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Contemporary British and Irish Poetry An Introduction Sarah Broom palgrave macmiliaa AuvaTT naw ISENYHEALAX nan il $c 2 Wi) 4 wy PREZ 876 © sah rom 2008 2006 Alig reserved. No reproduction, copy o wansmision of this pubestion may be made without written permission "No paragraph of this pubiaton maybe reproduce, copied or tansited "Ene with urtten permission orin accorsace wi the provisions ofthe pyght Designeand Patents Act 1988, or under he wrms ofan Feence permitting limited copying sued by the Copy tcesing Agency, 20 ‘ommentam Cour Read London WT ‘Any person who does any unauthorized atin relson to this publication {ay beable to cial prosecution ana el in or damages. “The authorhasasartad her ight be identified the author of the workin acordance with he Copyright, Design nd Patent et 1988, Fret pbishes in 2005 by PALGRAVE MACMILLAN Hound, Basingstoke, Hampshie RC21 6XS and {YS Bth avenue, New Yorke 0 10010 Companies and representatives Uweughout the werk PALGRAVE MACMILLAN the glbal acadericimpen ofthe Palgrave Macian dion of St Martin's Pres, LC and of Pelyave Maca td {acrian® isa regiere todemakin the Uted States United Kingecm indother counties Palgrave la rgisteceetracererkin the European Inion and other cout. SBN-13 978-1-4039-0674-8 hacback SaN-1G 1-4030-0576-2 hardback _SBN-15, 978 1-4035-0675-5 paperback SBN-1O: 1-4035-0675-0 paperback tis bok’ print on paper sultable fr recycling an made fom fly ‘angged and surtained forest soutes. ‘catalogs record fr this bok ie avaable rom the British brary. ‘trary of Congress Ctaloging-in-Poblcation Data ‘oom Sarah, 1972 Centemgarar Bish and sh poetry: an introduction / Sardh reo. em. ines biographies references and nda "SEN 11030-06742 (oth) ISBN 1039-0675-0 (abt) “Lngich gosty ~ 21 cartry = History anders 2. English posiry = 20th century History ang etic. 3. rash oesy = sh fthor History and are 4, Nothem lange kterstie. Sieland In erator le, pag 12876 2005 B21 5209 deze 2005049316 woe7 6s 4324 1S 14 13-12 11-10 08 08 07 06 Pinta and bound in Ching ‘To my parents, Alison and Brian