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. Find the temperature required to produce a 16:1 air-vapor mixture for 60 per cent evaporated fuel for gasoline having volatility characteristics shown in Fig. 3-6. 2. Determine graphically and analytically for the gasoline in problem 1 what part must be evaporated to obtain a 18:1 air-vapor mixture from a 4:1 air-fuel mixture. 3. Find the lowest temperature at which an engine can be started using fuel C, Fig. 3-5, if its carburetor can produce an air-fuel mixture not richer than 1.6:1. 4. If the carburetor in problem 3 can be adjusted to give a mixture 1.2:1, how will this influence the starting temperature? 5. Find the dew point for a 15:1 mixture of United States fighting-grade aviation gasoline at a pressure of 13.5 psia. 6. Determine the heat necessary to obtain 65 per cent vaporization in the intake manifold for an outside temperature of 68 F and 1 psi below atmospheric pressure, using gasoline A, Fig. 3-5. 7. Determine the amount of additional heat necessary for complete vaporization in Problem 6. 8. Determine the temperature to which air at 68 F must be heated to fulfill the conditions of Problem 7. 9. Find the gravity in degrees API for an oil having a specific gravity of 0.84. 10. Find the specific gravity of a fuel oil which has a gravity of 28o API. 11. Find the specific gravity of kerosene having a gravity of 45o API. 12. Determine the partial pressure of octane for an air-vapor ratio 18:1 and a carburetor pressure of 14.0 psia. 13. Determine the temperature to which air of 80 F and 13.95 psia pressure must be heated for 80 per cent evaporation from a raf = 15, using hexane as fuel. 14. Determine the temperature to which air of 72 F and 14.1 psi pressure must be heated to obtain 80 and 100 per cent vaporization for an air-fuel ratio 16:1, using kerosene as fuel. 15. Determine the ratio rav of air to saturated methyl alcohol vapor for a mixture temperature of 65 F and a pressure of 13.2 psia in the carburetor. 16. Determine the temperature to which air of 65 F and 12.9 psia pressure must be heated for complete evaporation, using a fuel mixture of 80 per cent ethyl alcohol and 20 per cent methyl alcohol and air-fuel ratios, 9.03 for C2H6O and 6.50 for CH4O. 17. Compute and present by graphs the relation between octane and cetane rating of fuels.

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