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S> “Gabi ang Disturbed Change in Long Term Independent: Outcome
trabaho ko sa Sleeping sleep- wake Outcome: ♥ Provide quiet -this provides a conducive Achieved. After 2
may Alabang Pattern schedule After 1 week of environment environment for the client to hours of nursing
kaya madalas related to nursing (straighten sheets). relax. (Fundamentals of interventions, the
puyat ako.” as frequently Decreased REM interventions, Nursing by Taylor) client stated two
verbalized by changing the client will ♥ Provide comfort -this soothes and relaxes the ways to improve
the client. sleep-wake Impaired report measures (back rub). client. (Fundamentals of sleep pattern such
schedule as processing of improvement in Nursing by Taylor) as providing a
O>fatigue evidenced information in quality of sleep ♥ Arrange care to -to promote wellness. quiet environment
>restlessness by the the brain pattern. provide uninterrupted (Fundamentals of Nursing by (straightening
>eyebags working sleep. Taylor) sheets) and
>working hours of the Decreased Short Term comfort measures
hours: 10 p.m. client. oscillations Outcome: -Caffeine inhibits sleep (back rub).
♥ Recommend Limiting
to 8 a.m. After 2 hours of (Nutrition and Diet Therapy by
intake of caffeine and
>sleeps 10 Disturbed nursing Peckenpaugh)
chocolate prior to
a.m. to 3 p.m. if sleeping pattern interventions,
she has work the client will -to promote wellness.
>sleeps 10 state two ways ♥ Explore other sleep (Fundamentals of Nursing by
p.m. to 7 a.m. if to improve sleep aids. (warm bath or Taylor)
she has no REFERENCE: pattern such as milk)
work Fundamentals providing a quiet
of Nursing by environment
Taylor, page (straightening Collaborative: -for advise from a specialist.
1178 sheets) and ♥ Refer to sleep (Fundamentals of Nursing by
comfort specialist for Taylor)
measures (back treatment when
rub). indicated.