative work. It is not
uncommon to write an article or even a book in just a few days.

Breaking the fast

This is another critical point in fasting. You can ruin most of your achievement, if you
subject your body to a food shock. Your sub-conscious mind may not believe you next
time you fast. Without realizing it, you may train it to expect a shock, rather than work
spontaneously and purify itself with maximum efficiency.

Your body is now pure. Your mind developed in many directions. Treat them both with
care and attention.

In the first day of breaking the fast,

Start by eating small quantities of food. Try to treat your body as that of a newly
born baby.

Eating one spoon of natural yoghurt (no flavors !!!) is a good start. Include
fresh fruit, but chew it very intensely. Eat very small quantities (baby size), but do so
quite frequently, every hour or two for example. Squeezing fresh fruit and nectars will
provide you with an excellent food. You may add honey to the (lukewarm) water if you

Some experience felt on the first day can be quite memorable. After fasting, you
are very sensitive and your instincts are very sharp. Not only you will find food to taste
differently. To your surprise you may discover some ordinary food like bread to be
more toxic than others (natural yoghurt for example), especially if you take it as your
first food after fasting. The sensation after swallowing the first bite of such food can be
compared to the one you experience after having an alcoholic drink. The major
difference is that such a sensation lasts only a few seconds.

Do not eat anything in the evening. Drink water, with honey if you like.

In the second day of breaking fast.

Eat little, mostly in a liquid form. Cooked oats, semolina and other cereals, natural
yoghurts are OK. Eat fruits several times a day. Drink at least 2-3 liters of pure water.
Do not eat meat, fish or eggs.

After fasting – maintaining the pure body.

Gradually you should introduce a “normal” diet, on which you could live on for
indefinite period of time.

Note that most of your efforts will be lost if you return to your old habits. To maintain
the body in a healthy and pure state, you should take care not to poison it again. It is
strongly recommended, that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat,
fish, and eggs and any food containing extracts, colors and flavors. For more details see
the section about diet later on in this thread.

It is very important to continue drinking at least 2-3 liters of pure water each day.
Remember that our body is 75% water and all scientists agree that aging process is
equivalent to slow dehydration of the cells in our body.

3. Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen therapies use oxygen in various forms (ozone for example) to assist the body in
the healing process. Their indisputable effectiveness comes from the fact, that oxygen
is a key substance used by our body in the detoxification process. The rate of
detoxification can be greatly increased, if the body has an excess of oxygen available to
it. Selected safe and very effective techniques of oxygen therapy are listed below. Note,
that breathing pure oxygen is NOT listed as the effective therapy. It is not the quantity
of oxygen, which is the most important. Most effective healing techniques use minute
quantities of active atomic oxygen, in concentrations occurring naturally in spring
water and the air in the mountains.

Enema. This was described earlier in detail earlier in this thread. Adding minute
quantities of hydrogen peroxide to the pure water used for an enema, delivers small
quantities of oxygen directly to excreting organs, helping them to work better. Never
exceed the concentration of 1 drop of (30%) hydrogen peroxide per 2 liters of water for
your enema. Your safety and comfort are most important. If in doubt, use much less.
Do not use hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacies for external use only. It contains so
called “stabilizers” which may be toxic. Use only “analytical” or “food” grade
hydrogen peroxide.

Bath. The skin is the largest organ of your body. Soaking it in diluted hydrogen
peroxide is very beneficial to your body. Minute amounts of pure atomic oxygen are
delivered simultaneously everywhere around your body, greatly stimulating the
detoxification process. You can go to Lourdes mineral springs in France for a bath, or
you can simply prepare a bath at home, by adding 20-50 milliliters of 30% hydrogen
peroxide to the entire water volume (100 liters). It would be best to use filtered or rain
water with no chlorine and other chemicals. If you have a pool, you can replace the
chlorine water treatment by the ozone water treatment system. Ozone (or UV) water
treatment is borrowing yet another example from nature. Ozone produced naturally
from oxygen by UV rays in the atmosphere, reacts with the moisture in clouds,
producing pure and healthy rain. Having the ozone treated water in your pool you can
swim in it and drink the water from it too.

Oral intake: - It has been demonstrated (see oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe listed in
the references.), that taking diluted hydrogen peroxide orally also is beneficial to our
health. The most controversial issue is the concentration. In my opinion we should not
exceed by much the concentrations which occur naturally in the rain water high in the
mountains or in the water from natural mineral springs. Another good gauge is taste.
The taste of hydrogen peroxide is extremely unpleasant and we are quite sensitive to it.
So, if you cannot feel discomfort drinking the solution, the concentration is most likely
safe. Again, do not use hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacies for external use only, as
it contains so called “stabilizers” which may be toxic. Use only “analytical” or “food”
grade hydrogen peroxide.

Ozone treatment :- Ozone (O3) is a very active form of oxygen. It exists naturally in
the atmosphere – it is created from molecular oxygen (O2) by the UV rays from the

sun. Ozone is the essential ingredient of fresh air. Ozone is unstable: it breaks down
into oxygen after only a few minutes at room temperature (25 Degree C), but its
supplies are continuously updated using the UV energy from the sun. High in
mountains there is a lot of ozone in the air. We can create ozone in our home, by yet
again imitating the ways of nature: using a quartz lamp to generate UV rays. Because
ozone is so active, it neutralizes (by oxidization) all odors very effectively. Breathing
air, with the concentration of ozone similar to that of mountains, is quite beneficial. Be
careful not to exceed natural concentrations of ozone in the air you breathe. Your body
will give you a warning if you are doing so: dryness of the throat and/or discomfort in
your lungs. Do not ignore it.

Do not ever breathe ozone produced using a high voltage arc. Such ozone is initially
very hot and it is so active, that it reacts with nitrogen in the arc plasma, creating
nitrogen oxides, which are quite toxic. The air around a high voltage arc contains not
only ozone, but also nitrogen oxides, which are dangerous.

“Cold” ozone, generated at low temperature by an UV quartz lamp is safe. Such “cold”
ozone is naturally produced in the atmosphere by the activity of the sun and is an
essential ingredient of fresh air.

For more details consult the book “Oxygen therapies” by Ed McCabe listed in the
References. It is based on several thousands scientific articles from medical journals.

4. Exercise

Moderate exercise can significantly accelerate the natural detoxification of the body, by
improving the circulation of body fluids, increasing the intake of oxygen to our body,
speeding the rate of metabolism and increasing the excretion rate through increased
sweating. This is exactly why people feel great after undergoing such exercise. They
purify their bodies and they all notice, that their minds instantly become sharper.

I would like to stress the word moderate here. If the intensity of the exercise is
excessive, not only such exercise is not beneficial, but may be even harmful. If you are
“loosing your breath” for example, it is a sign that the body has entered an anaerobic
(low oxygen) emergency mode of operation and it is a fair warning from your body that
you should slow down.

One method of assessing right level of physical activity for you is to observe your pulse
rate. If it exceeds 90-100 you should slow down. Another good gauge is this: if you feel
comfortable continuing the exercise (jogging, walking, skating, roller skating, tennis
etc.) over long periods of time, this level of activity is right for you. Note, that with
training you can increase the intensity of exercise, but it is not necessary. After
exercising at the right intensity you should be more energetic and, most importantly,
have clearer, sharper mind. Remember, that we should enjoy whatever we do.

For more details, consult “The oxygen breakthrough” by Hendler, listed in References.

5. Sauna

The sauna is an ancient treatment developed by civilizations living in cold climates.

Because of the cold climate, their bodies tend not to sweat much, so these cold climate
dwellers invented the sauna to promote improved circulation of body fluids, speed up
metabolism and accelerate sweating: a great natural purification and detoxification
function of the body.

It is best to experience a sauna in short 10-15 minute sessions, with 5-10 minutes
“cooling down” intervals, repeating such a cycle 3-4 times. During the “cooling down”
intervals do not use pool or showers which have chlorinated water. Ozone treated
water, clean river, rain, lake or sea water is OK. Your skin has been cleansed by the
flow of the sweat and in such a clean state it will absorb the chlorine from the water
into your body. It is best to use a towel to dry the sweat from your body. Do not allow
the sweat to evaporate, because it contains toxins your body has jus excreted, and you
do not want any of them to be re-absorbed back.

6. Removal of dental amalgams

Dental amalgams, whether gold or silver, contain mercury one of the most toxic metals
to our body. Having amalgam fillings, is like having a constant supply of toxic
mercury, released slowly but constantly.(Please see the reference for more evidence and

Removal and replacement of amalgam fillings instantly removes the source of mercury
supply, however the mechanical removal process itself (drilling) can temporarily
increase the concentration of mercury in your body.

When you decide to replace the amalgams, make sure that you are already on the
detoxification program and that you tell your dentist to apply a lot of suction during the
removal process, reducing the concentration of mercury vapors.

Note, that it may take a considerable amount of time for your body to neutralize and
excrete the mercury that has accumulated in your body for years.

Some Unusual effects of detoxification

Your mind-body system remembers every damage you did to it in the days gone by. If
some healing in the past has not been perfect, because of other emergencies in your
body (and mind), some of the damage remains un repaired.

When you purify your body and mind, resources within your body become available
enabling repairs which are long overdue.

The effect of this can be quite amazing. Many people on various detoxification
programs (oxygen therapies, fasting) observe symptoms of their past diseases in quick
succession and in reverse order. Basically, you can expect to re-live every serious
disease you experienced in the past. Don’t be frightened. This is healing. Your body is
just fixing things which are long overdue. Symptoms are usually very mild, and they
last only an hour or two. Many active people do not even notice such symptoms,
because they are so mild.

I would like to give you just one example drawn from my own personal experience. At
the age of 7 I had a severe ear infection, which was very painful, took a long time to
heal and doctors injects me with lots of antibiotics. At the age of 42, during fasting I
experienced the symptoms of this disease, accurate in every minute detail. I was
astonished, because the situation was restored so perfectly, that I remembered not only
my feelings from childhood but also the taste and even the smell of the antibiotics I
took at that time. The experience lasted only for a few hours.

Diet- minimizing the intake of toxins

We have discovered the ultimate reason for all diseases : poisoning of our body beyond
its capacity to purify itself.

Nearly 100% of such poisoning comes from our diet. We basically poison ourselves,
simply because we do not care about what we eat.

In the view of above, our diet required a basic revision.

The wisdom of many ancient civilizations in the past was expressed in their diet. Two
key items in the diet are common for all civilizations without exception, from ancient
India to modern Georgia:

2. PURE WATER (from the spring)

I have not heard anyone objecting to this. However, the word to which we should pay
special attention is pure

Unfortunately, the criteria for purity have become quite arbitrary nowadays. The
prevailing doctrine is, that there is a threshold of pollution in the water, which is
acceptable and safe for humans to consume. Medical Authorities generally accept and
recommend the chemical treatment of water, leaving chlorine and other chemicals in it.
Poisons are added (fluoride), in the name of sterilization and safety supply, despite the
fact that their toxicity is beyond doubt, and they accumulate in our boy causing chronic
diseases (arthritis). Municipal water also contains heavy metals fro pipes, pumps etc.,
traces of herbicides, pesticides and other levels of such ingredients in our water from
the relevant authorities. They would prefer that we do not know and believe that the
water is OK.

Do not consume such water. Do not use it for tea, soup on even cooking. Use water
obtained from natural springs. Alternatively, filter the municipal water yourself. Do not
use chemical filters. They may initially work, but eventually they may leave even more
chemicals in the water you drink. The best are multi-stage paper and active carbon
filters, with the final stage that uses a reverse osmosis ceramic membrane. The process
of reverse osmosis imitates the function of a natural spring: water runs over a stone
(ceramic element) and minute quantities filter slowly through. For home installation,
the rate is quite slow: about half a liter per hour. There are systems available, which
store about 10 liters of filtered water under light pressure, ready for immediate use.

Note, that most of the beverages, including fruit juices from concentrates, contain
municipal tap water. It would be much better if you squeezed the juice yourself from
fresh fruits, or brought the frozen concentrate and diluted yourself with spring or
filtered water.

Even if you do not plan to change anything else in your diet, for social, business or
other reasons, improve the quality of water you drink. Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of it
every day.

The latest research indicates that it is not only the purity of water that is important, but
also its molecular structure. To be particular, a 20 molecule liquid crystal water
structure, first predicted by a Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling in his famous book
The hydrogen Bond seems to be very important. Such structures are formed by a
phenomenon known as “hydrophobic hydration” and cause changes in the surface
tension, heat capacity and other properties of the water. Water liquid crystals occur
naturally in some spring water high in the mountains, and are also formed in water
inside living cells. Water impurities practically eliminate any trace of water liquid
crystals. (For more details, see the article by Flanagans, listed in the References)

Note, that nearly every civilization in the past had tales related to “living water”, which
was to be found only in inaccessible locations high in the mountains. In view of the
current scientific research (Flanagans) it is quite possible, that such tales are based on
real experiences.

Seek fresh air as much as possible. Even if you live in the city, and you are forced to
breathe polluted air, make an effort to go to the country, forest or at least to a park as
often as possible. Trees and other plants purify the air for us there. Use the ozone
generating lamp to purify the air in your home, if the air outside worse than inside. You
can leave the lamp on when you are away.

With regards to other ingredients of the diet, again there is remarkable agreement found
in wisdom of many civilizations. They all agree, that we should eat PURE FRESH
FOOD. Note for example, that “kosher” means “pure” in Hebrew. (Be careful here: the
modern definition of “kosher” food should be carefully examined, because it most
likely has lost its exact meaning over the centuries. Similarly to fasting in other

Again the emphasis should be on purity. The best foods from such a point of view are
fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if grown in quite polluted environment, fruits
accumulate very little pollutants. They are created from simple inorganic compounds
with the aid of photosynthesis. Their content is mostly water.

If you do not believe in the purity of the food you buy, grow it yourself. Instead of
growing flowers at home, grow tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries or other foods
and vegetables you favor. Use the technique known today as “hydroponics”, known for
centuries, used for example to create the famous “Gardens of Eden” in the middle of a
dry land, considered to be one of the 10 wonders of the world. In this technique no soil
is used, and the roots of the plant are washed in an optimal solution of natural mineral
salts. Do not be frightened, if you have to buy these salts in concentrated form, they
will be diluted to imitate natural concentrations. Hydroponic plants grow 2 to 4 times
faster than similar plants left in soil, because we care to provide an optimal food supply
for them. Automatic, simple to use hydroponic systems are available today, requiring

no more attention than would a fish tank. (See for example the book by Howard M
Resh listed in References).

Now, we know what is best to eat. The question we can ask is: what foods are
dangerous to eat and why?

I have already demonstrated the devastating effects of solvents and other poisons
emerging our body. No one who understands the consequences of poisoning should
ignore such warnings.

It is quite clear, that we should avoid containing colors, flavors and other food extracts.
Not because of extracts themselves, but because of dangerous solvents used to extract
them. These solvents (benzene, various alcohols etc...) are directly responsible for most
of the incurable diseases of 20-th century including cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer
disease, just to mention a few.

Your body has a limited capacity to process solvents and alcohols. We seem to recover
quite well from alcohol (ethanol) poisoning for example. Note, however, that such
recovery takes time, during which you have the solvent (alcohol) present in your body,
effectively assisting your parasite friends in their activities.

We should not limit our attention to food. Note, that our skin can also absorb poisons
from the environment. For that reason, we should also examine all products which
come in contact with our skin like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes,
deodorants, hand creams, make-up, cleaning agents etc..

As an example, instead of a toothpaste, containing poisonous fluoride and many plant

extracts of unknown quality, you could use salty water (1/2 glass of water+ a teaspoon
of salt). When your body is pure, salty water does an excellent job. (For more
information see articles of Robert G. Nara, listed in the References).

It may be not possible to avoid poisoning altogether, but with the knowledge we have
acquired, we could greatly reduce the extend of poisoning, with minimal effort on our
part. Note, that once you have selected a brand of shampoo for example. You need not
to do it again. If you have the knowledge of how to make safe products, share this
knowledge with others, in the way I am sharing what I know with you.

Why we should avoid eating meat

We should also avoid eating animal flesh. Comprehensive analysis of this topic could
easily be a subject of a separate book, so below I give only a summary of the reasons
taken from a single point of view: the poisoning of our body.

• Animals consume large amount of food, before they become killed for meat.
For example, a cow eats about 30 kg of food each day. By the time it is 3 years
old it has consumed at least 30 tonnes of food. A cow’s body makes every
attempt to excrete toxins. As with us humans, not all toxins are excreted. Those
which are deposited around the body are of the worst kind: everything easy to
metabolize would have already been excreted. As a result, a 100 kg of meat
contains the worst combination of toxins, concentrated from about 30 tonnes of
food. Summarizing, meat contains hundreds of times higher concentration of
toxins, than contained in the initial food the animal has eaten.
• Drugs like anabolic steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals
are added to animal food to “enhance” the production of meat. Most of such
drugs and chemicals are illegal for human use. I would bet, that you would not
want to try such food. And yet, resulting animal meat contains greater
concentration of worst toxins than the initial animal food.
• Animals get sick. You do not know what sickness an animal had developed
before it was killed for meat. The combination of bacteria and parasite activity
in a sick animal produces toxic cocktails you do not want to hear about. The
meat from such animal contains a full cocktail, because the animal stopped
living before it had a chance to metabolize and excrete any part of it.
• Animals have parasites, living in various stages in various parts of their bodies.
All parasites have a very complex life cycle comprising many stages. This
simply speaking ensures their survival. Meat of course contains parasites in
various stages, some of which are very difficult to detect and eliminate, even in
the cooking process. You do not want to hear just what animal parasites are
capable of doing to your body.
• Humans have a very long intestinal tract, typical to all plant eating creatures.
All meat eaters have several times shorter intestines. What does this have to do
with poisoning? Quite a bit. Meat in a long intestine spends a long time, before
it is excreted. Too long. Not only is it more difficult to digest and more toxic to
start with, but because it spends too much time inside us, it actually clogs the
system and starts to rot. When the system is even partially constipated, the
waste is actually absorbed back into the blood stream.

I am sure that you agree, that in view of the above, eating meat is just asking for

Summarizing, we should not eat any food, which is not optimal from the point of view
of the design of the body.

Suppose that you add some water and/or sugar to your car petrol tank, just because you
like it. Clearly the performance of the car will be severely compromised, and if you

keep adding those ingredients to your petrol, the engine will eventually stop altogether,
requiring a major service. The car engine has not been designed to run on water and
sugar added to petrol, even in small quantities.

Similarly, if your computer expects 110 VAC and you plug it into 240VAC ( I have
tried that one) you will hear a loud crack, see a big flash and a cloud of aromatic smoke
will come to indicate the end of computations.

If you do not provide koala with pure eucalyptus leaves (its natural food source), no
matter how much “medical” and other attention you give to it, how nutritious (in your
opinion) food you provide, it will get sick and die quickly.

Vegetarian cuisine

Discussing benefits of pure vegetarian (vegan) cuisine as well as recipes is yet again a
quite substantial topic and exceeds the scope of this book. For information about the
vegetarian cuisine please read books by Ch. Lehman or M. Diamond listed in the
References. Or read the latest book “ Mt best cook book”
(http://www.mtbest.net/cookbook/ )


Using microwave for radiation to cook or heat food changes the molecular structure of
food. There is consistent scientific evidence, that such food is harder to metabolize. We
should avoid microwave cooking if possible.

How much to eat ?

This is also a very important question. The answer is quite simple: as little as to feel
active and comfortable. Note, that eating too much is equivalent to overloading your
body with additional duties, related to the processing and disposal of extra waste. Your
mind is engaged too, reducing your intellectual and spiritual abilities.

During fasting, you will learn that the feeling of hunger, as well as the tendency to
overeat are typical reactions of a toxic body. If the body is pure and you try not to
poison it excessively, your body always tells you when you have had enough food. Just
pay careful attention to what your body is telling you. That’s all.

It is easier to receive and understand such messages, when you eat slowly and chew
your food well.

When should we eat ?

In the mountain of Georgia, where people live well beyond 100 years and even make
babies at 100, they have a saying:

“Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with your friend, and give dinner to your enemy”.

I cannot help admiring the beauty and wisdom of this ancient proverb. What it says is
that we should take food before the activities of the day, and to not take any food before
going to bed for the whole night. Doing so, we feel energetic during the day, and we
greatly assist our mind-body system in the night’s rest, freeing the resources necessary
for everyday healing, repairs, maintenance, as well as for spiritual development.

Note, that most people do exactly the opposite: dinner is their main meal. They all
wonder why their health is deteriorating quickly with age.


Some nay argue, that the diet proposed below is quite different from the traditional diet
we learned from our parents, friends and neighbors. So many people have followed
“traditional” diet for generations.

Maybe that’s exactly why we live on average only 72 years, most of this time getting
sick or expecting diseases, and by the age of 65 or earlier having major health

We simply follow bad habits.

Many people follow their bad habits and tradition without any criticism, just because
they do not want to change or they do not want to be different from others.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find any logic at all. For example some women, who
seem to be quite health conscious, are ready to put almost anything on their faces just to
look better (?) for a few hours. On the other hand, they would not even consider giving
up their dinners, steaks, alcohol or perfumes to truly improve their health.

In the ancient literature we can find evidence, that many thousands of years ago people
lived in good health for at least several hundred years.

Modern science is still looking for reasons why our lifespan is so short.


Many species of birds, marsupials, mammals and other animals on our planet become
extinct every year.

The main reason for their extinction is that their organisms cannot cope up with the
increasing levels of pollution in their food and their environment.

Nature gives us a fair warning. If we keep polluting our planet, it may soon be our turn.

So far into our “civilized evolution” we continue to develop more and more diseases,
allergies etc. and have increasing difficulty maintaining good health.

However, when we understand the reasons for this, we have a choice. Rather than
waiting for governments and the industry to do something about it, WE THE
CONSUMERS should make a choice first.

No industry will produce articles consumers do not want!


Now, let us go back to the list of alternative medical treatments, given earlier in this
book. When we read the list for the first time, the various healing methods appeared to
have nothing in common.

In the process of reading this book we found that the key to perfect health is
detoxification of the body and purification of the mind.

Looking at the list of alternative medical treatments once again, it is quite easy to
notice, that the various methods of detoxification of the body and/or purification of the
mind (our thoughts) are actually essential elements of them all.

They form the missing the link, that unifies all successful healing methods, possibly
including also those which have not yet been discovered.


The motto of this book is a wonderful phrase from one of the public lectures of Master
Ching Hai: “We doubt everything and everybody except our own Ignorance”.

Have it in mind, when trying to give advice to other people. They may not want it.
Always ask if they need help.

Help only people who ask you for it or explicitly agree that you help them.

Even then watch carefully if they listen to what you say. If they do not listen, it means
that they are not ready to listen. Or perhaps you are not ready to give them advice.

Instead of trying to explain everything in a few sentences, give them this book, and
suggest that you could perhaps answer some of their questions after they have read it.
You will save a lot of time as well as avoid exhausting discussions and arguments.

If, after reading this book, people still miss the point, there is nothing you can do to
help them. They should help themselves first. Their “bowl” is full. Any new
information is just an overflow.

Note, that it may take years or even decades for some people to understand the advice.
Some people have to experience themselves consequences of all their mistakes before
they understand. It is their best lesson.

Please notice, that in view of what we learned reading this book, “curing” other people
does not really help them.

If they do not understand that all their diseases are caused by their own actions and
ignorance, they will develop other diseases later on anyway.

It is clear, that it is much better to explain to them how they can heal themselves and
never get sick again. The only difficulty in this approach is that they may not want to
understand our advice.


We develop diseases because we are poisoned. Everything else, no matter how

complicated, involving other living creatures (bacteria, parasites etc.) or not, is just a

Deadly poisons are everywhere around us, most of them as a result of human
(“industrial”) activity, and we have to learn how to avoid them, at least in our food.

A poisoned body cannot control the population of various bacteria and parasites.
Activity of parasites in our poisoned body can completely ruin our health.

We are not only poisoned: we have a clogged digestive system as well as a constipated
mind. There is no room for coherent new ideas.

When we eliminate toxins from our body and obstacles from our mind, the body
HEALS ITSELF, quickly and effortlessly.

The key to perfect health is there fore elimination of poisons from the body,
purification of the mind and changing our diet to minimize the intake of poisons the
intake of poisons.

Purifications of our mind (thoughts) can be as important as physical detoxification,

since it is our mind at all levels which ultimately controls every functions of our body.

Natural detoxification techniques include enema, fasting, exercise, sauna, oxygen

therapies etc., combined with the drinking of a minimum of 2-3 liters of spring water a

Removal of dental amalgams is strongly recommended.

The two most important elements of our diet are: pure water and pure air.

It is not possible to attain and maintain the state of perfect health without paying great
attention to diet and minimizing the intake of poisons into our body.

Studying various diseases and cures for each of them is a waste of time. Such approach
concentrates on symptoms disregarding the cause.

Rather than applying a separate remedy to each disease, it is possible to cure ALL
diseases. Normalizing weight, curing cancer, getting rid of allergies, infections, acne,
arthritis, tobacco, alcohol and other addictions, stopping and even partially reversing
the ageing process etc., all is possible in the ONE simple process, described in this
book. It is easy and nearly effortless. Anyone can do it.

There are no miracles. Performing so called “miracles” is just using the knowledge.
You do not need to believe. You need to know.

Hoping is not enough. We have plenty to learn. ( The best way to learn is to learn to
listen to your own higher mind first).

Curing other people does not really help them. Much better is to inform them so they
could heal themselves.

Warning : the side effect of the restoration of the perfect health is gaining the access to
the unlimited potential of the mind.

You have a choice


I make no claim, that I developed anything new. All the techniques listed in this book
are known and proven for thousands of years.

Modern scientific evidence, summarized in this book to convince the readers is taken
directly from books and articles published by many talented, dedicated, honest medical
practitioners and scientists, who are not afraid of telling the TRUTH.

In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Hulda Regehr Clark, Arthur Baker,
Deepak Chopra and Sheldon Saul Hendler for their wonderful books.

I am grateful to Dr Vagif Sultanov, for his inspiring public lecture about fasting.

I am also grateful to Ed McCabe, a reporter, for bringing to the attention of the public
(mine included) oxygen therapies, against considerable opposition of the medical
establishment and the media.

It would be impossible for me to collect quickly the scientific evidence I needed

without access to the Australian NEXUS magazine, which has published great articles
as well as summaries and reviews of many interesting and original books. I salute all
those people associated with NEXUS. You are doing a great job.

I would like to express my gratitude to Nick Haritos, who corrected the manuscript.

Finally, I would like to thank my dear family and friends for their constructive
criticism, enabling me to answer many questions, likely to arise in reader’s mind. It is
to be hoped that, I have answered most of them in this book.

APPENDIX A : Herbal method of purging parasites

Based on native American Indian and other native people recipes, published by Hulda
Regher Clark (See the References)


1. Black walnut hulls – from the black walnut tree. Use water based tincture. Use
10-20 drops each time.
2. wormwood – from the Artemisia absynthium shrub. Buy it for your garden. It
has been named for your garden. It has been named for a good reason long time
ago and it is mentioned in many ancient scripts, including the Bible. Take one
dried leaf in a teaspoon of honey each time.
3. common cloves – from the clove tree. This is a common spice used in baking.
Grind your own fresh cloves (not stored for a long time). Use a small amount of
ground powder mixed with a fruit juice – a tip of the teaspoon is enough.

Taken together, these herbs help to eliminate over 100 common parasites in humans.

Black walnut hull and wormwood help to eliminate adult parasites as well as their
various development stages. Cloves eliminate parasite eggs.

Use the combination of above herbs 3 times a day before meals for a few days. For
more details read books by Hulda Regher Clark listed in References.

After eliminating parasites, we should take care not to create favorite conditions again.
Attention to detoxification and the diet should be our strategy.


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Living should be a wonderful experience. The best and most important things in life
should be free and effortless. When we are born our bodies are perfect and they should
stay in a perfect state of health as long as we want.

We are 100% responsible for the state of our health (all our diseases). We also have
complete power to improve our health and free ourselves from any disease.

There are no incurable diseases, only distorted knowledge, misinformation and our
limited understanding of what our mind and body are doing and why.

Rather than applying a separate remedy to each disease, it is possible to cure ALL
diseases. Normalising weight, curing cancer, getting rid of allergies, infections, acne,
arthritis, tobacco, alcohol and other addictions, stopping and even partially reversing
the ageing process etc.., is possible in the ONE simple process, described here. It is
easy and nearly effortless. Anyone can do it. You will gain respect of everybody around
you when you do it.

There are no miracles. Performing so called “miracles” is just using the knowledge.
You don’t need to believe. You need to know.

We doubt everything and everybody, except our Own Ignorance

Master Ching Hai

Warning : the side effect of restoration of perfect health is gaining access to the
unlimited potential of your mind. You have a choice.