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QCS 20 010

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The purp pose of the technical re egulation QS S 27/2010 [Q Qatar Construction Spec cifications 20 010 (QCS 2010)] is s to provide technical t guid dance in con nnection with h the executio on of constru uctions in the e State of Qatar. S Such guidance includes the t establish hment of acc ceptable material quality and workma anship for those kin nds of work which w commonly occur in n engineered d projects in the t State of Q Qatar. Qatar C Construction Specificatio ons 2010 ( (QCS 2010) ) supersede es Qatar N National Con nstruction Standard ds 2007 (QC CS 2007) in all a respects. While w working ear rnestly to benefit b from m new eng gineering de evelopments s, Laboratories and Standard disation Affa airs in the Ministry M of E Environment t requests th hat all those e undertakin ng works projects in the State of Qatar to im mplement th e specificatio ons containe ed herein. We welc come any obs servations, suggestions s o or additions for future iss sues.