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FLYING SAUCERS FAREWELL by George Adamski AUTHOR OF INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS ABELARD-SCHUMAN (© cape sr by Geng Aas Ly Congres Canine 1 dedicate this book to a beter understanding of our ‘art Roar 61905 place inthe Universe, George Adamski Lindon Seow Yate roan ‘tect Soma ats Shama tat can ‘inal inte ‘Cans Lite King Stee 6 Won sth Sues Ste ee Pd the oil Sef Amen FOREWORD "The purpose of this book is to share with my many friends throughout the world knowledge gained through personal ex- pperiences during the years since Inside the Space Ships was published in 1955. wish to express deep appreciation to my devoted colleagues and friends—from this world and other planets—who have asised me in preparing the material contained herein. George Adamski

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