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Bethann Durbin Dynamics of Child Abuse December 16, 2013 Chapter in Revie !


Chapter 1: Characteristics and Consequences of Family Violence Chapter #ne puts a definition to family violence$ ho ever it also disposes of the myths and misconceptions as ell% "amily &iolence is described as 'physical acts that result in in(uries to the victim% )his involves physical or mental acts or omissions of another*s ri+hts and liberties%, "amily &iolence is the umbrella under hich child abuse falls$ there are other subtopics such as elder abuse and intimate partner abuse% &ictims of all crimes have ri+hts% )hat means that victims of "amily &iolence are not any different% #n pa+e si- at the top it lists these ri+hts. )he ri+ht to attend criminal (ustice hearin+s% )he ri+ht to apply for compensation% ! /ince e are spea0in+ about child abuse, the information about this ould be +iven to a le+al +uardian, and that person ould file for the funds on the child*s behalf% )he child cannot file on his1her o n% )he ri+ht to be heard and participate in criminal (ustice proceedin+s% )he ri+ht to be informed of proceedin+s and events in the criminal (ustice process, of le+al ri+hts and remedies, and of available services% %% and more%

)here are many factors that can contribute to "amily &iolence, for e-ample, ')he 2sychiatric 3odel% 4n this model it tal0s about the understandin+ of the offender*s personality traits and mental status% Does the offender have a personality disorder, do they abuse substances5 6hen the focus is on substance abuse as the main reason for the violence, that theory is ')he /ubstance Abuse )heory%, 7umerous have lin0ed alcohol and dru+s to violent behavior, ho ever this does not mean that all people ho drin0 or use dru+s are abusive% A person*s livin+ environment also plays a bi+ part into hether or not they are li0ely to be violent% )he '/ocial82sycholo+ical 3odel, e-plains that e-ternal environmental factors can affect the family unit% )hese factors ould be thin+s li0e stress, family structure, family interactions, etc% A person*s culture can also be a contributin+ factor to family violence% ')he Culture of &iolence )heory is based on the idea that violence is more prevalent in lo er income areas than the +eneral population% 4 ould say that this theory +oes hand in hand ith the previous theory

because it tal0s about the stress of the lo er socioeconomic environment and the stru++les that livin+ in that 0ind of environment can pose for families% )here is also a theory that is based on '&iolence in the 3edia%, )his theory discusses the violent ima+es displayed in popular American media, such as television, music, and video +ames% )he boo0 discusses a fe more theories, these are (ust a fe % 9o ever, there

is not one specific theory that +ives an absolute ans er, the truth in the matter is any one of these factors can cause child abuse and family violence% Chapter #ne also tal0s about the conse:uences of family violence% )here are the scars and the bro0en bones hich ill heal, and eventually +o a ay as if nothin+ ever happened% )here are four classifications of physical in(uries. 1; immediate in(uries that

heal leavin+ no trace, 2; in(uries that leave visible scars, 3; un0no n lon+8term physical in(uries, and <; lon+8term catastrophic in(uries% 4mmediate in(uries include bruises, contusions, cuts, and bro0en bones% )hese types of in(uries heal fast and are not considered to be serious in nature% 4n(uries that leave visible scars include facial lacerations, loss of teeth, fin+ers, or toes% 4t also includes scars on the nec0, arms, or le+s, or loss of mobility due to improper healin+% =n0no n lon+8term physical in(uries can include A4D/194&, or other /)4*s% >on+8term catastrophic in(uries may include paralysis% )here are other conse:uences besides physical% 2eople li0e to thin0 that because you cannot see it, it is not there and that is (ust not the case% 3any victims of family violence ill e-perience 2ost )raumatic /tress Disorder as ell as other mental

side effects for years to come% )his chapter as the introduction of the violent nature of child abuse to the class% 4t tal0ed about statistics, theories, and the conse:uences of abuse% 4 thou+ht this chapter as very dry% 4t +ave a lot of bac0+round information on the different theories as to hat

causes family violence, the conse:uences of family violence, and it +ave a very +ood definition of family violence% As far as readin+ the chapter ent, it as very hard to +et into because it is very ordy% 4 have al ays been interested in hat causes people to do the unspea0able, but as it ho +ets cau+ht up in the

turns out that in some cases it is (ust an avera+e person

stress of the moment and ma0es a mista0e% 4 have al ays been very harsh in (ud+in+ a+ainst those ho have abused children% 9o ever, after ta0in+ this class 4 have learned

that thin+s are not so cut and dry, and that you have to ta0e a step bac0 remove yourself from the emotion of the situation, and listen%

4 ould li0e to hi+hli+ht ho

thorou+h the boo0 defines the different factors that can

contribute to violence in the home% /ome are common sense, such as the /ubstance Abuse )heory, and others really ma0e you thin0% "or e-ample, )he ?eneral /ystems )heory, ' hich vie s the maintenance of violence as a result of the social system in hich families live% 4t assumes that violence ithin the% )his family system operates to ithin the family%,

maintain, increase, or decrease levels of violence

)he other thin+ that this chapter does ell is define family violence% "amily &iolence is defined as 'any act or omission by persons ho are cohabitatin+ that results in serious in(ury to other members of the family% /erious in(ury may involve physical or emotional harm, or a violation of another family member*s ri+hts and freedom of choice%, 4 li0e ho the boo0 e-plains that hen comin+ up ith a definition they had to ta0e into ho are married and the

consideration that not all families are made up of parents children%

At the be+innin+ of each chapter it +ives a list of hat you should 0no that chapter, and definitions% 4 find this to be very helpful because

after you read

hen loo0in+ for

terms and definitions you do not have to +o throu+h the chapter you can (ust loo0 at the be+innin+ and find on the needs to 0no chapter and let the reader 0no attention to hile readin+% pa+e% 4t is also a +reat ay to introduce the

e-actly hat the important information is to pay

3y personal thou+hts about the boo0 are 4 thin0 e need to use it more in class% )here are several thin+s the boo0 +oes over that e do not +o over in class% )hat is not to say that 4 did not +et anythin+ from the class because that is far from the truth% )he

amount of information learned in this class is enou+h to last a lifetime% 4 (ust thin0 that the boo0 provides more of a technical perspective% 7ot that e are ever +oin+ to need to 0no /ubstance Abuse )heory from ?eneral /ystems )heory in our everyday

practice, it is still +ood information to learn% 4 hi+hly doubt that a child is ever +oin+ to call the authorities and say, 'my father is drin0in+ too much beer toni+ht, increasin+ his li0eliness of bein+ abusive to ards me%, 4t is li0e the boo0 says they are theories and not one or all are correct, they are (ust possibilities% 4 am not sure hat to react on, so 4 am +oin+ to react on the class by itself% 4

thorou+hly en(oyed the class, even on days hen it seemed li0e it as +ettin+ out of hand% >oo0in+ bac0 4 0no 4 had a lar+e hand in that by not al ays listenin+% 4f anythin+

that is probably the bi++est thin+ 4 ill ta0e a ay from the class, brushin+ up on my listenin+ s0ills and not al ays needin+ to be heard% 4 0no ill not be about me and hen or0in+ ith clients it

hat 4 have to say that is +oin+ to ma0e the bi+ difference% 4 hat their needs and concerns are%

need to listen to the client and

)he lesson on empo erment as another stron+ lesson that 4 too0 a lot from, (ust by atchin+ the different videos% Bein+ empo ered does not mean actin+ li0e nothin+ happened to you, or i+norin+ the trauma of hat happened% 4t means you have moved for ard from hat happened and that you do not allo it to control your daily life% 4t no

lon+er has a daily residence in mind, thou+ht, or actions% )he one thin+ 4 found stren+th in 0no in+ is that it is a flo in+ continuum% #ne day you maybe @0A on the continuum and the ne-t day you may have fallen do n a little bit%

4 do have to say that atchin+ the videos as a little rou+h after a hile% 6hen +ot to the point here e ere

atchin+ them ee0 after ee0, 4 as to the point here

it as enou+h already% 4t really started to brin+ me do n, and they +ot to me% Bven after bein+ in this class, 4 still cannot believe that there are people out there ho hurt children in the orst possible ays% )he physical scars ill al ays heal, but the emotional

ounds, do they ever +o a ay5 )o ma0e matters orse, it seems as if there is not a punishment stron+ enou+h to fit the crime% )he other thin+ that disturbed as findin+ out that there is not a set protocol to define

hat is or is not child abuse% 2eople*s lives can be ruined by false accusations, and then to have some person ho thin0s they are doin+ the ri+ht thin+ come in and 'find, a

case a+ainst you (ust does not seem ri+ht% 4t is nice 0no in+ that there is a ay around it% Cou (ust have to +et a la yer and +o to court, and +reat, onderful for the people

ho have the money to fi+ht% 9o ever, it ta0es all 0inds of systems to ma0e it or0, and even thou+h it is not perfect 4 do not ant to ima+ine nothin+ in place at all% )he last thin+ 4 learned this semester as 4 for sure am not able to or0 ith hat it ould be li0e if e had

traumatiDed children% 4 have too much of my o n e-perience and it needs to be about them, not me% )he ant to coddle and love and hu+ them ould be too +reat, and the them ho to empo er

children do not need that% )hey need someone to sho themselves, ho

to use their o n voice, and no one li0es to be ' et noodled, to death%

4t is not a /ocial 6or0ers (ob to +ive the love% 4t is a /ocial 6or0ers (ob to +ive the support%