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Design a Modern Assessment Content Standard: Locate a core curriculum standard that you would like to focus on and

write it in here. (Underline the nouns / circle the verbs)

CCSS.Math.Content.6.G.A.3 Draw polygons in the coordinate plane given coordinates for the vertices; use coordinates to find the length of a side joining points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate. Apply these techniques in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.

Knowledge/Concepts What do your students need to know/understand? List the nouns you circled above: Polygons, coordinate plane, coordinates, vertices, length, side, points, first coordinate, second coordinate, techniques, problems

Skills What do your students need to be able to do? List the verbs you circled above:

Level of Blooms Taxonomy Evaluate/Create X Apply/Analyze

Draw, use, find, apply, solve Remember/Understand

Write a Student Learning Objective (in student friendly language) that is Aligned to Your Standard 1. You will be able to plot points in the coordinate grid that will connect to form a polygon. 2. You will be able to find the length of a side of the polygon if the first coordinates or the second coordinates are the same. 3. You will be able to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

Traditional Assessment - Evidence of Student Mastery In a low tech more traditional setting, how would you know if your students met the objectives you set? A traditional assessment method for these objectives would be a math test. There would be a coordinate grid on a piece of paper with several coordinates listed. Students would have to plot the coordinates on the grid and find the lengths of the sides of the polygon if possible. Students would then have to write a real-world problem that relates to the polygon they just drew on the coordinate grid.

Describe the Technological Tool You Will be Using as Part of this Assessment (http://abletech.wikispaces.com/)

Which of our essential skills will you expect your students to exhibit in this assessment? (Minimum of 3)

Leadership Manga HighStudents will play Recognize regular polygons to develop their ability to recognize polygons. Geometers SketchpadStudents will use this graphing tool to create their own polygon while correlating it to a real-life problem. X Practical Life Skills X Adaptability X Interpersonal/Collaboration Global Brokerage Well Roundedness Communication Critical Thinking

Describe Your Vision for your Revamped Assessment - Evidence of Student Mastery In a modern setting, how would you know if your students met the objectives you set? Which technology tool will you use? How will you incorporate the technology? How/where will you weave the important 21st century skills that we identified (leadership, practical life skills, adaptability, interpersonal, global brokerage, well roundedness, communication, critical thinking)?

1. Teach students what a polygon is. 2. Allow students to play the polygon game on Manga High. (adaptability) 3. Demonstrate plotting points on a coordinate grid, connecting them to form a polygon, and if possible, determining the length of the sides. 4. Demonstrate creating a real-world problem using this technique. 5. Allow students to use Geometers Sketchpad to create their own polygon on a coordinate grid while also creating their own real-world problem. 6. Print out polygons and switch with another student in the class. The student will have to find the coordinate for each vertices of the polygon, determine the length of sides if possible, and create a real-world problem. (practicing life skills) 7. Students will get together with the person they switched with and discuss answers and share problems. (interpersonal/collaboration)

What Do You See as the Benefits and Possible Pitfalls of Your New Modern Assessment? Benefits: Students are able to have creative control. Students are able to collaborate with another classmate. Students are able to use technology to check their understanding of the material.

Possible Pitfalls: Technology could be down (in this case, students can draw polygons on paper).